Newnan’s Culture of Violence

September 24, 2014

It was back on March 29th when I wrote about young Mr Vantorious Krishad Dixon being gunned down on the street outside a home where a party was being thrown in Newnan. This was one of many shootings over a short period of time here.

Last night the Newnan Times Herald reported another shooting in Newnan. This time over on W. Washington. A drive by shooting in a residential area where 3 people were seriously injured. One victim, a woman laying in bed. Two others sitting on the front porch. All shot by thugs driving by the house.

The police have not yet determined a connection between the victims and shooters, but it will likely be gang or drug related. That’s just my theory. I don’t think I’ve been wrong yet, at least not with the last few shootings. These shootings in my home town are becoming more frequent and quite frankly, I’m getting a little used to it.

Those so-called black leaders here won’t tell you about the culture of violence, and you most certainly won’t hear any public officials identify the culture that’s responsible for the shootings. That would be raaaaacist. I have a family and children here and I will not sit quietly while a culture of thugs tries to disrupt my beautiful city.

The good folks of Newnan and Coweta County need to be vocal and stay on top of whats going on here. There is a culture of violence growing in our communities and it needs to be stopped now or we will soon be known as the other Atlanta.

It was just before Thanksgiving 2013 when I moved my wife and kids into our new home located in beautiful Newnan, Georgia, nick named, “The City of Homes.” Newnan is an economically thriving city with great job opportunities and a wonderful place to raise your kids.

We moved here to get away from the violent city of Atlanta shortly after my own wife was the victim of a mob of blacks inside a Kroger grocery store. Had it not been for the quick actions of the store manager and another employee my wife may have been another statistic.

Of course as with all cities, especially the ones that are growing as fast as Newnan, comes with an added attraction. It was Neal Boortz who first coin the phrase, “culture of violence,” in accurately describing the inner city violence caused primarily by young black thugs.

Race has nothing to do with the increasing violence in cities like Chicago, New Jersey and Atlanta or even Newnan. It is all about the thug mentality being bred into the young minds of children, primarily young black males without a father figure in the home.

Neal Boortz said, “This is about culture.  It’s about the predatory violence that pretty much forms the basis for young urban black culture.  Can you argue, for instance, that violence is not at the core of the rap music that permeates urban black culture.  There is a reason why young black males commit violent crimes far and away out of their percentage of our population, and it damned sure isn’t poverty.  When you don’t have enough to eat you don’t kill someone for their necklace or tennis shoes.

There is nothing in the DNA that causes a young black male to adopt a warrior attitude toward pretty much everyone he encounters.  There is nothing in the DNA that causes a black teenager to shoot a baby in the head.  This is learned behavior, not inherent behavior.  Sooner or later we’re going to have to admit that black urban culture in America is violent and dangerous, and that it has nothing to do with race.”

Thank God someone out there besides me has the guts to identify the real problem. Every excuse imaginable has been given for reasons why these punks continue to hurt and kill. “Oh it’s because of poverty.” Bullshit! How about having a respectable employed father in the house. Maybe get an education and stop listening to your thug friends when they say being educated is being white.

It’s no secret that Rap music lyrics encourage these young black thugs to rob and kill because it’s cool. How many times have you seen a news report where an expensive car or SUV was found on the side of a road full of bullet holes with a dead black guy slumped over the steering wheel? Do you remember your first thought? “It was probably a rapper.” It’s an easy bet you can take to the bank.

I know that when we have a culture with no father figure or family structure these inner city kids wander into the streets looking for someone to bond with. It’s easy pickins for the older gang leaders to indoctrinate young lonely children. You have young black kids looking to gang bangers to be their role models and being part of a family structure. Gangs come in all races, but I’m talking about an urban nightmare right now that primarily affects a certain culture in our inner cities. Look at the statistics before you start calling me a racist. Oh, and it would help if you learned the true definition of the word racist before you toss it around every time you get pissed at a white person. It doesn’t help you at all when you use words that you can’t define. It makes you sound ignorant and nobody takes you seriously. Words have meaning.

Why doesn’t someone in the black community speak out about the obvious? Where are all the so-called black leaders, and Hollywood celebrities at while this crisis is building? They seem to be very quick to judge people like George Zimmerman but what about when the obvious occurs? Not a word. Total silence on the matter.

I won’t be holding back, and I will not let the politically correct police get in my way. It’s high time this subject came out of the hoodie closet. I’ll take the abuse that I know is going to come. It will be nothing new to me. Like others before me I’ve been called a racist. I am not. I just happen to be a white guy that speaks the cold hard truth, and nothing you say or do will stop me.

Just because I moved away from the culture of  predatory violence in downtown Atlanta back in November, no way will I stop talking about it here in Newnan. I’m a resident of this wonderful city now and I have no plans on sitting quietly while a culture of violent predators kill each other and innocent bystanders.

I know what I’m talking about. After all, I did spend several years working inside some of Atlanta’s most dangerous housing projects chasing crack dealers and young thugs. Every one of them a product of their violent culture.

