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Heavily Armed Federal Agents vs American Citizens & Armed Militia

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April 11, 2014

How will this armed Federal Law Enforcements invasion of Nevada ranch owner, Cliven Bundy end?

FOX NEWS: Bundy, a descendant of Mormons who settled in Bunkerville more than 140 years ago, claims an inherent right to graze the area and casts the conflict as a states’ rights issue. At a news conference Friday on his ranch, he said the federal government is wrong to deny his cattle access to the grazing land they’ve always used. He said he barely recognized the land during an airplane flyover earlier in the day.

Memories of  the Ruby Ridge massacre and Waco come to mind.

This time it’s different. There are armed citizen militia groups on site to protect the ranch and stand against the Federal Agents. More militia groups are reported to be headed there to engage with federal law enforcement if need be.

Perhaps the time has finally come when, we the people, take a stand against the extreme reactions by federal law enforcement when they use excessive armed force against an American citizen.

Lets pray this comes to a peaceful ending and that everyone involved remains calm and rational. It takes only one shot fired, accidentally or intentionally to set off a firefight that results in massive casualties on both sides of this terrible situation.

Meanwhile our dear Ruler, Barack Hussein Obama, allows illegal aliens to cross our borders to rob, steal, murder and spread cocaine throughout our country.

Mr Cliven Bundy is now on the receiving end of Eric Holder’s Rule of Law -JRoycroft


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04/11/2014 at 10:37 PM

Stop the Violence in Newnan

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You think Newnan has it bad? This is what I moved away from-
Atlanta, Georgia: According to the Atlanta Police Department Uniform crime Reports from April 2011 to April 2012, Blacks made up 54 % of the Atlanta population, but were responsible for 100% of the homicide, 95% of the rape, 94% of robberies, 84% of aggravated assaults and 93 % of burglaries in the city.
How’s that for a wake up call?
The mural above is located in downtown Atlanta in a neighborhood that is no stranger to black on black violence.
Perhaps the citizens of Newnan living in the high crime section of town could take note and develop their own message to the community.
Just a thought -JRoycroft


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04/10/2014 at 12:08 AM

Wake Up Newnan! Gangs Are Here

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April 6, 2014


Recently in my home town of Newnan, Georgia there has been a rash of  shootings. Each incident has two factors that ties them all together. It was black on black crime that occurred in lower-income areas of Coweta County.

When I first saw the photographs of the people involved in the shootings, both victims and shooters, my first thought was that this was probably gang related. Especially when I saw the tattoos on some of their necks. These were not your average nice young guy next door types. These were typical black thugs engaging in activity during hours when most normal working folks were in bed asleep or at home with family. One incident even involved a person being shot on the street outside a home where money was being raised for the funerals of two other shooting victims. Big coincidence?

As reported in The Newnan Times Herald today, law enforcement leaders with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office and Newnan Police Department met with reporters to discuss recent shootings and their relation to gang activity in the county.

Newnan Police Chief Douglas “Buster” Meadows and Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager know the answer to the big question and growing concern of the community about gangs. They are not going to give out each and every detail of what they know and certainly are not going to jeopardize any ongoing under cover operations that may be happening.

In Georgia alone there are over 100 active gangs. Most of which are based in Atlanta. These gangs are involved in everything from crack cocaine to car jacking. Crack cocaine is probably their largest commodity. So the news of gangs in Newnan should come as no surprise to anyone. Certainly not to me.

Every town has these issues, but we came from downtown Atlanta. Until you have lived inside a big city and have dealt first hand with the black culture of violence, you have no clue what it’s really like. Newnan is growing and with growth comes the opportunity for gangs to get a piece of the action.

Every one that lives here knows where the “bad side of town” is. Every city has one. It’s a given that its going to be the poorest part of town. Inside that section of your town breeds a culture of predatory violence. Thats your target area to fix. The big question is how, and how do you change the mind-set of a culture that evolves over generations?

Newnan can fight this thing as long as politicians and politically motivated “black leaders” stay out of their way. Keep the race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton the hell out of town. Let the law enforcement community do what they do best, and leave the politics out of it. We have two great cops in charge here, Newnan Police Chief Douglas “Buster” Meadows and Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager, and we need to support these folks as best we can.

I’m not entirely sure if there is an official “gang unit” attached the Newnan Police or Coweta County Sheriffs Dept., but if not then I would not be at all surprised if one is being organized.

We have some outstanding law enforcement officials here and they know what needs to be done are not going to share each and every detail of what they know to the general public or media. Gangs are present in Newnan and it really does not matter how small they are. It only takes a few thugs or wannabe gang bangers to disrupt life in a community. It’s their culture, their upbringing that creates these problems. No amount of preaching , praying or rallying is going to stop them. They didn’t decide over night to become thugs or gang members. They were conditioned into the mindset through family, rap music, friends and the need to fit in and be recognized by someone.

