Moore Oklahoma: Total Devastation

May 20, 2013

This weekend I will be returning my wife and kids back to her home in Oklahoma for a few weeks while I continue on to California for business. It was supposed to be a fun 3 weeks for her and our kids. Today changed everything.

Lindsay grew up with tornadoes in the news out in Oklahoma, but it’s something she never gets used to.

As we sat in the comfort of our Atlanta home today, we watched the news unfold on the Weather Channel out in Moore Oklahoma. Then the report came in about the Plaza Towers elementary school. As I type this, the latest report is seven little children found drowned in the schools basement.

My dear wife is overcome with grief  hearing the terrible news of those poor little kids.  Our little Emma and Ava get extra hugs tonight before bedtime.

If you have never witnessed the aftermath of  tornado devastation, it cannot be described with words. Seeing it on television does it absolutely no justice. To appreciate mother nature you must be her witness.

The first thing you notice is the mangled landscape, then that awful odor that permeates your sinuses. The odor of gasoline, and natural gas fill the air, mixed with the smell of splintered hard woods and pine trees. There is a deathly silence in the air for several minutes after. Time comes to a complete stop. Then you begin to see the victims emerging, wandering aimlessly about, in shock. Some bloodied, most tattered and dirty. Then you hear the cries of terrified victims, searching for lost family members. The sounds emergency vehicle sirens in the distance. The cries of sheer joy and relief when family are found. The next sounds you hear are chain saws cutting through the downed timber.

It’s not until you experience first hand what mother nature is capable of that you understand how completely helpless you can be.

Please pray for the families and victims of  the Oklahoma tornadoes. -JRoycroft

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