Culture of Predatory Black Violence

June 26, 2014

Watch as this white mother is brutally beaten while her toddler son tries to stop her attacker. Bystanders do nothing to help this defenseless woman being viciously attacked by a black female. Listen as this pig threatens to kick the little boy in the face.

Warning Graphic Photo: Trayvon Martin’s Dead Body Displayed on MSNBC

July 12, 2013

Leave it to a failing leg of the Obama Media to pull out all the stops to boost their ratings and try desperately to fuel a possible riot should George Zimmerman be found not guilty.

It’s no great secret that media types want violence to break out, and it certainly isn’t a secret that the Obama administration wants a guilty verdict.

I am posting this crime scene photo of Trayvon Martin for this reason. To show that he was human. There is no sheet to cover his face. This is what death looks like.

No matter how bad you think this looks, or how disgusted you are that it has been leaked out, just remember that young thugs are being killed in urban cities all across America on a daily basis.

Why is there no one raising pure hell in their own neighborhoods when some young kid is killed? Why does Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton not respond when this is happening each and every day of the year in urban areas?

I suppose unless a case of racism can be created it’s just another dead kid. No big deal. -JRoycroft

trayvon body

Christopher Dorner: Dead Man Walking Cheered by The Left

February 9, 2013 – Ex Cop Christopher Dorner is being cheered on by a group of left leaning social media types  in his conquest to murder innocent cops and their families.

Just yesterday I was saying how it wouldn’t surprise me if this cold blooded murderer gained a following, which will give him some comfort and likely strengthen his twisted mindset to continue down his path of human destruction.

It was the left that jumped to the conclusion that Gabby Giffords was the target of a Conservative thinking maniac until the truth was revealed that he was anything but that. It’s always the left that preaches peace, gun control and singing Kum Ba Ya at every opportunity. It’s always the left that sits in wait for the next Conservative to make a mistake. Now we have a sick man, an assassin, being cheered on by a shallow group of left leaning social media freaks showing their full support of his actions.

These people are supporting a man who was fired from a job as a police officer. Chris Dorner went into police work knowing what exactly what he was in for. The truth is that even in training he was looking to point fingers and rat people out because he went in with an agenda. Eventually he was fired, either for the right or wrong reasons, does not matter. What matters is that this psychopathic murderer sat and stewed over his firing for four long years until he made the decision to kill people. He could have went on with his life and became successful elsewhere. He could have done something productive like work towards creating a better LAPD. Instead, he fueled his hatred towards a group of people and now he is a man who has no future for survival or life. He is in fact a dead man walking.

For all the wrongs highlighted in Chris Dorners manifesto, even if any are true, not one of them is as bad as what he is doing now. Chris Dorner is committing acts that cannot be remotely compared to what he states in his writings. In the end, I believe he will die a coward by his own hands and will have accomplished nothing. When this is all over, he will be just another sick minded murderer lost in the pages of history. The memories of his innocent victims will live on forever. -JRoycroft

It’s times like these when the left shows it’s true colors:

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  12. Is it wrong that I’m rooting for Christopher Dorner? I know the media is portraying him as a nut job but I feel like he’s telling the truth
  13. FOX LA version of Dorner’s manifesto has quotes on supporting gun control, Obama.…
  14. Best of luck to Chris Dorner, ex-LAPD, anti-cop, killing americas corrupt police officers
  15. media pushing narrative that Chris Dorner was a Naval Reservist; forgets to mention he was gun-control advocate and major Obamabot
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  17. Crazy Racist Serial Cop Killer Dorner is a Pro-Obama Anti-Gun Democrat. Why am I not surprised by this revelation…
  18. #Dorner isn’t making the #LAPD look like violent, racist, trigger-happy thugs, they do that themselves… he’s just focused attention on it
  19. My thoughts are with you Chris Dorner. I know you are not evil. #GoDornerGo #FTP #FLAPD
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    Elelyon Shabazz wrote: Salute our warrior , when injustice is… Join Facebook to connect with Elelyon Shabazz and others you may know.
  21. Supports gun control, Obama and Piers Morga… motivated by racism Christopher Dorner Manifesto (Uncensored)
  22. If I was you..I would read Christopher Dorner Manifesto…it really tells what we already know bout LAPD!!
  23. The LAPD want Christopher Dorner dead. They don’t want him spilling their secrets in court. Dead mouths don’t tell secrets.

Who’s Yo Daddy? Chris Rock Says Obama Is


February 6, 2013 – We can all rest easy now that we know the answer to that age old question … Who’s yo Daddy?