Gangs are considered by its members to be family, and provide everything they couldn’t get from their single parent homes. It’s a fact that homes without the presence of a father figure are more likely to produce more criminals. It’s a culture issue. These young thugs have few decent role models in their lives. They look up to rap artists, basketball and football players. Very few, if any good character role models are found in any of those groups, especially the rap industry.

I’ve written and posted many stories about the culture of violence in America and now my home town of  Newnan gets added to the list. Until someone figures out how to convince this self-destructive culture of black predatory violence to change its ways, it will only continue to get worse. It’s time you wake up Newnan, gangs are here!

I’ve said this before and will say it as many times as I feel the need, Newnan is a wonderful place to raise your family. I trust in our law enforcement officials to do what is best, and they will. -JRoycroft

Mozilla Becomes the New Bitch for Militant Gay Activists

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April 5, 2014

Mozilla co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich, who invented the programming language Javascript, donated $1,000 in 2008 to support Proposition 8, which sought to ban same-sex marriage in California.

A law in California requiring that all people that donate more than $100 to anything in a proposition/ballot initiative have to be made public is probably how the gay fascists discovered Eich’s contribution, so then he gets singled out.

Today Brendan Eich is out of a job, forced out by the intolerant militant gay activists and his former Mozilla family.

By the way, in 2008 Barack Obama  held the exact same personal view as Eich on gay marriage. He was officially opposed to gay marriage, until he caught pressure from the gay fascist crowd.

This entire episode falls at the feet of  two companies in particular. Gay software developers Hampton and Michael Catlin, founders of Rarebit, and the online dating site,

Rarebit removed their software apps from Mozilla after Eich was appointed as CEO of Mozilla. OkCupid called for a boycott of Firefox and blocked visitors to their site that used the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

With the forced resignation of Brendan Eich comes the back lash of people dumping their Mozilla Firefox browser.

Mozilla is clearly being intolerant of  people who express their personal beliefs and are now supporting the militant gay fascist groups.

Read some of these examples of people leaving comments on various news feeds about this story:

Ric – “Equality is necessary for meaningful speech,”

This is a lie. And ‘meaningful’ speech is a nothing. FREE speech, however, is a Constitutionally guaranteed right for EVERY individual American citizen. Eich was targeted by an intolerant, hypocritical, bigoted, self-righteous, fear-mongering group of pro-gay idealogues and thought #$%$ who didn’t believe that the founder and CTO of the company where they work had the right to have a moral/philosophical/political belief that they did not agree with 8 years ago.
I uninstalled Mozilla Firefox on all of my home computers, cells and tablets and won’t be using any of their programs, software or apps in the future. That company lost all respect from me and has earned nothing but my scorn. And any company that stood with them is business-non-grata to me, also.
All to appease 2-3% of the population. Disgusting.

Joel – I guess Mozilla is no longer an equal opportunity employer since some there seem to believe they are are “more equal” than others. I was a Mozilla Firefox user and supporter since its inception even going back as far as Netscape 3. JavaScript was my first programming language and Brendan Eich is nothing short of a genius. JavaScript powers the web, is the most widely used programming language on the web and continues to grow and evolve to be ever more powerful. Today I have uninstalled Firefox from my work and home computers. It’s a sad state of affairs that some bullies erroneous point of views can be used to destroy the best talent and indeed the very the heart of Mozilla and that as an organization they would even tolerate this. However, Mozilla should at this point seriously consider completely abandoning JavaScript from any and all of their technology and products. Either that or offer a profound apology to not just Eich but the whole world. Until they do so they have no hypocritical right be using JavaScript in any form whatsoever. Mozilla, apologize to the world on behalf of the pain you have caused Bendan Eich and the majority of your user base or cease using JavaScript immediately.

Steve – These so called liberals always seem to amaze me. They will go around preaching tolerance, how intolerable the more conservative right is, how the right needs to be more tolerant. But when it comes to tolerance the left is the most intolerant bunch I have ever seen, the only tolerance the left seems to know is ‘my way or the highway’. The left wants to suppress free speech, as long as it isn’t their freedom of speech, the left is constantly forcing their agenda onto the conservative right. It is a big thing for two homosexual partners, to go out of their way to put a business out of business by filing a lawsuit that racks up hundreds of thousands sometimes millions that, most of these small businesses cannot afford. They will be willing to cause a hardship rather than show a little tolerance for persons beliefs, than to go a couple of blocks down the road, many times to a shop that would do their work for less than the one they wish to drag down with a lawsuit. So, so much intolerance from the ones preaching tolerance.

So what I get from the Mozilla story is this – Mozilla is intolerant of people who believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. They claim they believe in free speech but clearly they do not. You cannot have it both ways Mozilla, and now you have lost the respect of many of your Firefox users because YOU are the intolerant ones, not Mr Eich, and now you have become the new bitch to the militant gay activists in this country.

… And shame on the gay community for not speaking up and condemning those who seek out and destroy lives with their gay political agendas.  -JRoycroft

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04/05/2014 at 2:02 AM

Un-Affordable Obamacare

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04/02/2014 at 9:10 PM

Obamacare Impact on Health Insurance Premiums

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Obamacare Deadline

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