A Sick Hoax: Sandy Hook Victim Emilie Parker

(Updated January 19, 2013 8:15 PM) -  (A Message to you Hoaxers HERE) (New Info: Updated Post HERE)

I am continued to be amazed at the absolute stupidity of some of the people commenting here. I’ve added a few more photos below that clearly show the differences of the Parker sisters. You folks need to get a grip on reality and stop wishing for this to be a real conspiracy. It is not. You cannot prove to me or anyone that Sandy Hook was orchestrated by the government. You cannot prove that little Emilie Parker is still alive. She is not. In fact I’ll donate $20,000 to a charity of your choice if you can bring forth evidence that Emilie is in that photograph with Obama. You can’t, because she isn’t. Oh what fools some of you people are. -JRoycroft

January 16, 2013 – I need to clear something up right now. There are some sick minded people out there who find some sort of sick thrill trying so hard to perpetrate a hoax over Facebook and social media outlets about what happened at Sandy Hook. Some people are even taking it to the extent that the entire event was orchestrated by the Obama administration in an effort to push the gun control agenda. They are trying desperately to make you believe that there was no massacre and no children died. It was all staged by Obama.

For those of you that are continuing to help spread these lies, in particular, Emilie Parker being alive and well. Emilie Parker is not alive and well, she is in fact dead. You people spreading lies about this little girl should be ashamed of yourselves. Stop jumping to insane conclusions just because you saw it on the internet. Get a clue…everything isn’t real. Are you folks really that damn stupid. Is your life really that boring that you have to be a conduit for conspiracy theorists? Below is a photograph of what some are saying is Emilie Parker, taken after the massacre, sitting with Obama. They are saying this is proof that she is alive. This is disgusting and heartbreaking knowing that some sick jerk spread this lie around the internet.

There are several blogs  that are saying the photos of the Parker family have been Photoshoped. I have used photography forensic tools, and have proven to my satisfaction that none of the photos have been altered in any way.

Here is the truth – Emilie Parker has two little blonde sisters, Madeline age 4, and Samantha age 3. Both are seen in the photograph above with Obama. That is not Emilie Parker with Obama.


This is for you folks that think the above photo is faked because the way the fingers are in the little girls mouth. This is my 2 year old doing the exact same thing.

Emily Parker photo de-bunked

So you folks who help spread that hoax need to correct your false information. Do your homework.  How must the Parker family feel seeing these lies and their little Emilie being used in such a hurtful way?

We all know how bad the media botched the news with their knee jerk reports, and unverified stories. Then we have Obama using the Sandy Hook massacre as a platform to get his gun control agenda pushed. He used children to reach into the hearts of the ignorant.

Shame on those of you who added to the pain of this family. Enough already! -JRoycroft

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  1. I wanted to believe you I was Leaving article when I noticed the hair part they don’t lie !!! O my god look at the hair part In Emily’s is way to the right side Mad Danes is right in the center those don’t change with age and there’s not that much age difference in the photos The photo where she’s sitting on Obama’s lap her hair part is way to the right the photo does not lie look at it and decide for yourself Madeline is in the center or to her left


    1. wow .. just look at her nose.. that is Madeline.. and you are talking about hair from 2 years ago that was intentionally parted in the middle to make pigtails vs a completely different hairstyle that they gave her with Obama! You want real evidence go to the parker residence and look at madeline in real life and check out her hair part.. and stake out their house until you see three girls come out.. All 3 of the girls look very much alike so it is easy to jump to conclusions but nose is a clear distinction that is not Emilie with Obama.


  2. i agree on the hair part the eyes and the smile and face.. my dad was a barber.and not all hear parts are alike.. sorry but this is Emilie


    1. wow .. just look at her nose.. that is Madeline.. and you are talking about hair from 2 years ago that was intentionally parted in the middle to make pigtails vs a completely different hairstyle that they gave her with Obama! You want real evidence go to the parker residence and look at madeline in real life and check out her hair part.. and stake out their house until you see three girls come out.. All 3 of the girls look very much alike so it is easy to jump to conclusions but nose is a clear distinction that is not Emilie with Obama.


  3. This is so incredibly sad, and painful for the family. Can’t people let go over their hate and fear long enough to see reason, basic common sense, and human decency? Yes, Obama is in the wrong, but that does not mean that this kind of behavior is right.


  4. The shape of the eyes, the chin, the HAIR on that girl…. that’s Emilie. The “family” photo is a bunch of actors then pushed over right after to have their photo taken with Obama. They sent the wrong 2 kids into the photo-op with Obama. Busted.


      1. Actually you are a complete dumbass. That photo was of the family for what would be a Christmas card you did a great job of photoshopping in a date of 2010. c2010 really??? Sorry but something does not smell right here. You are just as much a conspiracy theorist as those you oppose.


      1. She is dead? Prove it! Where is a body? Why is she not in any school pictures? Why is there no record of her? Why do locals say they never saw or heard of her? Why did the Parker family move there recently? Was it because they were asked to act a part and told to set up a fund for Emilie and get paid by the kind hearted American People who would be so quick to donate? Donate for what? Why does a family need $ for losing a child? Why was an Emile Fund posted on Facebook 2 hrs after she supposedly was so gruesomely murdered? Must have had some time on his hands, and such detail; this account number, locals go direct, use PayPal Wow, I am a parent and is in fathomable to me? I can not even find the time to go on FB. Why is the family picture dated 2010 and other Articles say just 2 weeks before shooting. How convenient Mormons don’t allow graves to be dug up. Not one tear, one drop of blood only lots of smiles laughter and the lousiest acting I have ever seen.


      2. Yet another moron comes out of the cave. Better late than never. My God and your a parent? Poor kids. Must really suck for them to be brought up by a conspiracy believing loon. How embarrassing jbright.


      3. We thier FRIENDS set up the fund on Facebook not Robbie or Alyssa. Which is why it was set up so quickly. And where did you get your facts about Mormons? If there is a valid reason for a body to be exhumed then it would be exhumed not just because you think it should be. The Mormon church has never interfered in things such as that. Before any anti-Mormon remarkes or replys I would first like to let you know that I am not a Mormon, but was raised in the Mormon church so I do know what I am talking about.


    1. I went to school with Robbie and Alyssa at Ben Lomond High School in Ogden, Ut. I was at the memorial when they brought Emilie home to Ogden, Ut to be laid to rest. I stood with many other high school class mates and friends to support them as they took there daughter to her final resting place in Evergreen Cemetery in Ogden, Ut. Robbie had moved his family there for his job. They still live there. If you believe that this is a conspericy then not only are you an idiot but you are an insensitive ass! To accuse my friends, that less then a year ago had to bury the beautiful daughter, of being nothing more than actors is completely ridiculous. And to say that because Emilie and Madeline are the same child because the look similar is insane. They have the same mother and father ofsourse the would have some of the same features. I have many of the same facial features as my grandmother, so many so that I am constantly told I look just like her. Does that meen that I am an actor playing her? My sister and I looked so much alike as little children that my mother still has a hard time telling which child it is in baby pictures. Your arguments make absolutely no sense! Family members tend to share the same traits.


