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Wood paint stir sticks are disposable or reusable stirring sticks that are used to mix paint or epoxy. Paint Mixing Stirring Sticks Wood (100 pcs) FREE SHIPPING. Check out these 10 paint stir stick projects for some cute thrifty craft ideas!

wooden paint stir sticks  2Shop our selection of Paint Mixers and Stirrers, Paint Buckets & Tools in the Paint Department at The Home Depot. Paint Paddle 12 long x 1-1/16 wide x 1/8 thick Great for stir sticks, advertising fans, church fans & more. Where can I get a box of wooden paint stir sticks for relatively cheap? I’m talking about the ones you get for free at the paint store, but it seems that every time I need one I’m out.

American Paint Paddle distributes to over 11,000 industrial and retail outlets throughout the United States. Whether coated in color or never used, these hardware-store freebies can really stack up. Give them another spin with these ideas. Are they concerned that I have ulterior paint stir stick motives? A board with blogger pictures! It’s not your imagination those perfectly even, smoothly sanded, perfectly sized sticks of wood are enough to make us all start drooling! I bet there is a place to buy them in bulk! OMG I never thought of that.

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wooden paint stir sticks  3Stirring sticks,Tongue depressors,Plastic paint paddles,Wood paint paddles, Tongue depressors, plastic paint paddles, wood paint paddles, paint paddle. See the following pages for other mixing options: Drum mixers, Mixer blades, and Pail mixers. Check out these 10 paint stir stick projects for some cute, easy, and inexpensive craft ideas!. 10 Easy Paint Stir Stick Projects – DIY paint stick wood sign. Wood Paint Sticks: Or, Paddles -used to stir a can of paint. We found the mill where Henry got them back in the 1930s. They are still a fine product from Maine. Paint Paddles Paddles for stirring made of recycled plastic. Holes provide better agitation. Wooden Stir Sticks Wooden 6 sticks for mixing. Forget tongue depressors and Popsicle sticks, these Unfinished Wood Paint Stir Fan Sticks are the way to go when crafting unique decor and projects. Paint sticks come free when you purchase a gallon or a 5-gallon bucket of paint at any home improvement store. I have done quite a few fun projects with these little strips of wood.

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RELIABLE MANUFACTURING Flat Wood Paint Mixing Stick Sturdy 14 flat wooden mixing stick – great for paint, epoxy, foams, glues and other materials. Stain a few paint stir sticks with a wood stain. Then staple them together to create a basket that is perfect for holding bright, beautiful flowers. Check out this collection of 20 Paint Stick DIY Projects and stir things up.