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But today I’m sharing how we built the pantry shelving. If you are new here, you have got to see what this space used to look like! I spent a lot of time trying to decide on the spacing of the shelves. I knew the bottom space needed to be big enough to fit a food storage bucket. I also wanted a few large shelves for oversized items. Another typical mistake made when people are building their pantries is to have either poor lighting in the pantry or none at all. The shelves and cabinets determine the type of accessories you can include and where everything in your pantry will be located.

shelf over workbench 2An easy pantry makeover and how to build your own custom shelves. From the crazy closet to the horrible garage, we wince a little every time that door opens. Ours was the pantry. Our literal skeleton in the closet, and we pretty much had everything in the pantry minus the skeletons. It has been driving me nuts for a while now, so I decided to add some shelves and get it organized. The first thing you need to do is take a quick inventory, and get an idea about what you’re going to put on the new shelf. How to Install a Simple Pantry or Closet Shelf. So, I just butt my ruler against the top shelf and make a mark 12 inches below. However, don’t let that undermine the importance of having some good shelving in your closets.

Find solutions for closet storage, garage storage, laundry storage and attic storage with shelves, moving supplies, baskets & totes from The Home Depot. Getting rid of the clutter and putting things in their proper place makes a home look better and will make you feel better as well. I’ve got a small closet near my kitchen. I currently have a rolling metal shelf in there but the access door to under my pier and beam house is in. However, the most common type of pantry is a small closet in the kitchen. Building custom pantry shelving is not difficult. A person with some experience in woodworking can complete the project in a few hours or a weekend, depending on how elaborate the shelving will be.

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If you’re inspired by the benefits of open shelving, consider adding it to your pantry instead. You can see all that you have in stock at once, and if the shelves get a little messy just close the door. Custom Closet Pantry: Using a closet or nook to build out a pantry is a great use of space. These custom shelves mean that everything in the pantry has a place to belong. Because our old farm house is without a single coat closet, linen closet and pantry (until we made our own). We were slightly worried that adding shelves on the sides would make the closet seem smaller, but after having cut the original shelf down to 1′ depth instead of 2′, it actually opens things up a LOT. Since the room is being converted into a home office, the closet was modified to store a file cabinet and office supplies. DIY Projects. How to Install Closet Shelving. By: Danny Lipford. Removing the hanging rod and installing additional shelves will allow this closet to hold a lot more than clothes and Christmas ornaments. Installing a tall pantry with both open shelving and cabinetry amps up the room’s storage capacity while adding furniture-style elegance. The 14-inch cabinet depth is just right for storing dry goods and makes taking inventory easy. When using deeper shelves, enlist baskets or shelf dividers to keep storage items organized. Building a Kitchen Pantry on a Budget, DIY Pantry, Pantry Closet next to refrigerator, Closet in Kitchen, How to build a pantry, Framed Pantry with a door. Then I made shelf brackets by cutting the end pieces off of the shelves and anchoring them to the side walls. Make a visit to a closet organizing store, but leave your wallet at home. Look around, get some ideas, then head to the dollar store. Inexpensive plastic trays will keep your new shelves organized, perhaps with a splash of color, if you desire.

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