      1. You lie…I saw it all go down. The actual acting of such event that just happen to be Sandy Hook
        Yes its all fake just to push gun control laws. Boston was also done by alleged special forces to push martial law. I myself have participated in a number of these staged events and it appears real. I am s paid crisis actor. I can give you all the info on it. I actually have another event coming soon for something they call the BIGGEST stage we will ever do. No location yet.


      2. Yea right. Why do you want to tell such lies about yourself? You didn’t see anything and you are not an actor, just another lying fool. Sounds to me like you have some serious mental issues that need to be addressed.


    2. What family seats two daughters on dad’s lap, a daughter to the left of dad and NOBODY on mom’s lap???? Emilie and mom were photoshopped into a photo of a dad with his TWO daughters. C’MON LOOK AND YOU WILL SEE.

      MOM’S WOULD INSIST THAT BOTH DAUGHTERS SIT ON DAD’S LAP OR ON THE OTHER SIDE OF DAD??? Absolutely zero moms would say, “Oh it’s OK, you all sit on dad’s lap and you, Emilie, you sit WAY OVER THERE and none of you sit on my lap!!”

      It’s as obvious as a son that that calls and leaves a voicemail for his mom and says, “Hi, Mom, this is Mark Bingham!” COME ON!! WHAT SON REFERS TO HIS LAST NAME WHEN CALLING AND LEAVING A MESSAGE FOR HIS MOM??? Even if mom was remarried and had a different last name, WHY WOULD HE REFER TO HIS ENTIRE NAME? Would mom not know who he is??? WTF.

      Wake UP. life has changed dramatically since 911 and with Sandy Hook more limitations, more spying, more everything that is NOT GOOD.


  5. who in the world is stupid enough to think you can’t part your hair anyway you want to? I have parted my hair in the middle and on each side depending on my mood that day…what a stupid argument to make!


  6. J, you have stated nothing of substantive value. You have provided no forensic evidence, etc. You appear emotionally bent on stifling any notion that something peculiar with Sandy Hook may have happened. It is already obvious that deception by the administration and the media has been used when after a lot of accusations relating to the use of rifles was put out and yet the evidence rendered establishes that no rifles were used. Upon close scrutiny of the photos provided, comparative analysis and information relating to the ages of the sisters and their traits, it appears as that indeed Emily is in the photo with Barry. You can not in good conscience be little others for asking honest questions relating to such. These are legitimate questions. If you have substantive evidence that can be objectively evaluated, share it.


    1. Amazing how absolutely stupid some people can be. Trust me Dave, I can in good conscience say that Emily does not appear in the photo with Obama. In fact Dave, I will challenge anyone if they can prove to the public that Emilie Parker is in that photograph with Obama, or is still alive, I will donate $20,000 to a charity of their choice. Go for it Dave. Take my $20,000. Mean while I’ll sit back shaking my head at you fools who believe that Sandy Hook is a hoax and that all those people were involved in some sort of government cover up. Do you understand what a complete idiot you have to be to seriously believe that? Look at the new photos I’ve posted there Dave. Still think Emilie is on Obama’s lap?


      1. My question is how do you explain emilie’s father laughing right before he makes a statement about his little girl that just died? Also it seems like your taking advantage of this strong topic to help your wife promote her photography business. Maybe she took all the pictures? ?


    2. Photo evidence can easily be manipulated, but there are so many other inconsistencies in the “official” version you’d have to be a fool to ignore it all. Roycroft, like so many others, is so caught up in the emotion of this tragedy that he can’t even imagine that someone might stage this to push an agenda .. like say, oh I dunno, gun control? Watergate was laughed off as a conspiracy, as was the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the John Edwards baby rumor, voter fraud at Acorn, etc. “Mock and humiliate your opposition” is right out of Obama’s Alinsky handbook for community organizers. And more often than not it works. Thank god people like Andrew Breitbart, Matt Drudge and Bob Woodward had the balls to keep digging.

      And one other point, Roycroft — just because YOU think everything makes sense here doesn’t give you the right to demonize people who disagree with you. The “tolerant left” it seems are only tolerant of people who agree with THEM.


  7. Even if your photo evidence is correct, there are many other inconsistencies and discrepancies in the official version of the SH massacre. For example:
    – why did someone identifying herself as the school nurse say Nancy Lanza was a teacher at Sandy Hook? There is NO school nurse in the SH records!
    – why did 6 year old Emily Parker’s “dad” Robbie create a memorial page on FB a couple hours before the school was even in lockdown?
    – the real Robbie Parker of Newtown is 57 years old — the “dad” in the press conference looks to be about 40.
    – why did Emily Parker not appear in any of her class photos?
    – why did the neighbor who found 6 kids on his driveway say the kids were from a class in which ALL the kids were killed? (and did you know he’s a member of the Screen Actors Guild?)
    – why did Gene, the neighbor, say he saw the casualty list … 2 days before it was released?
    – what happened to the guy police arrested in the woods outside the school? Or the other guy detained in the police car?
    – why did the Coroner say the kids were killed with the assault rife that was found, unused, in Adam Lanza’s trunk?
    – did you know the FEMA / DHS events calendar shows a course called “Planning for the needs of children in Disasters” scheduled near Newtown Connecticut, from 9am to 4pm on DEC 14, 2012 .. the exact same date & time as the Sandy Hook massacre?


      1. Why won’t you answer any of the questions? You know nothing, oh okay you “might” be right about the picture, but what about all the other inconsistencies in the officialstory. Oh wait you won’t answer, you just lash out at who doesn’t see the story the same way as you.


      2. I don’t need to respond to mindless fools and conspiracy loons because intelligent people understand that the Sandy Hook massacre was a factual event. Doesn’t mater what anyone else says or how many facts are presented, you can’t fix stupid!


  8. Obama has lied about Fast & Furious, Benghazi, his ‘sketchy’ background, his make-believe college girlfriend, his college records and god knows what else. What on earth would make you believe for a minute that he’s not capable of lying about this? The man is pathological.

    I agree the Emily photos are not conclusive, but you have not provided any real evidence to justify your outrage; in fact, the only “evidence” you have is your BELIEF that someone couldn’t possibly do something so horrific. It’s MY BELIEF that’s exactly the reaction they were hoping for. The reaction they knew they’d get — at least from all the kool-aid drinking Obamabots and media bobbleheads who wouldn’t know how to investigate a cover-up even if they wanted to — which they don’t!

    And by the way, were you as outraged about the 16 dead kids in Mexico, killed by Eric Holder’s F&F guns? Or the the hundreds of innocent kids killed as collateral damage in the Obama drone strikes? Or are you like most libs whose outrage tends to be ‘selective’?

    Obama did not shed any tears for those kids in Mexico, or for the innocent drone strike victims. What makes you think he shed any real tears for the Sandy Hook victims?


    1. I have my response to you and the rest of you sick fools who insist that Obama created this hoax to push his gun control agenda. It’s my new blog post which will be posted within the next few hours.


      1. Okay, so you can’t conscientiously, legitimately, nor respectfully answer the honest questions posed to you, so you have to refer to us using foul derogatory language. Maybe you need to to take a serious look in the mirror and see who it is that has a maturity issue.