Until the black community in Newnan decides to recognize and fight to end the growing culture of violence here, it will only grow into a much worse issue. It’s only a matter of time before the violence spreads out into neighboring communities. It needs to stop, and it needs to stop now. -JRoycroft

Georgia Senator Jason Carter Supports The Confederate Battle Flag License Plate

April 21, 2014

Georgia Democrat Senator Jason Carter says if he is elected Governor of Georgia he will not stop the re-issue of the controversial Georgia license plate which honors the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Jason Carter is the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, the guy, who along with his family, embarrassed the state of Georgia. Jimmy Carter, the man who never met a dictator he didn’t like.

Now we have another Carter boy that wants a crack at the Governors mansion here in Georgia. God help us if that should happen.

I personally couldn’t care less about the license plate. Some folks around here think it’s offensive and raaaaacist. That would be the same people that voted for a Fascist to be their dear Ruler.

I believe the citizens of Georgia should be more concerned about the possibility of having an Obama plantation worker sitting in our governors mansion than whether we can have a redneck license plate on our 4×4’s. -JRoycroft




Stop the Violence in Newnan

You think Newnan has it bad? This is what I moved away from-
Atlanta, Georgia: According to the Atlanta Police Department Uniform crime Reports from April 2011 to April 2012, Blacks made up 54 % of the Atlanta population, but were responsible for 100% of the homicide, 95% of the rape, 94% of robberies, 84% of aggravated assaults and 93 % of burglaries in the city.
How’s that for a wake up call?
The mural above is located in downtown Atlanta in a neighborhood that is no stranger to black on black violence.
Perhaps the citizens of Newnan living in the high crime section of town could take note and develop their own message to the community.
Just a thought -JRoycroft


The Perfect Storm That Saved Ga Gov Nathan Deal’s Reputation

February 13, 2014

What I am about to say here relates only to Georgia’s recent winter weather as reported by local media.

Well I guess Ga. Governor Nathan Deal got his name cleared considering this entire bogus “catastrophic” ice storm took the media pressure away from his failings during the last weather event.

It was indeed a sloppy mess around here and yes people lost power and had some property damage. Yes businesses suffered losses. As I see it, this entire weather event amounted to some ice and snow that really didn’t add up to being considered “catastrophic” or “of Biblical proportions” as some have claimed in the media. Not even close. We knew early on that it wasn’t nearly as bad as the weather predictors and talking media heads wanted so badly for us to believe. It was however a perfect opportunity for an orchestrated MEDIA EVENT that scared the hell out of a lot of folks and it successfully cleared Gov Deals name. Had it occurred during rush hour it would have been a repeat of two weeks ago. Timing was everything. It was the perfect storm for Gov Deal to use media hype to regain public trust in his ability to lead his state out of harms way and to save his good name and reputation. Apparently it worked.

I’ve lived through a whole lot worse in Atlanta, Kentucky, North Carolina, New York and Germany. This was two days of authentic winter weather. Of course for a passive wimpy society that we live in today, the mere idea of it snowing or sleeting is enough to be called catastrophic.

In reality Mother Nature got the last laugh again.-JRoycroft

Catastrophic Ice Storm Predicted For Georgia Tonight

February 11, 2014

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It's about to get really interesting here in middle Georgia. Downed power lines, trees will fall on cars and houses which means there is a real good chance that someone is gonna die over the next few days. It's amazing what an inch of ice on tree limbs and power lines can do. Then the wind comes pushing the weight of ice covered pine trees and 200 year old oaks to their limits sending them crashing down upon homes and cars. Some will have people inside.

This will be my third major ice storm here in Georgia. My first was in 1973. That was the worst to date for Atlanta.

On January 7, 1973 it began to rain. It soon turned into an icy monster which covered power lines, pine trees and exploding power transformers. For three solid days, over 300,000 people were without power, many of them were without heat, phone service and no way to travel or move about. The entire city of Atlanta was shut down.

During the very dark nights you could here the sounds of trees cracking and slamming to the ground. A local reporter said, “It was like the sound of an artillery barrage, and the results were just as devastating.” Trees fell crushing homes and cars. Power transformers exploded all over the city illuminating the night with bright flashes of white and blue light. The city was plunged into a cold darkness from which it would not emerge for 7 days. The temperatures were well below freezing and stayed that way for an entire week. Everyone stayed by their transistor radios for any news of hope. People prayed for a Georgia Power truck to come into their neighborhood. Cars and homes caught fire and many could not be reached by fire trucks. It was a living nightmare.

The next few days will either be a repeat of 1973 or possibly worse. That prediction came from a Georgia Power official.

We all laugh at those reports of snow and how us Southerners can’t drive in it. This is not snow and it certainly is not a laughing matter. Snow is manageable, ice just plain sucks, and I don’t care how far north you come from. Ice is a different beast and it couldn’t care less how far north you come from.

No one here in Georgia is laughing tonight. -JRoycroft

Winter Storm Leon Spanks the South

January 29, 2014

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said early Wednesday that the National Guard was sending military Humvees onto Atlanta’s snarled freeway system in an attempt to move stranded school buses and get food and water to people. Georgia State Patrol troopers headed to schools where children were hunkered down early Wednesday after spending the night there, and transportation crews continued to treat roads and bring gas to motorists, Deal said. MORE…