Happy New Year unless you’re a cop

January 1, 2015


Year 2015 may very well be a turning point for uniformed police officers across America.

Every day I read new stories about cops being killed or targeted. 50 were killed with guns in 2014.

Detroit graffiti vandals are advertising the killing of cops. My question about the pic above is just how long will it take Detroit officials to paint over the garbage? Or will they be like Obama and DeBlasio who both support and kiss the ass of that race baiting whore Al Sharpton? All three of these jerks have cop blood on their hands.

Did you know that less 1.5% of all police officers are bad? That’s a hell of a lot less than the number of bad pastors in America.

Where is the public outrage? Why isn’t the media searching out law abiding citizens that support the law enforcement community? It’s because they live and breathe by ratings and good cops don’t get ratings. They will trip all over themselves to find a bad cop story.

Look at who Barack Obama chose to lean on during this racial war that seems to be developing. Al Sharpton has a record and documented history of inciting race riots and violence against anyone that is not black. Yet our Ruler Obama invites him into our White House over 80 times. How many times has David Duke been invited? Same difference. Different agendas.

And what’s up with Rand Paul having discussions about criminal justice with a black racist like Sharpton?

2014 ended pretty lousy which means 2015 gets a rough start. I have doubts on it getting any better, at least for cops and law abiding citizens.

Oh and one last thought. If you have one of those Thin Blue Line stickers on your vehicle and you are not a cop, might want to rethink that idea. You might be putting yourself at risk to some cop hating black thug out there.

Wish all of you a very safe and prosperous new year. If you haven’t already, now would be a great time to get your CC permit and some training.

Support your local police. They need it right now. -JRoycroft

The Ferguson Narrative


The narrative is, and will always be this:
Michael Brown was not a common street thug. That cop should be behind bars for killing that sweet innocent little boy. He was such a good example of a well rounded young man raised by wonderful, loving caring parents. Everyone knew this fine young black man as the “Gentle Giant.”

Young Michael Brown had a successful future ahead of him. He was a sweet, gentle young student that died at the hands of a racist white cop. That Grand Jury was held in secret and that cop got away with murdering a defenseless black teenager that was unarmed. There has been no justice served for the cold blooded shooting of that young sweet black boy by that racist white cop.

Like Georgia Congressman John Lewis said, “…this is Selma all over again.”

So now we will continue to riot, burn, loot, and steal from our own home town and turn our own community into a disaster area. We will destroy private businesses and put our friends and neighbors out of work all because another innocent young boy was shot down by a racist white cop.

So what if he chose to rob a store and then tried to beat up and take a police officers gun away from him while in his police car? That was no excuse for a white cop to shoot an innocent black teenager.

Well did I miss anything? Isn’t that the message we keep hearing spewed by the black race baiters and the rioters in Ferguson, Oakland, and Atlanta?

There is nothing I can say to change the minds of radical race baiters and ignorant fools regarding this and so many other issues like this one. As long as simple minded fools continue to carry that racial chip on their shoulders there will always be a racial grievance industry fueling the flames and keeping ignorant blacks on the plantation.

I support the decision of the Grand Jury. -JRoycroft

GUILTY! Did a Jury under pressure change their minds to appease the State of Georgia?

October 26, 2014 (Updated Oct 27, 2014 8:28pm)



Big news here in Newnan, Ga.

After a young mans name and face were plastered all over the news as being accused of raping a young unidentified woman, he has now been convicted of rape. By the way, what makes it ok to publicize a mans identity that has been accused of rape but the accuser goes unidentified? Somethings not right about that. Suppose he was found not guilty? Then you have a guy whose name was already smeared publicly and a woman left still being called a victim. That’s always been a big issue for me, but that’s a topic for another time.

On Friday, Mr Benjamin Gray, was found guilty of rape. This was a very unusual and complex case because it involved a man who was accused of raping a woman while he was sleep walking. You really need to read reporter Clay Neely’s piece here to get some understanding of just how complex this case was.