      2. That’s right Dave, I refer to you people as a bunch of dumb fucking morons. The question of maturity should be posed to the morons who continue to belittle the memories of those dead children. Good job there Dave.


      3. By the way Dave, hows the lock and key business working out for ya? I wonder how your customers would feel if they knew you believed the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax?


      4. Dave – No shortage of insults here from Roycroft, just a dire shortage of answers to real questions. Questions that we wouldn’t have to ask if Obama’s Media puppets ever took their heads out of his butt long enough to do their jobs!


  9. I believe you are right, “emilie” is not in that picture with Obama,because she doesn’t even exist and isn’t the daughter of Robbie Parker. Oh and the family photos are clearly photo shopped, the little girls on his lap don’t even have legs


  10. You sir are obviously responding to an opinion blog in defense of Sandy Hook hoax supporters. The mere fact that you are using a company email address when leaving comments here is not very bright. I was doing you a service by pointing that out to you. Don’t worry, your information is confidential and rest assured I never divulge that information to anyone. Just be aware that you really shouldn’t be making that a practice when commenting on some random blog. You, just like everyone here is entitled to their opinion. I post most everyone’s comments here. Especially those who disagree with me. As I stated in my last posting, this is a hobby and an opinion blog. If you can’t handle my opinions or comments may I suggest you find another blog that you enjoy reading. I am not going to pander to mindless conspiracy theorists or Truthers. I do in fact research before I post anything. Although I come across as harsh and opinionated, I do try to get my facts straight. You and I disagree. That’s fine. At least yours, out of all the comments I’ve received thus far, have been articulate and to the point. Have a great day and make tons of money in your small business.


  11. I do hate to say this, but the family picture is photo-shopped. the two younger sisters don’t have legs, and the youngest sister’s hands seem to be deformed. the hand in her mouth has 4 fingers, but they look…. misplaced. then her other hand only has 3 fingers. i don’t know what i believe with this whole situation, but i do know that there are many, many things that have been reported incorrectly, as well as edited, changed, and lied about. who creates facebook “r.i.p. pages” for people who supposedly haven’t even died yet? it’s so odd, ya know? the government is powerful, and i hope to God that they nor anyone else would ever create such a disgusting, horrible hoax, but i’m just not sure either way at this point. i don’t think we’ll ever know for sure.


    1. Are you really that blind? Do yourself a big favor and save some embarrassment. Hold down the Ctrl key and tap the + key and enlarge the photo and you will clearly see the girls fingers are not deformed and she is not missing any on her right hand. As far as missing legs? I’ve already scanned that image for photoshoping and it has not been altered in any way.Sorry Erin, try again.


  12. ps: also, if emilie’s sisters are 4 and 3 right now, and the family picture has “c. 2010″ on it, the sisters would be 2 and 1 in that picture. i don’t think so.


  13. How come all of a sudden the picture says 2010 when the first one you posted didn’t…you said these weren’t altered in anyway…also the little girls hair is parted like emilies just sayin I am not saying shes alive or dead but why would her dad make a donation page the exact same day his daughter died


    1. Nothing has changed on any of the photos I have posted. That photo has always been dated 2010.
      My two little girls also change their hair parts.
      Anything else bothering you? Hey…have you any questions about the world really being round?


  14. Ok this conspiracy theory doesn’t make sense to me for ONE clear reason. If the Parker family, whether seasoned crisis actors or an actual family who has gone to great lengths to lie about a death of their daughter, just assuming that they are either or…. After coming out with their daughter’s story and even supplying photos of Emilie worldwide, WHY THE HELL would they bring their supposedly “dead” child to the memorial, to be seen by everyone at the memorial and the press, not to mention a photo op with the President?!! Common sense, people. That’s not Emilie. Duh. And please go get a life, psychos.


      1. Thanks for commenting. In the future please keep your comments short and to the point. You also left three other comments, all of which were identical. I’m guessing you copy/pasted those since they were about the size of a long winded speech. By the way, one of those three you posted as “anonymous.”


  15. I only have one question.. if the family photo has not been Photoshop then please explain samanthas hands in the family photo and then in the picture with Obama her hands look normal


    1. Have you nothing better to do with your time? Enlarge the photo and you will see that there is absolutely nothing abnormal about the way Samantha has her fingers in her mouth. Hold down the Ctrl Key and Tap the + Key to enlarge the photo. Please let me know what you see then.


      1. I did in fact enlarge the photo and if she is sucking her fingers her hand would be facing towards her face which it is but yet the thumb is showing as though its facing the camera and if your claiming that thumb is to the other hand it wouldn’t be pointing left


  16. As someone who isn’t a conspiracy theorist and who just found this article while clicking around on the web I can honestly say from that photo graph that I cannot at all tell if that is Emily or not and would like to see some forensic science done to that photograph. However, if I had to say based on a 51% to 49% ratio I think the 1% falls in favor of that being Emily. I am a cop and I had to study peoples facile expressions to get hired and the nose seems to be Emily’s but it’s really hard to tell either way. Even if they are wrong it’s a valid thing to point out. As a cop I certainly wouldn’t just ignore that photograph.


    1. I’ve already scanned all the images on my blog with a photo forensic tool. None of those photographs have been manipulated in any way. If you are an experienced police officer then you should have a good eye for detail. Not only are the two girls chins completely different, also the nose and ears. I agree that photographs are not a deciding factor in this hoax, but when you take into account how many individuals would have to be involved in this hoax, it would be virtually impossible to maintain without someone leaking the truth. The entire conspiracy has already been debunked by several news organizations and professional investigators. There is nothing left to prove. Since you claim to be a police officer, how do you suppose 22 children in one school could just vanish into thin air? You of all people must understand the magnitude of such a cover up. No one, especially our inept government could ever pull something like that off and get away with it. We’re talking about an entire state having to be involved in a hoax of this magnitude. It’s impossible.


      1. Because news organizations should always be left with the last word… And how do YOU, Roycroft, suppose that 600 children were NOWHERE to be seen, in any photographs, save, one. ONE photograph, picturing maybe 10 kids, out of 600. It is not impossible. A whole country was duped into believing the Hollocaust did not really happen. This is nothing, nothing compared to the Hollocaust, I can assure you, it is entirely possible.


  17. The girl in the Obama photo is Madeline, NOT Emilie, and I can prove it using simple logic:


    We are comparing a 2010 family photo with a 2012 Obama photo:

    – In 2010, Emilie would have been around 4 years old. Madeline would have been 2 years old.

    – In 2012, Emilie was killed. She was 6 years old. Madeline is now 4 years old.


    If Emilie is the girl in the 2012 Obama photo, WHY HAS SHE NOT GROWN SINCE 2010? Why would she appear to be same size as she was when she was 4 years old?

    Emilie in 2010 looks similar to Madeline in 2012, because they are BOTH 4 YEARS OLD!

    If Emilie were alive now, she would be noticeably BIGGER than the girl in the 2012 Obama photo. In addition, its not a stretch to assume she would likely be missing some teeth, as kindergarteners typically lose several teeth that year. Madeline displays a full smile of baby teeth, as would be expected from a 4 year old.


