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Georgia Senator Jason Carter Supports The Confederate Battle Flag License Plate

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April 21, 2014

Georgia Democrat Senator Jason Carter says if he is elected Governor of Georgia he will not stop the re-issue of the controversial Georgia license plate which honors the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Jason Carter is the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, the guy, who along with his family, embarrassed the state of Georgia. Jimmy Carter, the man who never met a dictator he didn’t like.

Now we have another Carter boy that wants a crack at the Governors mansion here in Georgia. God help us if that should happen.

I personally couldn’t care less about the license plate. Some folks around here think it’s offensive and raaaaacist. That would be the same people that voted for a Fascist to be their dear Ruler.

I believe the citizens of Georgia should be more concerned about the possibility of having an Obama plantation worker sitting in our governors mansion than whether we can have a redneck license plate on our 4×4’s. -JRoycroft




Written by J Roycroft

04/21/2014 at 9:41 PM

Stop the Violence in Newnan

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You think Newnan has it bad? This is what I moved away from-
Atlanta, Georgia: According to the Atlanta Police Department Uniform crime Reports from April 2011 to April 2012, Blacks made up 54 % of the Atlanta population, but were responsible for 100% of the homicide, 95% of the rape, 94% of robberies, 84% of aggravated assaults and 93 % of burglaries in the city.
How’s that for a wake up call?
The mural above is located in downtown Atlanta in a neighborhood that is no stranger to black on black violence.
Perhaps the citizens of Newnan living in the high crime section of town could take note and develop their own message to the community.
Just a thought -JRoycroft


Written by J Roycroft

04/10/2014 at 12:08 AM

The Perfect Storm That Saved Ga Gov Nathan Deal’s Reputation

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February 13, 2014

What I am about to say here relates only to Georgia’s recent winter weather as reported by local media.

Well I guess Ga. Governor Nathan Deal got his name cleared considering this entire bogus “catastrophic” ice storm took the media pressure away from his failings during the last weather event.

It was indeed a sloppy mess around here and yes people lost power and had some property damage. Yes businesses suffered losses. As I see it, this entire weather event amounted to some ice and snow that really didn’t add up to being considered “catastrophic” or “of Biblical proportions” as some have claimed in the media. Not even close. We knew early on that it wasn’t nearly as bad as the weather predictors and talking media heads wanted so badly for us to believe. It was however a perfect opportunity for an orchestrated MEDIA EVENT that scared the hell out of a lot of folks and it successfully cleared Gov Deals name. Had it occurred during rush hour it would have been a repeat of two weeks ago. Timing was everything. It was the perfect storm for Gov Deal to use media hype to regain public trust in his ability to lead his state out of harms way and to save his good name and reputation. Apparently it worked.

I’ve lived through a whole lot worse in Atlanta, Kentucky, North Carolina, New York and Germany. This was two days of authentic winter weather. Of course for a passive wimpy society that we live in today, the mere idea of it snowing or sleeting is enough to be called catastrophic.

In reality Mother Nature got the last laugh again.-JRoycroft

Written by J Roycroft

02/13/2014 at 1:47 PM

Catastrophic Ice Storm Predicted For Georgia Tonight

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February 11, 2014

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It's about to get really interesting here in middle Georgia. Downed power lines, trees will fall on cars and houses which means there is a real good chance that someone is gonna die over the next few days. It's amazing what an inch of ice on tree limbs and power lines can do. Then the wind comes pushing the weight of ice covered pine trees and 200 year old oaks to their limits sending them crashing down upon homes and cars. Some will have people inside.

This will be my third major ice storm here in Georgia. My first was in 1973. That was the worst to date for Atlanta.

On January 7, 1973 it began to rain. It soon turned into an icy monster which covered power lines, pine trees and exploding power transformers. For three solid days, over 300,000 people were without power, many of them were without heat, phone service and no way to travel or move about. The entire city of Atlanta was shut down.

During the very dark nights you could here the sounds of trees cracking and slamming to the ground. A local reporter said, “It was like the sound of an artillery barrage, and the results were just as devastating.” Trees fell crushing homes and cars. Power transformers exploded all over the city illuminating the night with bright flashes of white and blue light. The city was plunged into a cold darkness from which it would not emerge for 7 days. The temperatures were well below freezing and stayed that way for an entire week. Everyone stayed by their transistor radios for any news of hope. People prayed for a Georgia Power truck to come into their neighborhood. Cars and homes caught fire and many could not be reached by fire trucks. It was a living nightmare.

The next few days will either be a repeat of 1973 or possibly worse. That prediction came from a Georgia Power official.

We all laugh at those reports of snow and how us Southerners can’t drive in it. This is not snow and it certainly is not a laughing matter. Snow is manageable, ice just plain sucks, and I don’t care how far north you come from. Ice is a different beast and it couldn’t care less how far north you come from.

