The Culture of Predatory Violence: “Yo! Imma Kick Yo Ass! Knowhutamsayin?”

April 30, 2013

Going to start a new blog very soon that will be dedicated to spotlighting the growing culture of predatory violence in America. Every day that goes by we hear report after report of young urban thugs, young black mobs, attacking, killing, and robbing people at random. It’s not about race, it’s about culture.

Every excuse imaginable has been given for reasons why these punks continue to hurt and kill. “Oh it’s because of poverty.” Bullshit! How about having a respectable employed father in the house. How about keeping your baby mamma’s legs closed and your baby daddy’s penis in his pants. How about getting an education and stop listening to your boyz when they say being educated is being white. How about sterilizing some of those damn brood mares that keep unloading future young thugs on society at taxpayer expense. That, in and of itself is a goddamn crisis in America.

How about the fact that Rap music lyrics encourage these young black thugs to rob and kill because it’s cool. How many times have you seen a news report where an expensive car or SUV was found on the side of a road full of bullet holes with a dead black guy slumped over the steering wheel? Do you remember your first thought? “It was probably a rapper.” It’s an easy bet you can take that one to the bank.

Recently here in my home town of Atlanta, news reports came in about someone driving a $400,000 Maybach that was shot and killed while driving thru the city on Interstate 20. Well, @Talkmaster, Neal Boortz, nailed it in a Tweet as soon as the news broke that morning.

Neal Tweeted:

11 Apr

Guessing a rapper.

Most of us already knew, just from news report experience that Neal was correct, and he was.

I know that when we have a culture with no father figure or family structure these inner city kids wander into the streets looking for someone to bond with. It’s easy pickins for the older gang leaders to indoctrinate young lonely children. You have young black kids looking to gang bangers to be their role models and being part of a family structure. Gangs come in all races, but I’m talking about an urban nightmare right now that primarily affects a certain culture in our inner cities that just happens to be black. Look at the statistics before you start calling me a racist. Oh and it would help if you learned the true definition of the word before you tossed it around every time you got pissed at a white person. It doesn’t help you at all when you use words that you cannot define. It makes you ignorant and nobody takes you seriously.

Today I tweeted my Twitter pal, Neal Boortz, for an idea on a title for my newest blog, and like the @Talkmaster, he came through with a rather catchy title. Neal is also pretty sick of the predatory violence in America and has no problem laying it all out on the who and why, so I’ve decided to join in by putting the spotlight what the media refuses to.

Want a good idea of what I’m talking about? Just go and check out what reporter Colin Flaherty wrote in his article about the violence in Detroit.

Why doesn’t someone in the black community speak out about the obvious? Where are all the so called black leaders, and Hollywood celebrities at while this crisis is building? They seem to be very quick to judge George Zimmerman but what about when the obvious occurs? Not a word. Total silence on the matter.

I won’t be holding back, and I will not let the PC police get in my way. You’ll be seeing videos and whatever the hell else I can find that highlights the culture of predatory violence. It’s high time this subject came out of the hoody closet. I’ll take the abuse that I know is going to come. It will be nothing new to me. Like others before me, I’ve been called a racist. I am not. I just happen to be a white guy that speaks the cold hard truth, and nothing you say or do will stop me. -JRoycroft

Special thanks to Neal for giving me a catchy title for my new weekly topic.


“Yo! Imma Kick Yo Ass! Knowhutamsayin?”

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