    Some of you might say “How do you know the picture is actually from 2010?! Maybe it is recent! They’re all liars, blah blah!”

    My answer is to look at the youngest daughter. In 2010, she was a year old in that photo. Obviously a toddler. Now she is 3 years old. She is (unsurprisingly) bigger and more developed in the 2012 photo than she was in the 2010 photo. She grew substantially (she even walks now). This proves that the 2010 photo is not recent.


      1. Perhaps its a waste of time, but I just think its silly that people will point to things like the “hair-part” as evidence that it is Emilie, when basic logic proves that it isn’t.

        If anything, the fact that they bear a resemblance to each other actually proves that it is NOT Emilie. They look similar not only because they are sisters, but because they are the same age in their respective photographs taken two years apart!

        The real Emilie would be bigger. The real Emilie wouldn’t fit into that dress anymore. The real Emilie would likely be missing some teeth.

        The girl in the Obama photo IS Madeline. End of story.

        Emilie Parker RIP.


  18. I don’t think anybody believes the conspiracy theory because they are stupid. It’s because they chose to believe things that work their way. It’s very simple: Sandy Hook is fake —-> one of the worst gun crimes in the history of America does not exist —-> gun control shouldn’t be supported. That’s their logic.

    When people panic, they’ll resort to anything, even something completely insane like this. NRA and its posse really got scared this time……


  19. The child in the picture is Madeline not Emilie. You guys are on the right train but wrong track! Please look into Nick and Laura Phelps. Besides living in Sandy Hook they have a residence in Los Angeles near Hollywood. They are actors and can be found in other recent tragedies. Please find out who the hell they really are. They could be just an innocent couple but the comparisons made by some have left me with chills up my spine. Also, I think Obama is just a puppet in a much larger scheme.


    1. Dennis, How do you determine that its Madeline? Obviously NOT Due to these Guys’s Claim to have DeBunked Emily Alive using a Photograph they CLAIM to be from 2010 yet it CLEARLY Shows girls Ages Sam=3 Madeline=4 and Emily=6.. Im not sure how HARD it is for you to tell the OBVIOUS Differences in size and Shape from a ONE year old and a THREE Year old.. But Madeline is CLEARLY NOT Age TWO in this Photograph.. Now its OBVIOUS We are looking at Ages 3,4 and SIX Making this Photograph CURRENT.. And if its Current than Explain how Madeline fits a dress fitted to a SIX Year old Emily? Then Explain How Madeline Grew into that Dress Overnight and happens to morphed into Emily’s twin..

      I have TWO Experts who Proved Emily was CUT and PASTED into BOTH Family Photos.. This was PROVEN By zooming into the HAIRLINE Looking for the Fine Hairs.. In BOTH Photos Only Emily is missing the fine hair PROVING She was cropped.. That being said WHY? Why the Faking Photos? Why Robbie Faking Tears?

      Ok so then what I did was I looked for an ID Marker, relied on my 15 years experience in Photographic Forensics Identification tactics.. And the Only Marker I found was Emily’s BIG Smile!! Her TEETH!!

      I sampled the Mouth from the Parker Family Photo of Known Emily compar5ed to the mouth of the girl with Obama and I have an EXACT Match.. The Mathematical Odds of the sisters Matching even when flipped Horizontally is ONE in ONE BILLION!! So That means as a matter of FACT.. The odds that is Madeline fall in the One in ONE BILLION!! Now if those are the kinds of Odds you bet on.. Well..


  20. It is Madeline not Emilie! Wrong train but right track! Sick hoax on the American people done by Zionist with Obama as their fall guy. Nick and Laura Phelps are who you should be paying attention too! Funny how they have dual residence in Los Angeles and Sandy Hook


    1. I guess I should be investigated because I have a residence in Oklahoma and two cities in Georgia. Oh, and lets not forget that I was also an extra in a movie back in 1979.


  21. Obama is innocent he is just a puppet for the illuminati Zion in Hollywood who did the sandy hoax. Stop blaming Obama cu maybe he not the guilty party. This was illuminati staged to look like Obama did it. Obama not guilty.


  22. This was staged by The New World Order to disarm America but if Sandy Hook is exposed in anyway to be false they are going to pin the whole thing on Obama. Then black people are going to hate white people and once again we are going to be headed for civil war. It is exactly what the Illuminati Zion’s want. Whether you are blac, white, straight or gay the illuminati Zion are manipulating and pitting you against each other everyday.they set up the president by having him push gun control then they staged Sandy Hook and sucked Obama into the trap. The illuminati want all of America in death camps so they can have our land. That the real true thing happening!


  23. We all know when the official story comes out they are going to stick to the lone white dude did it. Even though the whole story makes no sense. I don’t even like white people but O don’t buy this story. They are now profiling white dudes. I doubt that scary
    Picture of Adam Lanza is even him. If the official story does somehow fall through then they will blame Obama. The illuminati Zion’s have created all of this to destroy
    America as we know it. They want black and white at war and straight and gays at war. Obama just there puppet!


  24. The Phelps are totally innocent! She is an actress but that does not mean she is involved in some large black psy-op! She lived in LA and moved to Sandy Hook Conneticut which is only sixty miles from NYC! It was probably a perfect location for her family . She is not acting in a hoax. Do people understand there is a gag order on this case?


  25. As I was saying a judge put a gag order on this case. People on Facebook want to know why Laura and Nick don’t go on there to defend themselves if Sandy Hook is not a hoax and it is because there is a gag order. They would be in contempt of court. I wish people would stop talking smack until more information is known. Not everything on the Internet is always true either. Nobody outside of law enforcement know what is going on because again it is under a gag order.


  26. One other thing that people don’t think of…..ever think that the reason Madeline is wearing the same dress is because maybe it was a hand-me-down?? I cannot stand Obama’s Presidential ways, but I seriously doubt that this is some conspiracy or hoax. Every one of you need to just leave the poor girl’s family alone. Let her legacy be good, and pure as she once was. Let her rest in peace, for crying out loud.


  27. I don’t know who that little girl is with Obama..But she does not look like the picture of Emilie in 2012….Sometimes when a younger sibling reach’s the same age as the older sibling they look alike…I know because when you look at my two grandsons pictures when they were at the same age you can’t tell them apart..They are 4yrs apart…..My oldest grandson looks just like his dad’s clone when he was his age…That’s what they call strong family resemblance!
    My big concern is the Parker family photo’s….Am I to assume that the family picture posted on here was taken in c 2010?…That would make Samantha 1, Madeline 2, Emilie 4…..Mom is heavy, dark long hair and both Parkers look like they are in their 40’s….
    I found another family photo of the Parkers and they look like they are in their 20’s or early 30’s….Mom is thin with short blonde hair and her hand is smaller……That would have had to be taken in 2009 giving the girls ages…..Samatha would have had to been a small baby and Madeline 1yr…No way are they 0 and 1 years old and with both of the Parkers aging that much in one short year……Something is not right with those two pictures…I am sorry but I don’t know how to paste the picture on here….Go to the Parker family photos….It’s the only two photos taken of them together as a family….The one posted on here is one of them.


