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Obama Will Not Accept Responsibility For Nations Rising Gas Prices


February 23, 2012 - With gas prices rising to near $6 per gallon in Florida, who or what is to blame for this? Obama’s house boy Jay Carney says that Obama will not “accept responsibility” for rise in gas prices, yet when Bush was in office what did we hear from Princess Pelosi? : “The price of oil is at the doorstep – $4 dollars plus per gallon for oil, is attributed to two oil men in the White House.”  Funny how the story changes when a Marxist jerk is holding the bag!

House boy Jay Carney went on to say that domestic oil production is at a record high right now.  That’s a complete lie and the Obama regime knows it.  Oil production is at a record low because of Obama.:

  • Under the Obama administration, 2010 had the lowest number of onshore leases issued since 1984.

Need proof that the Obamamedia lays low on high gas price reports as opposed to George Bush’s years in office? Well then check this out : The Business and Media Institute analyzed broadcast network news references to gas or fuel prices between Jan. 20 and Feb. 20, 2012 and from March 24 and April 24, 2008. It found that in the 2008 period there were more than 4 times as many gas prices stories, news briefs or news headlines on ABC, CBS and NBC as there were in 2012 (97 to 21). Hmmmmm … I’d say that the Obamamedia is playing a game of favorites when it comes to gas price reports under the Obama regime. -JRoycroft