When Does National Panic Begin?

October 15, 2014

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PAPER: Ebola election's 'October surprise'...

In Defense of Justin Bieber

January 24, 2014

I’m a firm believer that people are responsible for their own actions, no matter their upbringing. People make choices in life, some good, some bad. Some people choose to take the path of least resistance. Others take the path of good work ethic and set their goals high. There will always be a need for garbage collectors and burger flippers in society. Sure there are always examples of kids being brought up in bad environments, turning to drugs, alcohol and crime or joining gangs for the sake of some sort of family comfort. There are also examples of kids who make the right choices, no matter what their surroundings and become strong mentors and role models. Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell comes to mind.

Justin Bieber is no exception. This kid is by no means a role model or a mature adult. He is a by-product of his surroundings and care givers. I pick on people like Bieber because he is in the public eye and has countless children and young teens tripping over themselves to be just like him. Bieber has some serious problems with alcohol, drugs and self control. You can make up all the excuses for why this kid continues to make bad choices, but at what point do you start putting the blame on him not taking responsibility for his own actions? When does Lindsay Lohan get in front of a judge and gets hard jail time for giving our judicial system the finger every time she gets thrown into a drunk tank or drug rehab clinic?

Why is it people like Paul Walker that end up on a cold slab?

In a day when young folks are looking for publicity, whether through social media or by shooting up a school, someone needs to put their sights on these problem celebrity kids well before they kill themselves or someone else.

So what if Justin Bieber had not been stopped by the police the other night while behind the wheel of a car that is capable of hitting speeds in excess of 180 mph in a matter of seconds? How many innocent people could he have snuffed out in the blink of an eye?

Everyone laughs and jokes about how stupid these celebrity kids are but no one really gives a damn or even entertains the idea of how dangerous they are becoming. You’ll still take your kids to their performances and talk about what a bad boy he was and how he or she will just grow out of it. Then you’ll wake up one morning hearing the news of how one of them died in a car crash or by suicide and you’ll cry and lay Teddy Bears and flowers on the site where their lifeless body was found. Then another reckless child celebrity will come along and take their place.

Lets face reality people. No one really gives a damn about these spoiled little rich kids. Their only purpose in life is to keep our children entertained while we all look the other way. Right? Well not so fast…

Today I received a comment from one of my readers. Teresa took issue with my poking fun at Justin Bieber and made some excellent points that I want to share with you. You see, Teresa gets it. -JRoycroft

“Hi Mr. Roycroft This is not the first time I have written to you – I have historically been a big fan of your blog but as a mom – I just have to tell you – we are not on the same page on this one. Hear me out for a second.

I am going to call on the old adage that its easy to pass judgment on someone – it seems it is going to apply here – and in case you are wondering – no I am not some Bieber groupie that is disgruntled – just a mom with a psychology and spirituality background whose heart breaks when I see stories like the Bieber story and more so when I see responses like yours to those stories by people such as yourself.

Were you aware that Justin grew up quite poor? Were you aware that his father was absent for most of his life – that is until he became a global phenomenon . . . Were you aware that his mother struggled to keep food on the table? Were you aware that Justin’s stardom began when he was a mere child ? As a dad and the extremely smart, intuitive, practical and from my perspective grounded and common sensed kind of guy – could you possibly see Justin as a product of the environment that pimped a child and made money off of him. As a little boy Justin was probably thrilled at the idea of not being poor anymore. . . where was the guidance that a “child” needs in a situation such as he found himself in?

Yes his actions were quite irresponsible but are you aware of the countless amount of money Justin has given away for charitable causes ? Can you see Justin as a product of his environment – a kid starved for love and validation who’s self worth is wrapped up not in his inherent worth as a human being but in how much money he can make for the people who stole – yes robbed him mercilessly of his childhood and adolescence?

Yes boys are supposed to grow up to become men – but they need to have men to model what that means . . . they need to have inherent self worth . . . they need guidance and structure . . . they need to be forgiven and loved when they screw up so they learn to forgive and love so when the boys they are mentoring into men screw up they can teach them the same lesson.

I could go on – but I know how damn smart you are and I know you know where I am coming from. Consequences – yes – most definitely ! Crucifixion – not so much . . .

Hope your lovely family is well – looking forward to your next posting . . .”

God bless! Teresa

Age is no Excuse


June 9, 2013

Next time someone tries to use the excuse that age is slowing them down, tell them about my brother, Stan, who is 53 years young and just finished running the Goliath Mud Challenge 5K down in Tyrone, Georgia.

This wasn’t just a 5K run, this race included obstacles. Oh, and by the way, he stopped smoking many years ago and couldn’t have done this with a cigarette in his mouth.

From Stan’s Facebook page he proudly announces:

Well the results finally came in…
“Open Men” I finished 52nd Overall and in my age group “50 to 54 I finished 2nd Overall. My start time was at 52:33 and my finish time was at 1:46:38 which is 54 minutes and 5 seconds I will never forget!
— at 2013 Goliath Mud Challenge 5K, Tyrone, Georgia, June 1.

Words cannot describe how damn proud I am of my brother for all the hard work and dedication he put into this great achievement. Stan is further proof that you can accomplish anything you want in life if you put in hard work and dedication.

Congratulations Bro! I love you man! -JRoycroft


Kids and Head Injuries: Let’s Ban Football

January 11, 2013 – The topic of concussions was brought up by a Facebook friend today surrounding the idea of  football related injuries, in particular, concussions.