  28. Old thread, but I would like to express two things. If this whole thing is a staged conspiracy that involves the entire school, town, a bunch of “actors”, and even the President who I would assume have the help of the CIA, who has access to the most sophisticated technology in the world, how can they pull all this off and not be able to fake a decent photograph? The conspiracy theorist would have you believe they can stage an event like this, mind control James Holmes to do what he did, perpetrate the attacks of 911, keep it all quiet, but they can’t fake a decent photograph? Meanwhile these same super secret, super powerful, puppet masters can’t seem to be able to pass any restrictions on assault weapons , let alone confiscate all our guns. Hmmm, doesn’t add up.


    1. Show us one single frame from Sandy Hook’s $300,000 video security system depicting Lanza & his “assault rifle” at that school & then we’ll no longer consider this to be theater for grabbing our guns.


  29. Who cares about Emilie’s photo?
    Show us the goddamned security video from Sandy Hook’s $300K security system showing Lanza with his “assault rifle” anywhere in that school.
    Until then, this whole think stinks like a government crafted psyop to obtain our guns.


  30. That photo is photoshopped. Where are Madeline’s legs? Stick your two fingers in your mouth like Madeline has hers and see if you can form your fingers the way hers are. You can’t, because they are deformed and unnatural because the picture is obviously photoshopped. Nice try. So, you can stop being rude to people with your blatantly obvious photoshopped picture as being proof these are the same person.


    1. I posted a photo of my own daughter posed with her fingers in her mouth the same way. Of course being just another hoaxer fool I would never expect an Okie like yourself to have enough intelligence to understand the difference between reality and fantasy. You think the photo has been digitally enhanced? You know nothing about photography or how to analyze or determine a Photoshopped image. I have the background and the means to make that determination. By the way, for someone that hates my rudeness you sure spend enough time reading my blog and leaving comments. Maybe Lisa has a secret crush on Mr Roycroft. I love it when you call me Mr! Now go away, you’re embarrassing the fine state of Oklahoma.


      1. I will add that the Guy ID Picker who Points out the SATANIC Fingers.. I do NOT Believe the guy is a “Truther” I believe he is a Disinformationist.. I believe this because if you look at MY Research and try to Address it.. You simply can not address it.. It is Factual.. It is very hard to prove WRONG.. And I spot so many details that are FACTUAL.. Now.. If that was the ONLY kind of Truther info on youtube than people woudl HAVE to address that and they cant so everyone woudl have to admit they can NOT Prove this happened.. BUT Nope we have so many DeBunkers claiming to have debunked ALL the problems.. Yet its funny how they ALL Seem to debunk JUNK.. Junk like the STUPIDITY of the Satanic Fingers.. This leads me to consider the idea that the “Truther” who is pointing out Bogus facts that CAN be proven wrong.. are working for Powers that be who Want to Give the Debunkers something they are CAPABLE of debunking..

        You can easily prove those Fingers mean NOTHING.. But you can not prove that Emily was NOT Cut and Pasted as its BEEN Proven that she was.. Yet I do not see anyone DEBUNKING That!!

        Id like to see a Picture of not One but TWO Daughters Ages ONE and TWO.. And COMPARE Them to Samantha and Madeline and try to Convince me that Sam and Mad are Ages ONE and TWO in that Picture.. You will NOT be able to do that because its something I believe you misses..

        Now I have SEVEN Sisters TWO are younger and BLOND.. I have SEVERAL Girls in my family and I feel if you truly have a little girl than I should be rining bells in your head when I draw your attention the the Penut Infant fetus SHAPE of a ONE and TWO Year old..

        I mean seriously how much IQ does it take to tell a 1,2 and 4 from a 3,4 and 6 year old? Now Iv seen you have kids.. so if you respond with any argument for the AGE of these girls I will KNOW your not being Honest and willing to LIE to back up your original Theory..

        Now I HOPE That is not the case and I do expect you to consider what I have said and I expect either a respectful reply that you Happened to miss a few of those detials and iwll check into them.. That is if your Legit..

        Or you will completely Lie to maintain your Swiss Cheese story.. Id be more than happy to admit Im wrong if you can DEBUNK any of the Facts I found..

        Keep in mind I never set out to PROVE Emily.. I never set out to be a “Hoacer” Or “Truther” I set out to KNOW ratehr than to Pick one of the umpteen Media claims to Believe.. And the Evidence Convinced me its Fake.. As an American I am Spreading as much as possible..

        And I believe if you are for real you will see what has CONVINCED Me and you will RESPECT What I am doing..


  31. How come we haven’t heard interviews from any of the survivors or any of the children that were also at the school? Where is the video footage from the security cameras at the school? Here’s a picture of a baby sucking on those two fingers (which is not very common) http://community.babycenter.com/post/a30046129/sucking_on_two_middle_fingers
    I also want to throw out there that this child is way too old to be sucking her fingers. Her parents should have stopped that a long time ago. I will continue to annoy you if I want because apparently it bothers you. haha


      1. Also I have a great deal of OTHER Expert that I can provide.. I have 5 AR-15s and I am very familure with that Round.. This round is meant to Punch through things.. it is why it is so small.. Sany Hook supposedly had Bullet Proof Glass but to give them all chances of being REAL Lets just say the CHEAPEST Door Glass.. Have you ever fired an AR15 Into a Windshield? ALL Door glass ESPECIALLY Aropund CHILDREN is made NOT To shatter. I have taken my gun, Purchased the door and took it to range and FIRED Bullets into it.. It punches little holes and shattersw the glass. But it took me about TWO HOURS to beat a Pumpkin sized Hole into the CHEAPEST Door glass froom 1970’s I could find..

        Now Have you ever seen Law Enforcement? Navy Seals? Covert Operators? They are Freaking HUGE Meat Heads man.. You honestly think Adam Lanza as skinny as he was can FIND Tactical gear that Size? Naval Investigator I know Listed every bit of Gear they Claim Adam had and Could NOT Find the vest to FIT Size SKINNY Dweeb..

        Further ever try to pack 400 rounds of 556? with 18 Magazines? and THREE More guns? A vest and a Mask AND Try to squeeze through a Pumpkin sized hole that took you two Hours to Make?

        Point is All one has to do to KNOW this is staged is really address the FACTS!! I do kind of blame you for taking such an offensive against “Truth Seekers”

        We are simply Fed up with being Lied to.. I mean want MORE? EXPLAIN why FOX and CNN Aired DRILL Footage of Police running up to a DIFFERENT School with Shot Guns and they Told us ALL DAMN DAY Long that it was FOOTAGE ON LOCATION AT THE SANDY HOOK!!

        Yet Teachers from Sandy Hook noticed that it was NOT SH.. Now we know for a FACT CNN Used drill footage and LIED to us yet you still blame us?

        Boy Like I said if you still Believe this than You have NOT Done your Home work.. And frankly IF Our Government Has FOOTAGE, CRIME SCENE EVIDENCE. It is NOT Our business, However the very Moment they ask for My right to a 30 round Magazine or TWN thirty round Magazines.. I want SOLID Proof..

        I want SOLID Proof BEFORE You lobby against MY RIGHTS!!