No one here in Georgia is laughing tonight. -JRoycroft

Written by J Roycroft

02/11/2014 at 7:36 PM

Al Roker Nails It

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Written by J Roycroft

01/29/2014 at 5:16 PM

Winter Storm Leon Spanks the South

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January 29, 2014

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said early Wednesday that the National Guard was sending military Humvees onto Atlanta’s snarled freeway system in an attempt to move stranded school buses and get food and water to people. Georgia State Patrol troopers headed to schools where children were hunkered down early Wednesday after spending the night there, and transportation crews continued to treat roads and bring gas to motorists, Deal said. MORE…

Georgia Governor Declares a STATE of EMERGENCY. Thousands Stranded in 20 Degree Weather

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January 28, 2014storm

Well it happened again. It snowed in Georgia. Only this time it will become one for the records on how a Governor, a Mayor, and Government School Officials helped to create a historical state disaster that will be the center of discussion for years to come.

As I type this, there are people who have been stuck in their vehicles since 2pm today. It’s 10:58 pm EST now.

It began yesterday when our local weather guru, Kirk Mellish, WSB Radio Atlanta, began to warn everyone about the probability of a sleet/snow mix to hit central and southern Georgia beginning today at around 1:00pm. He told us to expect about 1 inch in the city and upwards to 2-3 inches south all the way to Columbus. Thats not very far from the Florida state line.

The Dept of Transportation bragged about how prepared they were for this impending weather event. We heard all the usual hype about how they learned there lessons last time this happened and how history would not repeat itself. They had everything planned and under control.

The mayor of Atlanta assured the residents in the city that everything was going to be just fine. History will not repeat itself.

5:45 am – Climb into my 1989 MR2 and leave my Newnan home to take the 60 mile drive to my office.

7:00am – I arrive at my Norcross office. Temperature 28 degrees F. Cloudy and dry.

7:15 am – I leave to head south to Griffin. A 71 mile drive.

9:00am – Arrive in Griffin, to visit a customer. It began sleeting. Temperature of 27 degrees F.

10:30am – Still sleeting and I then head to Peachtree City taking scenic back roads because I know if the weather gets worse the expressways will become a huge clusterfuck. That’s a 40 mile drive.

11:30am – Made it to Riverdale. Sleet has now turned to snow and the roads are beginning to get slick. Several cars in ditches. Memories of our last day time snowfall and how that ended. Hear we go again.

12:45 pm – Sending pics of road conditions to management advising field techs should probably head home.

1:30 pm  – I notify techs to head home due to poor road conditions.

One  technicians usual 30 min commute home which began at 1:30 pm today ended at a gas station where he is forced to spend the night in his car because all roads are closed. I want to help him but cannot get to him.

By 3:00 pm all of Atlanta is in a complete traffic lock down. Roads were covered with ice and snow and it had only just begun to get bad. No where. Not anywhere are there DOT sand trucks spreading deice mix on any roads. They are no where to be seen. Right now Atlanta is a complete gridlock with vehicles running out of gas, people abandoning their cars and walking in 21 degree weather. Children forced to spend the night in schools because buses and parents are unable to get to them. Thousands of people stranded in traffic including children.

A 20 car pile up on one Interstate.

Even right now, as I type this, news in the background reports people are still stuck in traffic trying to get home. “Thousands are stranded, unable to get out or get home.”

You cannot imagine the anger that Atlanta has right now towards Mayor Kasim Reed and Governor Nathan Deal over another complete failure to prepare it’s citizens for predicted bad weather. They knew for a fact this was coming hours before yet did absolutely nothing. Governor Deal blames commuters for tying up traffic preventing Road crews from spreading sand and salt. Un-fucking believable.

The speed on all major Interstates that are not shut down have traffic flowing about 8 mph. Vehicles accidents everywhere.

Governor Nathan Deal has declared a State of Emergency. The National Guard is being called out.

You will hear people laugh about how screwed up our city is and how dumb us Southerners are because the perception will be that southerners cannot drive in a little snow. You will hear excuses and finger pointing by every elected official in Georgia.  Has nothing to do with our driving abilities. It has everything to do with State and Local Officials not knowing their asses from a hole in the ground. They couldn’t plan or prepare for a weather event if their incompetent lives depended on it. This bunch can’t even keep road side storm drains cleaned out. Flooded streets in Atlanta are so common it’s taken for granted around here. Then our Governor points the blame at motorists clogging the freeways as his excuse for roads not being prepared for ice and snow.

Today’s entire snow clusterfuck lies squarely in the hands of Georgia Governor Nathan Deal,  Mayor Kasim Reed and that bunch of mindless and corrupt Atlanta Government School Officials.

This story is far from being over. Heads should roll for this and it should start at the Governors office! -JRoycroft

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