No Independence From ObamaCare

July 4, 2013

How great would it be if only we had independent choices for healthcare? If we could make our own choices without the corrupt Obama regime dictating who provides  healthcare that we are FORCED to purchase or pay a FINE for not having. Before long we will be looking back at how cheap our healthcare choices were as compared to what ObamaCare has in store for us. Of course most of you were suckered into the Obama hope and change bullshit right from the start. You voted for a man that began his campaign in the living room of a terrorist. A man who was involved in illegal drugs in school. And on and on and on. As un-American as a person could possibly be.

The Patient Affordable Care Act is a complete lie. NO ONE CAN AFFORD IT!!! Thats the plan. To make it so unaffordable that Obama gets his single payer plan, the government, as the only choice for health care.

You deserve every damn thing you voted for. The rest of us who studied and learned the truth about this liar, in spite of the media masturbation that went on over that jerk are now watching you all go down in socialist flames.

I will survive this disaster and can at least look at my children and say that I had no part in this. I had no part in destroying their future. I fought to save it. -JRoycroft

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The Big Scare: Sequestration

February 26, 2013 – The world is coming to an end. At least that’s what Obama wants you to believe.

The Obama administration officials have confirmed that the  Homeland Security Department has released hundreds of illegal aliens from detention in order to save money. An obvious tactic to put citizens in a state of fear.

Obama has total control over where the  Executive Department spending cuts will be, and the jerk is going to make them as painful as he possibly can in an effort to punish his detractors. One thing that won’t happen… Wasteful government spending will not stop.

Enjoy the ride folks. Most of you voted for this jerk.

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Obama Gets Economic Advice From a Race Pimp

February 23, 2013 – During the worst economic times of our country’s history, thanks in great part to that jerk occupying our White House, who is the one person we should be running to for great economic advice? How about that great and wise black racist Al Sharpton for starters. Is there any question that he has lost his fucking mind when Obama gets economic advice from a race pimp?

Al Sharpton, the same racist jerk that put Tawana Brawley’s lying ass on the media stage.

Out of all the people, including the 8 so called “black leaders” and the one token white reverend, Obama couldn’t pick one single credible economist to sit on his panel for discussion. My only guess would be that someone like Thomas Sowell would have been too far over Obama’s intellectual thought process to even consider. I mean, why embarrass yourself in front of someone who actually has a brain when it’s so much easier to sit among like minded proggies.

Barack Obama….Making his way to the top of the dunghill carrying one peace of shit at a time. -JRoycroft

Welcome To 2013. Time To Bend Over and Grab Your Ankles

January 2, 2013 – Welcome to Obama’s world. I hope you folks got exactly what you voted for. -JRoycroft

“I am EMBARRASSED by our so called leaders. This fiscal cliff “deal” is a scam and a farce. For the President to now come out and and say he’s for budget cuts and fiscal responsibility??? How dumb must he think we are! You who voted for him and his party, have no one but yourselves to blame. I warned you… but you wanted to believe the lies. Our posterity will pay the price for your foolishness.
May God have mercy on this great Republic.” -Rusty Humphries

…And there’s a whole lot more coming!


Things Barack Obama Has Never Done

Official photographic portrait of US President...

December 4, 2012 – Check out this list of things the man who is ruining our country has never done before. This list comes from the “U.S. Constitutional Free Press” website, and was created by someone using the name “John Gault.”

Barack Obama is a man who has:

* Never had to write a business plan
* Never had to review a business plan to determine its worthiness
* Never had to create a budget for a private business
* Never had to calculate the economic worth of an existing or new employee for a business
* Never had to worry about the cost of benefits provided to a business employee
* Never had to worry about whether or not a business was making a profit
* Never had to explain to a boss or to shareholders why a business was losing money
* Never had to file a business tax return
* Never had to talk to an accountant about business matters
* Never had to hire an attorney to deal with business matters
* Never had to worry about the effects of government regulations on a business he owns or operates
* Never had to tell an employee that he was being let go because business was slow
* Never had to place a “help-wanted” ad looking for a new worker
* Never had to look at a list of revenues and expenses to determine how much a new employee can be paid.
* Never had to face competition from a new business down the street

Although he has never done any of those things before, we can all take some comfort in knowing he’s pretty damn good at wielding a hammer and a sickle. -JRoycroft