        And if you have NOT Provided The footage and you go after my rights I have EVERY Right to call this a SHADY HOAX!! And what right to you have to stand in Judgement over me on that? Call us Ignorant? I think I am far from Ignorant I am one of a Handfull of people in this World who can scribve and Speak and READ Ancient Maya Hieroglyphs..

        And I think this is a Shady Ass Hoax because I have NOT Seen ANY Proof and ALL the evidence leads to a Hoax not reality.. So do you Understand now? Or still judge us?


      2. Lol Now I KNOW You deleted all my Posts.. What a fucking little COWARD!! What kind of Fuckhead pays All mine to all the Idiot Claims? Maybe a DeBunker who wants shit he can Debunk? I guess this is PROOF That you could not even explain the CURRENT Parker photograph because you chose NOT To address a single FACT I brought up.. Funny you have shown your Ignorance and ILl expose you.. Im going to Place a LINK on this site so prepare to be EXPOSED as a FRAUD Punk!!


  32. Well if she is dead, I suggest she be dug up and shown that its her. I don’t really believe this happened being all the families are marching around and seem to have so much free time grieving and all. If she was truly dead along with the other children, NO parent would be meeting or chatting with a president or media


  33. Oh BOY I really want to DIG Into this one.. Yet ANOTHER IDIOT Who can not tell the Difference between TWO Toddlers and Two Bi Pedal girls OVER Age of THREE!!

    Um your ENTIRE Theory Rests on a House of Cards that is RESTED On this CLAIM That the Parker Family Photograph of Emily in the Red dress is from 2010..

    However Im not sure if you have children or can tell the OBVIOUS.. But I am sure people with the IQ of 70 can tell the difference between a ONE, TWO and FOUR Year old.. And a THREE Four and SIX Year old?

    Ok well The Photograph you CLAIM to be from 2010 is CURRENT.. IE It is from 2012 NOT 2010!! And You can PROVE This to your self with Simple I.Q.

    Go LOOK at this Photograph they CLAIM is from 2010 and LOOK Carefully at the girls.. You will CLEARLY See ZERO Penut, Fetal SHAPE that we see with Children to young to WALK Yet.. If the TWO Girls on the Laps of Robbie and his Wife where in fact ONE and TWO.. Um I think they would NOT Look ages THREE and FOUR..

    I put a great deal of Emphasis on OBVIOUS As it is MORE Than Obvious for MANY Reasons that Photo is Manipulated And CURRENT!! First we ALL Know Emily supposedly Died at Age SIX.. Making Madeline Age 4 and Samantha Age 3..

    Ok well in this Photograph we Clearly see BOTH Girls on the Laps do NOT Have the Infant Penut shape we expect from ONE, TWO year old INFANTS!! TODDLERS..

    So what we are OBVIOUS what is RIGHT IN OUR FACE All this time.. All these IDIOTS Claiming to have DeBunked this and ALL Rest on this 2010 two year old Photo.. But the Photo can not POSSIBLY Be two years old because Emily is Age SIX, Madeline is Age FOUR and Samantha is Age THREE.. That MEANS This Photo is CURRENT!!

    That punches a BUNCH of holes in your story because Madeline coudl NOT Have Possible GROWN into that dress nor did she GROW Into Emily’s Face or Teeth!!

    That sure would explain WHY that dress has not faded color in TWO years!!

    Ok so.. First I have over 15 YEARS in Photographic Forensic ID Matching experience!! When I saw this Photograph of a girl with Obama who No question LOOKS A spitting image of EMILY NOT Madeline!! I also saw the MAJORITY of Public Opinion people FREAKED Because they could clearly see EMILY Alive with Obama!!

    Well I figured it was Interesting till I saw all these DeBunk sites or supposedly Debunking it.. Well at this point I briefly read over this “DeBunking” and it seemed legit.. So with my experience I wanted to see if I oculd determine FOR A FACT If this is Madeline or Emily!! I did NOT CARE Who it turned out to be I only cared that I get SOLID Proof!!

    So the first thing was LOGIC,, I quickly realized that I was NOT Looking at TWO Toddler Infants ages ONE and TWO.. LMAO I mean the SHAPE of the legs of such an age.. These girls where very CLEARLY Ages THREE, FOUR and SIX And this was a HUGE Problem as I NOW Feel the “DeBunkers” Resorted to LIES in order to spread there propaganda.

    So right away I KNEW that photo was CURRENT. Now this is a HUGE Problem for the “Official DeBunking Story” Because if this is CURRENT Than that dress is fitten to a SIX Year Old and Madeline is CURRENTLY Four.. So how does she fit that dress so well?

    Further that Photograph being CURRENT How did Madeline all the suddIn MORPH into an Emily Look Alike?

    But still I wanted to KNOW.. To hell with all you who make a CHOICE to believe what your TOLD.. I want to KNOW..

    So just as I did for so many years to ID a suspect I began to LOOK for any ID Marker of Both Emily AND Madeline so I could PROVE Who the girl is with Obama..

    I was looking for a Wart, Zit, Scar, Freckle or otherwise.. And what I realized was THE ONLY Good thing the DeBunkers did was to Publish HiRes Photos..

    So Before I continued to my ID Marker I came across another PROFESSIONAL Photographer and Photoshop Experts Work on the TWO Parker Family Photos.. This guy First made the Point that Robbie and wife holding tightly the TWO Girls,, Emily seems to be a SIDE Dish.. Now we ALL Know that NO Professional Photographer is going to Center the ONE Child putting the FOUR Other people off to ONE Side..

    It really looks as if Emily had been cropped and pasted into the photograph.. So naturally this guy decides to research that theory more.. And he proved that Emily was cropped into those family photos by ZOOMING into the hair lines and look for the FINE Hair..

    Now this guy offered HUNDREDS of examples from hundreds of people.. INCLUDING All the rest of the Parker Family in BOTH family Photos.. They ALL Have the FINE Hairs.. But EMILY Is LACKING Said FINE Hairs in BOTH Family photographs.. This is PROOF that she had been cropped out of another Image and PASTED into the Family photograph..

    NOW this is FACT So WHY Would they do this? Why the Fony time stamp on the 2010 photo that is really current? Why the faking photos?

    So I realized since Emily had been cropped into this Photograph the idea she might have also been Horizontally flipped to HIDE ID Markers was MOST LIKELY!!

    So I put that FACT on a back burner.. And when I failed to see any ID Markers yet I stumbled onto the BEST ID Marker know to Man.. TEETH.. I realized in the Parker Family Photo Emily has a GREAT BIG Smile and thanks to YOU Piss Poor DeBunkers I now had HiRes photos to compare..

    So what I did was to CROP the Face of KNOWN Emily and Side By side it with the Girl with Obama.. Well at first I quickly realized that I DID Have a 100% Dental Match BUT It looked like a MIRROR Reflection.. And it dawned on me that I recall that Emily WAS in fact Cropped and Pasted into that Photo so they very likely flipper her to help hide details..

    So I flipped her Mouth Horizontally and I got such an Exact Dental Match that I drew Lines between ALL the teeth, Including a Tooth in the UPPER Left side that grew in SHORT so there is a GAP, And the Bottom tooth has a Pyramid shape helping to define this Gap..

