Republican Party Wimps


March 17, 2013 – (Updated 2:01pm) So it’s St Patrick’s day, big woop. Couldn’t care less. The Irish in me would rather fight than get drunk and make a fool of myself today. Especially after getting that letter from the Republican National Committee yesterday. What a bunch of spineless wimps.

Sarah Palin all cute and funny at CPAC does nothing for America’s chances at recovering the White House. The Republican’s are no better than the other side of the isle today. Gutless and unwilling to fight dirty. This voter will not be voting Republican next time. I’m done with that crowd of wimps. Too bad states don’t have the balls to put controls on who actually gets to vote in a presidential election. Of course most people are ignorant and still believe there is a right to vote in a presidential election. There is not. Start by not allowing those on welfare to vote until they are off our backs. Nobody on extended unemployment gets to vote. Lets just make it real simple…Only income taxpaying citizens get to vote in a presidential election.

Tell me, who would you rather see running this country, a gun-toting Barbie doll or a woman who bigger balls than her husband? I’m not in support of another Clinton in the White House but if it should come down to those two, well, bend over again folks.

There will be others like, Rubio to look for in the battle, but unless something dramatic changes in the mindset of the Republican party, and I’m not holding my breath for it, my voter card will say Libertarian Party.

The Republican party no longer represents me. I will not be represented by a bunch of ass kissing, spineless wimps. That bunch has done nothing to help themselves. Hell, they couldn’t even get their fellow supporters to vote for a decent candidate. Of course that says a lot about Republican voters in general. America got what it wanted not because Obama was the better man, but because Republicans are scared to fight dirty and Americans didn’t get off their lazy asses and vote.

I’m done with that bunch of prudes. I’m done sticking up for people who worry more about gays and abortion than about our Constitution and the welfare of American citizens.

I will not be renewing my Republican membership. It’s time to return to those who actually give a damn about me and my country – the Libertarian Party. I don’t agree with everything they stand for, but for right now they are the only ones willing to fight for the America that I want to live in. -JRoycroft

Rusty Humphries: It’s No Longer About Democrats vs. Republicans, it’s About the Power of the Government vs. the Power of the People

I want to share with you an excellent article written by our Patriot friend Rusty Humphries. I fully support Rusty, and will stand beside him in his fight for the power of the people. We the people need to stand up to Washington, DC and do everything we can to protect each other from those with the unlimited power to kill Americans on American soil without due process. -JRoycroft

McCain Paul Drone

Posted 03.08.13 by Rusty Humphries, TRN Nationally Syndicated Radio Host & TPNN Contributor

I am constantly hearing from people, “Rusty, what are we going to do about the Democrats?” I’ll be the first to admit that many of the problems we face as a country stem from Democratic leaders like Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and yes, Barack Obama.

But folks, I’ve got bad news- I don’t mean to cause alarm, but I think we need to start dealing with an even greater threat that extends beyond party lines; we need to start addressing the issue of political leaders who, regardless of identified political party, are governing based on the interests of those in government- not the people they have sworn to represent.

We can no longer trace the problems directly back to one Party or another. We now have two factions of legislators- we have those that stand on principle and look to lead to the best of their ability and we have those that are merely concerned with maintaining the political power they have accumulated.

Nothing, in my estimation, illustrated this divide better than the other night. While Rand Paul spoke of liberty and sought to squash the government’s stance that they can murder us without the due process of law, some Senators joined him. But just blocks away, others dined with the President and thus, Congressional leaders showed on what side of the dividing line they were going to stand.

Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Saxby Chambliss and nine other Senators dined with Obama. Others like Sens. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden joined Rand Paul in his defense of, well, the Constitution. These men joined together because they had a common cause; they wanted to work to make the power of the government to kill American citizens smaller. That’s it.

Oh my goodness! Those nasty Tea Partiers are back at it, spreading their oh-so-radical agenda: free markets, limited government and freedom from being annihilated by drone attacks at the behest of the government. It’s madness!

To be fair, it should be noted that two of the Republican Senators from the dinner, Ron Johnson and Pat Toomey, joined Paul for his filibuster after the dinner. They don’t quite get an “A” for solidarity and adherence to principle, but it’s certainly better late than never.

However, Lindsey Graham had the nerve to call Paul’s criticism of the drone program “ridiculous.” He actually uttered, “The drone program [the President] has utilized overseas, I think, has made us safer. This idea that we’re going to use a drone to attack an American citizen in a café in America is ridiculous and I think the American people need to understand the threat we face.”

It turns out that Lindsey Graham is the most traitorous and unprincipled legislator since Brutus stabbed Caesar.

What is so hard to understand about this position? It’s not that Rand Paul or anybody thought that the drones would be used starting tomorrow; it’s that we need to reject a stance by government that says, “We hold the right to take citizens out with drones if we feel it’s warranted; but don’t worry, we haven’t done it yet.” Call me a cynic if you would like, but I am not entirely comforted by that stance!

