Trayvon Martin’s Girlfriend Lied To Investigators

trayvon martin TWITPIC

March 5, 2013 – The murder case against George Zimmerman has apparently taken a turn for the worst for prosecutors in Florida. The most important witness against Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin‘s girlfriend, was caught in a lie Tuesday. She had told police that she was in the hospital during Martin’s funeral and that is why she did not attend. When investigators checked hospital and medical records they discovered she had not been in the hospital.

When reporters asked the state’s lead prosecutor, Bernie de la Rionda, if he would charge the girlfriend with perjury he responded: “You can all read the law and make your own decision.”

Another lie told was about her age. She told investigators during her recorded interview that she was 16 years old. She was actually 18 at the time.

The girls Twitter and Facebook accounts have been subpoenaed so that investigators can read her posts. It’s going to be interesting to hear what the little liar posted about the case and her dealings with her little thug wannabe Trayvon.

It may not sound like such a big deal that she lied about her age or even why she missed his funeral. It’s the fact that she lied to investigators during a murder investigation. You don’t do that. You don’t lie to law enforcement, especially when you are the number one witness in the states case.

What this girl did was destroy her credibility as a key witness. Prosecutors know that if she takes the stand, the Zimmerman team will have a field day destroying her as a responsible, honest citizen.

I believe this new turn of events only helps George Zimmerman’s defense. Nothing Martin’s girlfriend says on the stand now can be believed. She is a proven liar, and that does not work well at all for the state. -JRoycroft

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  1. If Trayvon had not attacked Mr. Zimmerman which resulted in the necessary death of Trayvon, I am sure Trayvon would be lying right now too. But, fortunately imo, Trayvon is all but a pile of dust. Thank God for Mr. Zimmerman.


    1. I find it astonishing that Trayvon’s parents have both not be silenced yet. How could they fail so terribly in unleashing such a horror like Trayvon unto the community? I also find it astonishing that Mr. Zimmerman only fired once. I know I would have unloaded my full clip into that thug-Trayvon and re-loaded and unloaded even more.


  2. jancorey … i pray your racist ways are rebuked… pray its not ur son someday n tht someone will be thankful for ur childs murderer… person who wrote this post… little wanna be journalist… u should take thid down… God bless u and ur mind


    1. Although I don’t agree with everything JanCorey says, I do support her right to say it. Now as far as you calling the person that wrote this post, namely me, a wanna be journalist – Perhaps you should educate yourself and understand the difference between a journalist and an opinion blogger. Of course based on your spelling skills I am guessing you are not very well educated. Probably a high school drop out, if you even made it that far. Also, I will not take any of my opinions down just because you or anyone disagrees with them. Thanks for visiting and by all means, have a nice day!


      1. Sorry Mel, but I am not a racist as you so claim, I simply rely upon the facts of a case and the Law as it is written. And, thanks Roycroft for being able to understand things that Mel is not yet capable of understanding right now.


      2. J Roycroft, Mel comes across to me as a troll who typically takes a side of an issue and knows nothing regarding facts and stays defiant of anything that causes them to investigate any time into learning the truth of their own discontent.


  3. All u racist bastards stick together Zimmerman is no hero he killed an innocent child for no apparent reason why because he dont like black people I support Treyvons parents to the fullest and cant wait til the real justice be served and from what Im hearing Zimmerman will have to stand infront of God and feel his rath he going to hell with gasoline soaked panties on


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