The jury asked the judge in a hand written note if they could choose a lesser charge by unanimous vote and the state refused. So the jury found Mr Gray guilty of rape anyways. Did a Jury under pressure change their minds to appease the State of Georgia? It sure sounds that way. Now this young man is faced with a 25 year mandatory sentence.

After reading the story printed in the Newnan Times Herald, I cannot help but believe this young man is a victim of a jury that took the easy way out of the court room Friday. Now granted, I was not there and have very little information other than what I’ve seen in the print media and comments I’ve read from those who attended the trial. Still, after seeing the actual note to the Judge, it’s so obvious to me that this jury did not believe there was enough evidence for a rape conviction. It almost seems as though this jury just said “Oh well, the DA wants a conviction of rape so lets give him what he wants no matter what we believe.” Perhaps they were tired and just wanted to go home,and saw the states denial as an opportunity to throw in the towel.

I’m sorry folks, but this is not how the system is supposed to work. This jury is not required to fold into the desires of the prosecution for the sake of a decision. They could have even taken the extreme option of Jury Nullification  to  prevent the rape conviction. Of course most people are not aware of the right for a jury to make that decision. People need to educate themselves about how our court system works  and what rights jurors have. Had I been on that jury there quite possibly would have been a different verdict. Mr Gray would be sitting in the comfort of his home with his wife tonight.

It is clear to me that this jury failed Mr Gray and should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t personally know Mr Gray and I’m not trying to take sides with anyone here. It just really bothers me when a jury seemingly gives in to pressure when a mans life is at stake. This young man is now facing a minimum of 25 years in prison, convicted of raping a woman that stayed silent during the “attack” while his wife lay asleep in the next room.

I hope that Mr Benjamin Gray has a good attorney that will get an appeal and that he gets a fair and honest jury next time. A jury that gives a damn and understands the importance of the service they have been chosen to perform.

The note the jurors wrote to the judge speaks volumes about how they really felt.  They did not believe Mr Gray was guilty of rape. They had reasonable doubt. -JRoycroft

Ferguson Riots are an Excuse


August 14, 2014

The riots in Ferguson Missouri have nothing to do with a black kid being shot by a white cop. It’s an excuse to steal and get free stuff. It has everything to do with a culture of violence and low life’s looting and burning down private businesses in their own town because they knew they could get away with it.

I wonder how many times this lady pictured here has protested against all the black kids being killed by other blacks? Do their lives matter? I wonder. -JRoycroft

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Culture of Predatory Black Violence

June 26, 2014

Watch as this white mother is brutally beaten while her toddler son tries to stop her attacker. Bystanders do nothing to help this defenseless woman being viciously attacked by a black female. Listen as this pig threatens to kick the little boy in the face.

Radio Talk Show Host Mike Malloy is a Lunatic

June 22, 2014

Liberal radio talk show host Mike Malloy continues to make a fool of himself and step closer to the edge of lunacy after making more threats on his radio show. He may even find himself in jail. This time Malloy publicly advocates creating a false crime in progress, dialing 911, reporting shots fired in an effort to get law abiding gun owners accidentally shot and killed by police officers. This is worse than yelling fire in a theater. This man is in serious need of medical intervention and a straight jacket.

Although I personally believe it is stupid and unwise to open carry, it is legal in some states including Georgia. Open carry invites trouble. It makes you look like a dumb cowboy in need of attention. It does nothing to help the agenda of law abiding CCP holders. It also puts you at risk if you happen to be in sight of a robber that sees you first. The robber will view you as a threat and will kill you before you have a chance  to draw your gun.

Hack shock jock or not, you don’t use your radio talk show as your tool to spread threats of violence, or to direct others to commit acts of aggression or deadly violence on another.

Mike Malloy, one of the original talk failures on Air America Radio is viewed by many in the industry as a complete lunatic.

If I happen to be in the room when Mr Malloy screams out and causes a false panic, I promise that I will not hesitate to walk over and be the first guy to beat the ever living shit out of him. -JRoycroft



Our Iraqi Comrades in Arms Being Massacred as Obama Strolls Down the Fairways at Palm Springs

June 15, 2014

massacre iraq

This Fathers Day weekend Obama  strolls the fairways in Palm Springs while our Iraqi comrades in arms are being massacred.

