The Polar Vortex is Going to Destroy Civilization…and it’s all Because of Global Warming

January 6, 2014

iced cars

In metro Atlanta schools are closed. Those of us who work for a living are shaking our heads at all the hysteria over cold weather. There is no snow or ice here. Non expected. Yet schools are closed which in turn causes some parents to miss work days to stay home with kids. Kids who should be sitting in a warm classroom learning, rather than sitting at home for no legitimate reason. Other parents are being forced to pay big bucks for day care because of government school idiocy. Note that most private schools here are not closed during this cold spell.

Then theres the local news clowns with their expected over reactions to what you would think was the end of the world. Of course it wouldn't be this cold if not for "Global Warming!" Yep, that's the whole point of the new catch word you're hearing now. "Polar Vortex."

My favorite story is the one where the Russian global warming research vessel loaded with a group of global warming scientists went on an expedition to Antarctica, to document melting ice there, which of course is because of global warming. And now they sit there stranded along with their rescue ship surrounded by record breaking ice accumulations. 

No matter how cold it gets, that bunch of global warming nuts will continue to push their hidden agenda to take down the corporate world. Has nothing at all to do with climate change or what ever the latest pc catch phrase is. Man made global warming is a proven hoax filled with lies and faked data.

Tuesday night I’ll be taking my family to the local movie theater. Yes. I will be taking them out into the deathly frigid cold air to sit in a nice cozy warm theater to watch the latest Disney movie, “Frozen.”   What better way to spend the last days of our lives before the Polar Vortex kills us all. -JRoycroft

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