Occupy Atlanta protesters

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed: Controlled By Occupy Atlanta Protesters

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

October 25, 2011- Mayor Kasim Reed, you sir, are a push over. It’s been over two weeks now since those deadbeat Occutards took over Woodruff Park from the good citizens of Atlanta, and you still have done nothing to take it back. You keep threatening to take action but have done nothing. Is this any way for the Mayor of Atlanta to react to a group of idiots who taunt and yell and disrespect you at your press conferences? How many more times do the citizens of Atlanta need to hear your idle threats to remove those fools? How many more times are you going to cry wolf? How about growing a couple and stop worrying about your image. It’s past time that you did the right thing by taking back Woodruff Park.

We all know that you’re primary concern here is to not look like you’re being too insensitive to the protesters. The problem here, Mr Mayor, is that now you are looking like a wimp. Those protesters are controlling you and pretty much doing whatever the hell they please. Woodruff Park has gone from a nice pleasant looking place, to an ugly, filthy looking dump. The park isn’t even fit for the homeless to sleep right now. Those filthy Occupy protesters are costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars everyday you allow them to stay there. This mess now belongs to you.

Police officers sworn to uphold the law are being forced to stand around, burning up overtime hours doing what? Those highly trained professionals are being paid to perform a baby sitting service.

Mayor Reed, your reputation as a leader is now under question. Your future as Mayor is at stake. The good folks of Atlanta are going to remember how you handled this situation, and they will remember at the voting booth. – JRoycroft