The topic has been in the news for several months now, but hasn’t gotten as much coverage as I thought it would have. Maybe the election, and then the Sandy Hook massacre took priority. At any rate, you can bet it’s gonna be a topic of serious discussion sooner than later. In fact, I’m betting that Pee Wee football, and government school football including at the high school level, is at risk of being banned, or tightly controlled with major rule changes put in effect. Why? For the protection of our little children. That’s what mommy government is there for now…to protect us from ourselves. Parents are not capable of making the right choices for their kids anymore. Well at least that’s what Michelle Obama thinks when it comes to feeding our kids.

Football, even at the NFL level may become a thing of the past. I mean after all, we are Americans and everyone knows, or at least thinks we are a bunch of wimps. Hell, look at our president, need I say more?

We all know that football is a dangerous sport by design. Players get hurt, they injure their heads, get bruised, strain muscles, break bones and then they go out shoot people. As you know, people get hurt, they injure their heads, and then they go out and shoot people or commit suicide. The NFL has a problem with this. The media is having a field day trying to tie concussions to guns, murder, and suicide, especially in light of the recent gun control storm brewing.

Even Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the National Football League, who was on the cover of TIME Magazine presented an idea that would change the game. In the TIME magazine story he has an idea to replace the kickoff.

That’s right. Ban the kick-off. Jock sniffers around the country will riot, loot and burn Volvos.

Greg Schiano, the coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, came up with the idea, which by the way is under serious consideration in the NFL circle.  They want to replace the kickoff. Here is Schiano’s idea: The team that would kick off (i.e., the team that loses the coin toss) would get the ball at their own 30 yard line. It would be automatically 4th down and 15.

The game starts with a team on offense facing 4th and 15 from their own 30.

They can either punt or go for it.

Going for it would replace the on onside kick.

There would no longer be an onside kick, because there wouldn’t be a kickoff. So the theory is most teams would punt rather than go for it on 4th and 15 from their own 30. And since the ball is punted very high and since it doesn’t go as far as a kickoff, the speeds at which players would collide would not be as great, and the chance for great bodily harm and perhaps concussion would be reduced. Oh, and it may also prevent murder and suicides.

So before football gets banned, major changes will happen. The game as we know it will be a thing of the past. The wussification of America has entered the sports arena.

But wait a minute…What about Hockey? Have you ever sat down and watched a pro hockey game? Hockey players could kick any football players ass. Those guys take blows and receive injuries that football players would run away from. Injuries like being sliced open from skates, stick jabs, fist fights, and yes, concussions. How would you like to be hit by a flying hockey puck? Boston Bruins’ defense-man Zdeno Chara, at the 2011 NHL All-Star Skills Competition was clocked with a shot at a velocity of 105.9 MPH. Let that hit you in the face or head!

My point with this rant today is that yes there are always going to be injuries in sports or damn near anything we do in life. This stuff just didn’t up and start last week. We’ve always had these things happen. It’s life. People get Carpal tunnel syndrome from texting. Are we going to ban that too? Maybe we should just sue the phone companies for our injuries. If football players can sue for concussions then where does it stop?

How about NASCAR drivers getting injured in crashes, baseball players getting hit with a bad pitch, golfers hitting fans, tennis players twisting ankles. Lets ban bowling while we’re at it. Ever known a professional boxer who didn’t slur? The whole object is to knock out your opponent. Are we gonna make them wear helmets in the ring? Sugar Ray Leonard nearly lost an eye. Evander Holyfield lost a freaking ear thanks to Mike Tyson.

We can carry this stupid argument till the cows come home and it will not make us any safer. What the NFL does is their business. Just don’t send a federal agent knocking on my door when I’m reported for kicking or punching my heavy bag, or teaching my child how to perform a perfect spinning back hand. Leave me the hell alone.

The bottom line…Parents should make responsible and educated decisions before allowing their child to enter into any sport, no matter what it might be. Understand the consequences of your decision, and when your kid gets hurt don’t go crying lawsuit to your kids coach. It’s your fault, not the coaches or the schools. Unless of course there was clear fault on the other party.

You parents with your kids taking martial arts classes. Most of your kids will not learn, nor do they care. Only a very few will keep an interest and achieve the respect needed to be a true martial artist, and those are the few kids and parents that should be commended. There is no other sport that requires as much dedication and ritual than martial arts. Please choose your school wisely. A school window filled with trophies will not guarantee your kid is gonna learn anything. A good dedicated instructor who creates the right environment, very small classes, and lots and lots of time will be needed to become good. Not months, but years. Two to five to achieve a first degree black belt in Karate. You parents sticking your kids in mixed martial arts classes, expect injuries and don’t expect your kid to master anything. MMA is relatively new for the public and only recently did someone come up with a belt system. One thing is certain, the owner of the MMA school saw you and your kid coming and will happily sign your little kid. Again, when your kid gets hurt, it’s on you, not the school or the instructor. That’s a long blog for another day.

Let your kids be kids. Get them involved in sports and expect them to get hurt. If they do, pat them on the back and encourage them to get back in the game. Don’t baby your kid in front of the team or his friends. Your kid needs to learn how to win, and deal with losing. Winning matters. It’s the object of the game and the object of life itself. To be a winner. It’s what Americans strive for.

So if we ban or tightly control football we should expect what? Less injuries, suicide and of course less murders committed by head injured football players. -JRoycroft

War On Drugs: A Complete Waste Of Tax Payer Money And Resources

November 28, 2012 – As of the posting of this blog, combined money spent by Federal and State Governments to fight their useless war on drugs is over $37 Billion Dollars this year alone.

Legalize drugs and the crime instantly disappears. Prohibition helped create the Mafia.  Making marijuana illegal created crime, drug lords, gangs, death and thousands of prisons overcrowded with people who were arrested for selling or smoking something that is safer than alcohol and cigarettes.  Our United States Federal Government and Barack Obama are far more dangerous to our society than marijuana. We need to end the bogus war on drugs NOW! -JRoycroft