After showing his ass up on Capitol Hill today to show his  support for Barack Obama’s gun control proposals, Chris Rock makes it perfectly clear that he is living on the plantation with his Daddy.

ROCK: I am just here to support the President of the United States. President of the United States is our boss, but he is also… you know, the President and the First Lady are kinda like the Mom and the Dad of the country. And when your Dad says something you listen, and when you don’t it will usually bite you on the ass later on. So, I’m here to support the President.

Chris Rock, like his fellow hypocritical celebrities, prance around Obama’s every word as if he were their God. Meanwhile, they live in the comfort of  their armed security details and expect the rest of us common folk to sit cowering behind locked doors un-armed.

It’s not gonna work that way. Chris Rock and Obama can kiss my ass, because as an American law abiding citizen, I am not going to give up my guns to any government official. Especially not to some jerk that pisses on my Constitution.

While Rock and the rest of his Hollywood friends play myrmidon to Obama, the culture of black violence continues to destroy families in urban areas around the nation. Rock focuses his efforts in support of disarming law abiding citizens, but does nothing to help stop the urban violence in America. This is so typical of  black leaders and black role models to spew bullshit political statements and then go home not giving a damn about the real problems in society.

It’s so nice that Chris Rock knows who his Daddy is. Too bad all those little kids in urban America still don’t know who theirs are. Keep up the great work there Chris. -JRoycroft

I Killed An Intruder In My Home: Now What?

"Maybe I Should Just SHUT UP and GO AWAY" photoNOVEMBER 29, 2012 – Our friend, Neal Boortz, gives some good advice in the event you infect a home invader with a dose of lead poisoning. Be sure to order Neal’s new book, “MAYBE I SHOULD JUST SHUT UP AND GO AWAY.” Available soon.

By Neal Boortz

Did you see the news that gun sales on Black Friday set an all-time record?  As someone in the gun industry put it, Barack Obama is their greatest salesman.  There is a very real fear that Obama will attack the Second Amendment.  My best guess is that he’ll use the United Nations as a primary tool, and will pursue any regulatory trick or gimmick he can find domestically to chip away at our right to keep and bear arms.  He will have the left (for the most part) behind him on this.

The left totally believes in the concept of majority rule – as long as they have the majority.  The rule of law means nothing to them.  You’ve heard they calling for higher taxes on the evil rich.  Why?  Because the majority voted for Obama and that means the majority wants higher taxes on the rich.  So there. So .. if the Obama wants to restrict gun rights, and the majority voted for Obama, then that means the majority wants gun control so that should be it

Now because gun sales are at an all-time high, sooner or later one of my listeners or readers is going to have to use their gun to protect their life or the life of a loved one.  Someone is going to break into your house and you are going to have to shoot that person and kill them in self defense.  When this occurs, you need to know what to do after you’ve pulled the trigger.

The perp is laying DRT on your foyer floor.  Now what?

Step #1: Tell your wife (or anyone else in your house) to get into the bathroom or a back bedroom and stay there until either you or the police come to get you.

Step #2: Call 911 and tell them the following, “Someone has been shot in my house.  I am going to perform CPR.”  Then set the phone down next to the body.  DO NOT HANG UP.  Proceed to do CPR with 911 listening and recording.  Make it audibly clear that you are performing CPR, “C’mon buddy, breathe.”

Step #3: As soon as the police arrive, they will tell you to come out of the house.  Tell them that you are performing CPR and cannot leave until you are relieved.  Once a medical professional relieves you, stand up and let them take care of the debris.

Step #4: When the police come into your house they will most likely ask you “What happened here?”  The first words out of your mouth should be “I was afraid for my life.”  When they ask if anyone else is in the house, tell them “Yes, my wife is in the bathroom.  I was afraid he would attack her, so I told her to hide there until you came.”

Step #5: The police will then ask you more questions.  Don’t answer.  The next words out of your mouth should be, “I don’t feel good.  I feel nauseous.  I need medical attention.”  At that point, the questioning should be over as the ambulance hauls you to the hospital.

Step #6: Once you arrive at the hospital, call your lawyer.  Say nothing more to the police.

Why the instructions?  Because there is surely going to be someone out there who is going to start whining and moaning about their dead boyfriend, husband, son, buddy, whatever.  You are going to be painted as a gun-happy violent killer who needlessly took another life.  If you take the steps above it will be clear that you did only what you had to do to protect yourself and your property.  Remember — there will be an audio recording for the police and the prosecutors to listen to, and for your attorney to present as evidence if need be, which will show you desperately trying to save the predator’s life after you found it necessary to shoot him to save yours.