But hey, according to Lindsey Graham, my contempt for this position is “ridiculous.”

What’s dangerous about the state of politics in America is that we are seeing a fundamental shift in politics in America that extends beyond Party lines. What we have is the Obama-McCain-Graham group that is invested not in core American principles, but the maintaining of their entrenched political power. These are people who rather than stand up for principle, mock those who do.

In the Paul-Cruz-Wyden group, we see people who are devoted to upholding the Constitution and the rights of American citizens. What’s crazy is that I disagree with Wyden on nearly every issue! But in his stance against tyranny, he is absolutely correct and must be praised for doing so.

Both of these groups are bi-partisan, both groups consist of groups of people who might often disagree with one another, but as the Democrat and the Republican Parties decline, we can see the beginnings of two new political forces in America. We have a faction that believes in the power of the state and we have a faction that believes in the power of the people and that is the newest, most dangerous problem in America. It’s not only Democrats or Republicans; it’s statists versus the people.

That is why I’m getting involved. That’s why I write, that’s why I have been playing a more active role in the Tea Party leadership and when I’m in Washington next week, I will not just be kicking my heels up at CPAC; I will be meeting on the Hill with Washington leaders and reminding those in the Beltway of the duty of government to the people.

The new battle in Washington is not along Party lines but can be boiled down to a battle between those who believe in the power of government and those who believe in the power of the people.

I stand unequivocally for the power of the people.

Rusty Humphries is a nationally syndicated radio host heard across the USA on over 300 radio stations and is listed as the 6thlargest radio audience by Talkers Magazine. He is also a regular contributor to


Rusty Humphries

Rusty Humphries is a nationally syndicated radio host heard across the USA on over 300 radio stations and is listed as the 6th largest radio audience by Talkers Magazine. He is also a regular contributor to View all posts by Rusty Humphries →

Drones Flying Overhead: Should We Be Afraid of The Obama Mafia?

obama mafia

March 7, 2013 – With Drones flying overhead should we be afraid of being accidentally targeted and killed? How can we protect ourselves from the incompetence of our government? These are serious questions that need to be addressed today.

Here we are again, living under nuclear threat, only this time it’s from a dictator in North Korea. The bigger issue is the fact that we are also living under a more serious threat I’m calling the Obama Mafia. Every day that goes by another piece of our freedom is taken away from us. The Boss uses his scare tactics on the American people by releasing thousands of illegal aliens into our society in the name of sequestration. We could spend hours writing about all ways that Obama is punishing the productive members in our society and how he has managed to get re-elected because of the ignorant low information voters. God only knows what other surprises that jerk has in store during his next four years.

Right now we need to be concerned about protecting ourselves as we begin to hear the truth about those Drones flying overhead. About how they can detect if an honest law abiding citizen is carrying a licensed concealed weapon on their person. The argument today is whether or not our federal government has the power to use a Drone to strike an American citizen without due process here on American soil. Why are we even having these arguments? At what point during our freedom and liberty did we find it remotely necessary to even entertain such a far fetched idea as being attacked by our government with a Drone? I cannot imagine the terror one would feel should they discover one of those things buzzing over their home.

It took  Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) 13 hours to get our government to tell him that American citizens will not be killed by Drone attacks on American soil. Somehow I find it really hard to believe anything the liars in the Obama regime will tell us. They cannot be trusted. Obama wants to take our guns and leave us all defenseless. Why should we be an armed society when when Obama says he will be our protector? Read the second amendment and spend some time learning about why it was put in place. The government is not our friend. They are to be feared just like the mafia was to be feared. Take each and everything they say with a grain of salt.  -JRoycroft

Warrantless Police Searches of Your iPhone or Android

Picture from showing ICE Special A...

March 3, 2013 – In this age of the smartphone, more and more people are using it in place of their laptop as their number one information/communications resource. Here is something you should be aware of.

Apple and Google are not your friends when it comes to your privacy. The law is very vague when it comes to the legality of warrant-less police searches of your smartphone. It is not uncommon for a police officer to ask for your smartphone during a traffic stop. Some police agencies have the ability to attach a device to your phone and extract limited information from it. That information can be used to determine if you were texting while driving or even how fast you were driving at the time of the traffic stop via your GPS system.

In other cases where an investigation is underway, law enforcement will use your smartphone as evidence against you or to further their investigation. The ACLU published a report it obtained from a drug investigation by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, documenting the seizure and search of a suspect’s iPhone from her bedroom.

This from a story in Forbes magazine:

In this case, ICE was able to extract the iPhone’s details with the help of the forensics firm Cellebrite. The suspect doesn’t seem to have enabled a PIN or passcode. But even when those login safeguards are set up in other cases, law enforcement have still often been able to use tools to bypass or brute-force a phone’s security measures. Google in some cases helps law enforcement to get past Android phones’ lockscreens, and if law enforcement can’t crack a seized iPhone, officers will in some cases mail the phone to Apple, who extract the data and return it stored on a DVD along with the locked phone.