    This is EXACTLY the same in the teeth of the girl with Obama.. You can ask ANY mathematician and they will tell you the Odds of that with a Horizontal flip is about ONE in ONE BILLION!!

    In short its NOT Possible to get such a Match unless its the SAME Mouth!! Or Unless they took the Teeth from Obama photo and went BACK in time to crop it into the mouth of Emily?

    Ok Im not done yet.. I want to Bring up COURT CASE History Involving Teeth Lines just to really stress exactly How much PROOF such lines are in our courts..

    YES I agree that the Lines are hard to see because of Pixels BUT I can still see them as clear as day.. Now I have seen Case History in MANY Cases where a Rapist or a Murder was Convicted on BITE Marks.. Bruising on the Woman.. Now those Bruises where about TEN TIMES More fuzzy than the Photograph I have.. And the lines that sent men to PRISON for LIFE Where NOTHING Compared to the Photographic Forensic Teeth ID Match I performed on Emily Parker Thus PROVING Beyond any reason that she is in deed ALIVE!!

    You and all your retarded LOW IQ Debunkers will have to get a LOT Better at what you do before you can DEBUNK the world! FIRST you need to learn the OBVIOUS.. I mean if you can not even tell that a Photograph can not POSSIBLY be from 2010 When the AGE of the children in said photo is CURRENT!!

    I plan to RePerform my Analysis Video.. I titled it one way stating that I intended to Prove it was Emily.. However when I was doing my research I truly Only Intended to prove WHO it was or who it was NOT.. Only AFTER I had become convinced it IS Emily ALIVE and WELL Did I make my video and then I had already known it was Emily so I kind of miss titles it.. However it shows beyond any reason that the TEETH line up..

    I am making a new UPDATED Analysis that will Include the Other Guys work that PROVES Emily had been Cut and Pasted into BOTH Family Photos.. And I will also draw some comparison to Madeline..

    Now in spite of ALL My work I am STILL Out there working on it.. I did not drop my one bit of work for EVER and expect people to swallow the Issues.. There are so many issues with your claim that those girls are age ONE, TWO and FOUR making the AGE of the photograph into question.. Pulling that ONE Card bringing the entire CASTLE of cards DOWN!!

    That is the link to my Analysis.. I hope you READ it and Research it.. I hope you allow my UPDATED analysis to speak and I HOPE You UPDATE Your Theory and Claims because ALL of you look really IGNORANT Claiming the OBVIOUSLY Older kids to be Infants, Toddlers who are Penut shaped and can not Walk..

    I have SEVEN Sisters.. I know the shape of a Child who has learned to Wlak Bi Pedal and I know the Fetal shape of one who is TWO years old.. If Samantha and Madeline are JUST Turning ONE and TWO In this 2010 Photograph than we would Absolutely Expect to see that Infant FETAL Shape in BOTH them kids.. Look at ANY Photograph of ANY ONE and TWO year old and COMPARE it to them two girls!!

    That is ANOTHER Thing I will provide in My Update I will collect various Samples of ONE and TWO year old GIRLS to COMPARE to the TWO Parker Girls..

    In Short your Claim to DeBunked it is OUTDATED.. WRONG And at this point it is a LIE to continue such rubbish.. I have single handedly PROVEN you WRONG!! I have PROVEN This a FRAUD!!

    Conclusion,, Robbie Parker can not cry 6 hours after the Death,, 3 days later a Girl Photographed with Obama looks so Much like Emily that THOUSANDS Freak!!

    Debunkers Claim it is Madeline having GROWN into that dress and NOW looks like Emily, Basis for this claim rests on the AGE of the Family Photograph.. But it is PROVEN CURRENT!!

    Then Photographer and Photoshop Professional PROVES Emily had in FACT Been CROPPED from one photograph and PASTED In BOTH Parker Family Photographs.. PROVING Misleading,, Deception, And when we consider ALL of the evidence I believe it is OBVIOUS..

    Finally Matching the TEETH of KNOWN Emily Parker to the Girl who looks like her TWIN Shows an EXACT 98-100% Tooth Match.. American Court Case History has put more people AWAY on FAR LESS Quality of Dental Matches.. Aside from Finger Prints Dental Match HAS been used to ID Bodies when Prints do not work..

    The ODDS of Emily’s Teeth Lining up to Madeline’s in such a Way EVEN Considering I flipped the Emily Sample Horizontally are STILL One in ONE Billion!!

    So I think you have a LOT more work to do if your going to PROVE that Emily is Dead, PROVE The age of that Photo.. PROVE That we are so dumb we cant tell a 1,2 and 4 from a 3,4 and 6 year old..

    But you will Likely do as the rest do and Quickly resort to NAME calling.. Which seems to be the case when people can not Maintain there BOLOGNA!!


  34. P.S. I have come here with RESPECT. I am not singling you out and stating all this about ONE person.. Im stating that DeBunkers In General.. I do NOT Believe I am a “Hoacer” Nor do I believe my Research is “Ignorant” And I HOPE that in the LEAST What I have brought to your attention will make you UNDERSTAND Why it is REAL Researchers, REAL Detectives, REAL Police and REAL Law Enforcement professionals think that Emily did NOT Die.. Lets not even discuss the Laws Wayne Carver Passed HISTORICAL In Octobver SPECIFIC to protecting HE alone form FRAUD Reporting on CHILDREN who had Died as a result of Brutal Homicide.. strange stuff eh?

    I believe while I may be putting down DeBunkers in General for the Details they Clearly Missed and the Horrible research..

    YES I do believe my evidence is Legit,, YES I do believe case History has shown that even far LESS Tooth lines have put men in prison or to death in our country..

    That being said I believe I have discovered flaws in this DeBunking Effort.. Now if you are NOT “Ignorant” Than you should have Respect for the Facts I raise and refute them with Explanations rather than insults..

    And I owuld Hope you Post My reply NOT To “Sow Ignorance of Hoaxers” But to Show the REALITY of why Real Veteran Researchers believe Emily is Alive..

    If you as the Mod are saying that You ONLY Publish to allow peopel to SEE Ignorance that is not to fair.. a Debate will consider BOTH Sides.. Much as I Did the first time I saw this was DeBunked.. I did not Right away think you debunkers are Idiots.. I would not publish your work to show your stupid.. Id publish your work to show that you worked hard.. But if I find holes in your work and problems than I am going to Also publish that as a ONE Sided debate is NOT Fair nor American..

    I have respectfully brought up MANY Facts to ask.. I have proven the AGE of that photograph is NOT from 2010 and I m not sure if thats a DeBunker Claim, Lie or if the Parkers Published that as 2010 but if they did thats yet ANOTHER Strange thing to wonder.. WHY?

    I think it is Obvious..

    Anyway I hope you allow Debate to be FAIR.. I hope you allow a debate because YOU Truly Can not Know any more than I can.. So the REALITY IS no matter WHAT You or I say WE COULD BE WRONG!! That is why you should ALLOW any response as long as it is with RESPECT..

    Now if you Resort to Name calling like you do with the other kid calling him “Ignorant” Now I cant Judge you for that as I did not read what he said which you reploed to..