I hope this never happens to you .. but in this era of class warfare, when people in the highest positions figuratively encourage violence against high-achievers .. you need to be prepared to defend yourself.

Another White Victim Of The Black Culture Of Violence

April 24, 2012 – A white Alabama man, Matthew Owens, was savagely beaten in his own front yard by a mob of black thugs armed with chairs, pipes and paint cans over the weekend. Owens is in critical condition at USA Medical Center.

Neighbors reported hearing a member of the mob that beat Matthew Owens yelling, “Now that’s justice for Trayvon.”

How long before this type of violence against whites comes to your neighborhood, and what will you do to protect yourself when it does? How about being prepared and killing these members of the growing culture of black violence when they threaten you and your loved ones.

Sanford Florida will soon be in the limelight with the Zimmerman trial and we should prepare for the worst both during and after the trial has ended. These black maggots are sitting around just waiting for another excuse to strike out against innocent non black citizens and businesses.

You will not hear Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Barack Obama say a damn word about this most recent black on white attack. It doesn’t fit their racial agenda. They will remain silent. They don’t give a damn how many whites are killed or injured by their black supporters. They also don’t give a damn how many blacks kill other blacks. That also does nothing for their race baiting agenda.

Let’s face it folks, we’re on our own in this war against whites. It’s us against the black maggot culture of violence. When they strike against you be prepared to defend yourself with deadly force if necessary.

By the way, this whole excuse that it’s about Trayvon Martin is absolute bull shit. It’s just their excuse to leash out because it’s their culture. It’s how they were raised. It’s not a black thing, it’s a culture thing. -JRoycroft

13 Year Old Boy Set On Fire

March 26, 2012 – (Updated March 28, 2012 10:18pm – The photo of Allen Goin has been removed. The photo has been proven to be a hoax)

Back on February 28, 2012,  a 13 year old teenager said that two black teens assaulted him at his front door of his Kansas City home after being followed there from the East High School stadium. The 13 year old stated to police that one of the teens held him in a bear hug while the other grabbed a gasoline can and told him “this is what you get.” The teen then produced a lighter and as he tried to light the can of gasoline on fire he dropped the can spilling gasoline on the ground. The teen was then successful in igniting the gasoline which produced a large fireball burning the 13 year old about the face and hair.

This boy has been identified as Allen Coon and also as Allen Goin. Reports indicate his mother is Ms Coon and father is Mr Goin. Because of this confusion I’ll refer to him as “13 year old.”

It took a while but this story is finally getting out there thanks to the Drudge Report and the blogging community.

There are some who are beginning to question the accuracy of this reported “hate” crime. I’ve read numerous reports on this story and many are exaggerated.

One story I read from an NBC affiliate reported that the teen was doused with gasoline and then set on fire. This is not true. The police report does not state that. It also does not state that the two black teens made any references to the 13 year old being a “white boy” as some reports have said. So it would appear that some in the media are intentionally sensationalizing this story in an effort to make it into a race issue. Maybe it was, but the statement the 13 year old gave to the officers that first arrived makes no mention of any racial comments being made by either of the two black suspects. Of course what was told to the media after the fact by friends and family members who did not witness the attack may be different. The fact still remains, some in the media are not being honest in their reporting of this story.

Some questions that have been asked are if maybe the boy was playing with gasoline and accidentally caused the fire and fabricated a story to cover himself. Sounds like a reasonable question to me but then I wasn’t there so I will keep my personal opinions to myself. My main concern is how the media is covering this story.

Something about this story does bother me a bit though – If the gasoline was spilled then why wasn’t the 13 year old’s pants burned? Why only the under side of his face. And the person who set the fire must have also been burned. And what about the guy holding the teen in a bear hug, was he not burned also?

Back when I was 16 years old I was playing around with a can of gasoline in my parents back yard. I had taken a 2 gallon can of gasoline and poured some in a circle on the ground. I thought it would be cool to set the circle on fire. Much to my great surprise, the instant I flicked the lighter the fumes around me ignited into a massive ball of fire. It scared the hell out of me. Luckily, I was not burned at all.

My point here is that if those guys lit that gasoline that close to them, it would seemed plausible that everyone would have been burned to some degree.

I would be interested in knowing if any prints were taken from that gas can and who the can belonged to.

No matter what, I am just glad to hear that the 13 year old is doing well and back home with his family, and hope that those two black teens are soon caught and dealt with. -JRoycroft

Here is a copy of the : Actual Police Report