There is no such thing as a safe smartphone when it comes to law enforcement. Regardless of whether or not you are using it for legal reasons, just know that once that phone is out of your hands and into a friends hands, you are responsible for its content. In other words, don’t let your friend call his drug dealer if you are trying to make a score for personal consumption marijuana for the weekend. So before you call your friend in Colorado or Washington where pot is legal, you better be living in one of those states if your calling to make a score. Know what I mean?

Treat your smartphone as you would a home computer. Be aware that big brother is not your friend…They are friends with your smartphone company and together they can make your life miserable. Most of us don’t have to worry about these things but it’s always good to know what powers our government have over our everyday lives. Just like a Predator Drone has the technology to distinguish which person in a crowd is carrying a firearm. I bet you didn’t know that either. -JRoycroft

Sequester Cuts Become a Reality

Official photographic portrait of US President...

March 2, 2013 – Friday night Barack Obama signed and set in motion, $85 billion in automatic, across the board budget cuts in this year’s budget.

Discretionary budget was $1.043 trillion in 2012, $1.047 trillion in 2013 – now cut to $974 billion with the sequester cuts.

Here are a few of the cuts:

  • $71 million was cut from administration at the Office of Federal Student Aid
  • $70 million was cut from the Agricultural Disaster Relief Fund at USDA
  • $69 million was cut from Procurement of Ammunition for the Navy and Marine Corps
  • $68 million was cut from Operating Expenses for the Agency for International Development
  • $66 million was cut from Environmental and Other Defense Activities at the Dept of Energy
  • $289 million was cut from The Centers for Disease Control
  • $175 million would be cut out of Low Income Home Energy Assistance Programs
  • The Office of the Chief Information Officer in the Department of Homeland Security would lose $16 million
  • FEMA would see $928 million in disaster relief sequestered
  • $2 million is cut from the Rural Electrification and Telecommunications Loans Program Account
  • $74 million cut from Food for Peace Title II grants
  • NOAA loses $1 million for the Limited Access System Administration Fund
  • Tennessee Valley Authority to have $23 million sequestered
  • $20 million from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund
  • $14 million from the National Labor Relations Board
  • National Endowment for the Arts has $7 million chopped, same for National Endowment for the Humanities
  • $62 million was cut in Salaries and Expenses at the US House of Representatives
  • $60 million was cut in salaries and expenses at the Farm Service Agency at USDA
  • $59 million was cut from salaries and expenses at the US Marshals Service
  • $58 million was cut in salaries and expenses at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives
  • $57 million was cut from the Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Account at HHS
  • $56 million was cut from State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance Grants at the Justice Department
  • $47 million was cut from the military’s Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle Fund
  • $41 million was cut in Salaries and Expenses in the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
  • $39 million was cut from Family Housing Operation and Maintenance in the Army
  • $34 million was cut for Family Housing Operation and Maintenance in the Air Force
  • $29 million was cut from Aeronautics at NASA
  • $22 million was cut from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

You can read the full report on the White House web site.

At an impromptu news conference in the White House Briefing Room, Obama said the cuts were “dumb.”  “And let’s be clear. None of this is necessary.” Repeatedly pointing the finger of blame at Republicans in the Congress. Of course it was Barack Obama who came up with the whole idea of the sequester. It was his “dumb” idea. The Republicans were quick to remind him of that. -JRoycroft

The Big Scare: Sequestration

February 26, 2013 – The world is coming to an end. At least that’s what Obama wants you to believe.

The Obama administration officials have confirmed that the  Homeland Security Department has released hundreds of illegal aliens from detention in order to save money. An obvious tactic to put citizens in a state of fear.

Obama has total control over where the  Executive Department spending cuts will be, and the jerk is going to make them as painful as he possibly can in an effort to punish his detractors. One thing that won’t happen… Wasteful government spending will not stop.

Enjoy the ride folks. Most of you voted for this jerk.

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President’s Paycheck Exempt From ‘Sequester’…

Homeless will starve…

Boehner Tells Senate To ‘Get Off Its ASS!’

Obama Gets Economic Advice From a Race Pimp

February 23, 2013 – During the worst economic times of our country’s history, thanks in great part to that jerk occupying our White House, who is the one person we should be running to for great economic advice? How about that great and wise black racist Al Sharpton for starters. Is there any question that he has lost his fucking mind when Obama gets economic advice from a race pimp?

Al Sharpton, the same racist jerk that put Tawana Brawley’s lying ass on the media stage.

Out of all the people, including the 8 so called “black leaders” and the one token white reverend, Obama couldn’t pick one single credible economist to sit on his panel for discussion. My only guess would be that someone like Thomas Sowell would have been too far over Obama’s intellectual thought process to even consider. I mean, why embarrass yourself in front of someone who actually has a brain when it’s so much easier to sit among like minded proggies.

Barack Obama….Making his way to the top of the dunghill carrying one peace of shit at a time. -JRoycroft