Of course we are all well aware of the importance of playing golf to clear your mind before making even more bad decisions as Ruler of the United States of America.

I imagine our dear Ruler can breathe easier now knowing the recent events in Iraq will over shadow his release of five terrorists in exchange for one deserter. -JRoycroft

Georgia SWAT Team Under Attack After Flash Bang Grenade Seriously Injures Baby

May 30, 2014

Screenshot 2014-05-30 10.10.31

Local law enforcement are getting thrown in the gutter after a 19 month old baby was seriously injured from a flash bang grenade during a drug raid early Friday morning in Habersham County, Georgia.

HABERSHAM COUNTY, GA (CBS46) – A 19-month-old boy is in a medically induced coma after being injured by a flash bang device authorities threw into a Habersham County home during a drug raid.

Early Wednesday, Mountain NCIS Team agents raided a home on Lakeview Heights in Cornelia because of drug activity in the home.

After reading numerous news reports and hearing the explanations from law enforcement about this tragic accident, I am of the opinion that law enforcement did nothing wrong. Sounds to me like the drug raid, which was performed using a “no knock warrant” went as planned, by the book. I have the utmost sympathy for that poor little kid that was seriously injured during the entry. This kid is probably going to need extensive plastic surgery and will surely endure months of painful treatments. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars it will take for his care and treatment.

Now I have something to say that is going to upset a whole lot of folks out there. This mother, knowingly subjected her child to a very dangerous situation. According to reports, the mother knew there was methamphetamine being sold from that house prior the raid. This woman put her child in danger and she is the one that people should be pointing fingers at, not law enforcement. If not for the actions of the mother this child would never have been hurt by the entry team.

I have not heard one person interviewed mention that this woman plays a serious role in what happened to her child Friday morning. Normal people, parents, would NEVER place their child in an environment that is considered to be unhealthy or dangerous. This was a meth house and she knew that when she put her child in it.  This could just as easily been a story about a meth house being robbed and the kid being shot. It’s a freaking drug house for crying out loud. Just what kind of life does anyone think this innocent little boy will have living with a mother like that? If this child survives, and is allowed to remain in his mothers custody, he will probably become a victim of a drug related shooting sooner than later. The odds are stacked heavily against this little guy. His mother just moved there after leaving her own home after it caught fire. Can someone please tell me just what goes through someones mind that makes them think a drug house would be a safe haven for their child? So why in the hell is no one throwing her in the gutter over this? Why are the SWAT Team members and Habersham County the only ones being blamed for this tragic accident? I just don’t get it.


Clearly, the SWAT Team did everything right. Does anyone really believe they entered that meth house knowing there was a child asleep in a crib in front of that door? I’m sorry but I hold that mother 100% responsible for what happened to her child this morning.

No police officer should face any charges or punishment for what happened in that house. Instead, that mother should be charged with child endangerment and thrown in jail. Her child should be placed in protective custody and then placed in a loving caring safe home with parents that will truly love him.

I am so outraged about the public reaction to this terrible story that it make me physically sick. Some of those police officers had to go home to their own families and kids after it was over. These officers are devastated by this terrible accident. I for one feel like these fine officers, officers that would take a bullet for any one of you, are getting completely railroaded in the media and public forum.

There will be an intense investigation, probably by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (G.B.I.), which will come to a proper conclusion based on facts, not knee jerk reactions. I’m confident that all the law enforcement individuals involved will be cleared of any wrong doing. Unless of course it turns into a political circus.

No matter what else happens, lets all hope and pray that this innocent little boy makes a full recovery very soon. And how about a prayer for those law enforcement officers that are having to go through this terrible ordeal. -JRoycroft


The New Google Car

May 31, 2014

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The driverless Google car is finally becoming a reality so don’t be surprised if you see one of these vehicles cruising the streets in your city soon.

The Google car won’t have a steering wheel, brakes and it can’t go any faster than 25 miles per hour… I guess that’s so that if it hits a pedestrian it won’t kill them. -JRoycroft