Memorial Day Weekend and The Culture of Black Violence

May 27, 2014


Memorial Day Weekend brought the culture of black violence out into the streets. No one will make a point to identify these young thugs as blacks. because that would be raaacist! In the meantime it was perfectly fine to blame WHITE HOLLYWOOD MEN for the shooting at UCSB.

Obama and many so called black leaders talk about reparations for slavery and the wrongs done to blacks in the 60’s. How about reparations for all the death and hurt perpetrated by the culture of black predatory violence over the past years and even now? Anyone talking about that? -JRoycroft


Chicago Memorial weekend : 22 Wounded, 6 Dead

FLORIDA MEMORIAL MAYHEM: Hundreds Storm Streets...

Attack Drivers, Jump On Cars...


Crips in Utah: Gang invades unlikely turf...



Facebook : Social Media For Cowards, Narcissists, and Sexual Intellectuals

April 4, 2014 narcissist photo: chicken narcissist chickennarcissist.jpg


Ever noticed how brave and vocal your “friends” and family are when they sit in front of a computer typing away on their Facebook page? I was reminded of that again today as to the reason for deleting my account.

I had a Facebook account for a few years and fought my battles with those insipid little turds hiding behind the safety of their keyboard many miles away. I sat and read their ignorant know it all comments about all the things they knew nothing about. I’ve read words written by sexual intellectuals [f’ing know it alls] running their little mouths to each other about how the world evolved around them and no one else. I rather enjoyed getting some of them riled up by commenting truthfully about something they had posted. Challenging those people with referenced facts was always a win for me. Another win was being face to face with a coward that once threatened to kick my butt in a private Facebook message. He didn’t.

Let us not forget about the  “woe is me” crowd, broadcasting all their misfortune and injustices to anyone that would respond. Never once admitting fault of their own for the situation they apparently just woke up one morning to find themselves in. Cry me a river.

In my book Facebook will forever be a social media outlet for cowards, narcissists, and sexual intellectuals. Some folks just need to get a life. -JRoycroft


Stop the Violence in Newnan

You think Newnan has it bad? This is what I moved away from-
Atlanta, Georgia: According to the Atlanta Police Department Uniform crime Reports from April 2011 to April 2012, Blacks made up 54 % of the Atlanta population, but were responsible for 100% of the homicide, 95% of the rape, 94% of robberies, 84% of aggravated assaults and 93 % of burglaries in the city.
How’s that for a wake up call?
The mural above is located in downtown Atlanta in a neighborhood that is no stranger to black on black violence.
Perhaps the citizens of Newnan living in the high crime section of town could take note and develop their own message to the community.
Just a thought -JRoycroft


Winter Storm Leon Spanks the South

January 29, 2014

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said early Wednesday that the National Guard was sending military Humvees onto Atlanta’s snarled freeway system in an attempt to move stranded school buses and get food and water to people. Georgia State Patrol troopers headed to schools where children were hunkered down early Wednesday after spending the night there, and transportation crews continued to treat roads and bring gas to motorists, Deal said. MORE…

“The Only Oly” Wins Best Oklahoma Film at Traildance Film Festival

January 25, 2014


Best Oklahoma Film
“The Only Oly”

Best Actor (M/F)
Mattlock London – “The Only Oly”

Congratulations to Mattlock London for winning the Best Actor Award at the Traildance Film Festival last night for his role as Spencer Dobbs, in the Independent Film, “The Only Oly”.

Dreams do come true for those who put forth hard work and dedication and stay focused on whats really important in their lives. I told you about Matt London back on Aug 17, 2011 : “Today I am very happy, and excited  to introduce you to a new independent film maker, and a person who is a dear friend and cousin to my wife. His name is Matt London. Matt has been working very hard for the past several months on his new acting career and will be starring in his first movie,“The Only Oly.” I am very excited for both Matt and his wife Sarah for what they have accomplished in their lives.

“The main message of the story is simple, “You have to be different to make a difference”. I hope this movie encourages people to see the world through the eyes of Spencer Dobbs and motivates all of us to be a little different.”

-Tyler Roberds

“I’m hoping that this film will open all of our eyes. I hope that every viewer takes a little something for themselves; whether it’s the way we look at and how we treat those with disabilities, how we look at other people altogether or even the way we view ourselves and our dreams and aspirations. I hope that The Only Oly inspires. I hope that it touches and pulls on everyone’s heartstrings and changes will be made; necessary changes.”

-Mattlock London

We all look forward to seeing more of what the future holds for these wonderful folks. Congratulations again to you both for achieving something very few people will ever get to experience in their lifetimes. Matt and Sarah’s dreams are coming true. Well deserved Matt. Bravo!! -JRoycroft

Nelson Mandela: Terrorist

December 10, 2013

Say what you want about Nelson Mandela, but I remember how the United States, Ronald Reagan, viewed the Communist terrorist. I remember the  news reports of his lies about the United States of America. I remember the news footage of the people that were “necklaced” by order of Mandela’s wife, Winnie Mandela, while he sat behind bars as she ran his ANC.

How many of you actually know why he was sent to prison and remained for 27 years? Do you know the reasons? Do you? How about his being involved in 23 different acts of sabotage in an effort to overthrow the government. 196 acts of terrorism. Mandela was caught by the police with his conspirators, while in possession of 48,000 Soviet-made anti-personnel mines and 210,000 hand grenades. That is why he was sent to prison. He never murdered anyone by his own hands, but he was a terrorist. He was also given the chance to walk out of prison a free man every year if he would publicly denounce terrorism. He wouldn’t.

So did Nelson Mandela’s good deeds outweigh his acts of terrorism? I decided a long time ago that Communism and Dictators robbing people of their God given right to freedom, to life, to liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are my enemies. That includes Nelson Mandela, the Castro brothers and Barrack Obama. -JRoycroft


“Long live the Cuban revolution, long live comrade Fidel Castro.  Cuban internationalists have done so much for African independence, African freedom, African justice.  We admire the sacrifices of the Cuban people in maintaining their independence and sovereignty in the face of a vicious imperialist campaign designed to destroy the advances of the Cuban revolution.  We, too, want to control our destiny.  There can be no surrender.  It is a case of freedom or death.  The Cuban revolution has been a source of inspiration to all freedom-loving people.”  Nelson Mandela said that back in 1991 on the 38th anniversary of the start of the Cuban revolution, Friday, July 26th, 1991.

“People of Asia and Africa have seen through the slanderous campaign conducted by the USA against the socialist countries.  They know that their independence is threatened not by any of the countries in the socialist camp, but by the USA, who has surrounded their continent with military bases.  The communist bogey is an American stunt to distract the attention of the people of Africa from the real issue facing them, namely American imperialism.” – Nelson Mandela

“There’s one place where Fidel Castro’s Cuba stands out head and shoulders above the rest, and that is in its love for human rights and liberty.” – Nelson Mandela

“If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America.  They don’t care for human beings.” – Nelson Mandel

What Happens When EBT Moocher Cards Fail?

October 15, 2013

When moochers and parasites get access to other peoples stuff they will steal as much as they can get away with.  This is a good example of what happens when welfare scum gets their hands in your pockets. They will rob you blind.  Just ask Walmart.

These are the very people who voted for that un-American jerk, 0bama. -JRoycroft

Happy Birthday to my Brother Stan

October 13, 2013


Today is my brother Stan’s birthday, and I would like to dedicate some space just for him.

I was awakened early one morning on January 20th 1959 to the sounds of my dad cussing at my mom…”Damn it Irene, what the hell do you mean you think forgot to take your birth control pill?!”  On October 13, 1959, Stanley Roycroft was born.

I’ll save all those embarrassing stories and secrets about him for when they can be used in my favor. Don’t mess with big bro!

Hey Stan, remember that time in New York, back in ’66, when mom and dad went out for the night and we scared the living hell out of Wayne? (My youngest brother) Do you remember the look of terror on his face when you faked falling down the stairs, with ketchup smeared all over your face, and he thought you were dead? How funny was that?

Or, how about the time when we had the olive eating contest and I stuffed yours and Wayne’s olives with hot chili peppers?

Then there was that classic evening when me and cuz Larry snuck into the basement when Mom and Dad left you to watch Wayne. We turned off the power to the house, in our elaborate plan to scare the pure hell out of you, only to be surprised by them coming home early that night and Dad cornering me in the backyard armed with his .38 snub nose mistaking me for a prowler.

What great memories I have of being big brother. It’s a damn wonder I’m still here to talk about it.

Other famous folks born on the same day:

  • 1963 – Chip Foose, American automotive designer

Best wishes to my little brother, and I hope your future brings you all the happiness you deserve.

“May you have love that never ends,
lots of money, and lots of friends.
Health be yours, whatever you do,
and may God send many blessings to you!”

Happy birthday Stan, I love you man! -JRoycroft