    But if you can read all that I have presented and call me ignorant or cal names than Id say it proves your own ignorance.. Now as of now that may NOT be the case.. You may respect my work, And perhaps I iwll be the first to make any sense to you as not to many are really putting much effort into all the name calling ..

    I am good for a real debate./. And from the BEGINNING I have considered that you people MAY have debunked Emily Alive.. I for one went in research to find out if you did or did not..

    I find so many Holes in the debunk story that NOW I can clearly say for FACT Nobody has yet to DeBunk Emily Parker Alive unless they can Explain and PROVE the age of that Photo and Explain why and HOW those Teeth Macth and perhaps provide other examples of sisters, flipped horizontally with Matched Teeth and PROVE the odds are NOT one in One Billion..

    Now I HOPE You will Publish and Address this as I have worked Very hard.. And I have remained respect.. If you truly are a researcher like me than you do NOT Care if EMily died or not.. You only care to KNOW What reality is.. And a lot of my Points shoudl show you that this DeBunk has ZERO Credibility..

    So I hope your a Man about it and act as such.. Aloha and thank you!!


  35. LMAO Figured you would Delete my posts.. Your Obviously have a Motive to convince people and will Only post totally Bogus claims.. Anyone comes here and Posts some REAL Facts that You can not argue with by Calling names and you Moderate it.. Hence exactly my point.. You will Post all these replies that as you say “Show someone is Ignorant” But hows my reply? Proving that NOT Everyone who believes it is a Hoax is Ignorant.. No you dont want to post that because it proves that YOU Can not tell the difference from a ONE and THREE year old yet your supposedly such a great “DeBunker”? I really dont think so.. Im really HOPING That you have not approved my posts YET but from my end it looks like you actually DELETED all of my posts.. Which would Not surprise me if your Avoiding addressing any REAL Evidence.. But if your truly trying to find out the TRUTH and be fair I would absolutely expect some of the things Iv shown you to at least make you understand..

    If you did delete my Posts than all I have left to say is Only a COWARD Moderated a DEBATE in order to Favor his argument.. When you start Moderating Factual, Non abusive Replies Simply because they PROVE you wrong.. Well there is another word for that and it sure as heck is not legit debate..

    Iv posted MANY Debates and NEVER Did I DELETE a comment.. For example As Iv shown I have Youtube Videos.. I get SEVERAL Comments.. I delete NONE Of them.. I find Like YOU Most “Believers” Resort to name calling and other bogus stuff because they can not win at a real debate..

    Now I post that and block them BUT,, In the event that a believer came forward with swome interesting explanations for the issues and questions There is NO WAY Id moderate his replies.. Its just the work of a COWARD to create a debate and then Favor responses to APPEAR as if I am proving my point..

    At least I did not have to CHEAT.. Again assuming you deleted my Posts because they where ALL here till I hit ReLoad.. Still. at this point I have Only seen you chewing the asses of people who may being disrespectful..

    I assumed that you had compassion which caused you to get out of line a little bit with the name calling but when you bring up adding photos of your own daughter I almost wonder if your effort IS to learn the Truth?

    Now the BIG Difference between YOU and I.. I never set out to Prove Sandy Hook was real or Fake.. I simply set out to find ONE Very Solid answer one way or the other.. Even though I did not believe Robbie Parker was being Genuine, I still set out Neutral..

    And it was my FINDINGS that caused me to believe Emily is ALIVE.. Now I could LIE or Manipulate my findings?

    Now Im not 100% but from the LOOKS of things it appears that You are more out to Prove that Anyone who is a “Hoaxer” is “Ignorant” Yet you clearly are a Father but can not tell a ONE year old form a THREE Year old? LMAO..

    And your calling people Ignorant? Problem with your cause is your TRYING to PROVE it DID Happen, Trying to BELITTLE the people who KNOW it did NOT Happen..

    Why cant you just Be OPEN to REALITY? What if your WRONG? Do you even consider that? Its hard to believe you do the way your taling to people.. calling names n such..

    I consider it.. And you ARE Wrong about the Age of the Photograph yet you sit here and ALLOW some Posts if they make a person “Look Ignorant” But when I post some SERIOUSLY Good questions and absolute PROOF Your debunk is a FRAUD.. It really proves who is Ignorant and exactly Why you Moderate the way you do..

    That is Ok because I am also a web developer and If you want to Mod what I have to say ILl just see to it your web page gets a LOT of exposure only ILl be absolutely sure they ALL Know that You DELETED My posts and resorted to Name Calling..

    That is how I have dealt with COWARDS Who MOD a debate making it ONE Sided.. Moderating is for the Purpose of keeping it a Good Clean Debate.. NOT for the Purpose of making a DEBATE Favor your Bogus story!! At least I KNOW That this has NOTHING to do with what you Truly Believe or know.. When you start Ignoring real facts to manipulatye a debate to APPEAR in your favor.. It proves to me your Motive is to CONVINCE people.. Now Why?

    Well you likely work for people with vested interest in the Belief of this Hoax.. BTW Your IQ is slipping a wee bit as a “Hoaxer” would be YOU.. A Hoaxer is a person who tries to Pass off fiction for REAL Event..

    You calling Researchers “Hoaxers” Lmao when you read your crock of Stool I cant tell if your Calling SH a Hoax or if your saying it was REAL..

    I guess its no surprise that you know little English when your a Father who can not tell a ONE year old from a THREE Year old.. Sooner or Later EVERYONE Is going to Catch onto the AGE of that Picture and then you will HAVE to address the Age of the Photo and ALL the other details I brought up.. ; ) Good Luck LIAR!!

    As far as Im concerned You deleted my Posts and All I did was Point out the OBVIOUS Holes in your “DeBunk” Claim and you Mmoderated that not for cursing or belittling.. But because you CAN NOT Address the Questions I brought up.. You want to belittle my work yet you KNOW if you try it you will be laughed off this webpage..

    In short you are a COWARD if you moderated my posts..


  36. I have NEVER Been so CHICKENSHIT as to Moderate my fucking Comments in order to Make it APPEAR as your winning the debate.. That is the MOST Chickenshit way to PRETEND to win a debate.. I mean Sure you can make your self APPEAR as a winner by deleting any Post that you can not Explain away with your “Wild Conspiracy Theories” But your just a chickenshit little LOOSER!! Ill publish the photos of your kids and hope someone hunts your chickenshit ass down and slaps fuck out of you.. ; )


    1. You obviously have very little patience, and you really should take a breath once in a while. As you are now aware, I did respond to your comments by doing something most other bloggers would not have done. I gave you more than enough space on The Roycroft Report to vent your opinions.
      Now you have posted threats, and mention my children. I would take this opportunity to put you on notice that I do not take threats lightly. Maybe if you learned anything from your premature judgement of me it would be to check your email occasionally. Your comments have been posted as a blog article for my subscribers and the 100,000 viewers to my blog. I have given you plenty of show time and now your post will be removed from my blog. I’ll put them back into the comments section. For the record…The comments section is for short comments, not long winded statements. Maybe you should start your own blog where you can spend countless hours ranting on your beliefs. I gave you an opportunity and you blew it.


  37. WAIT WAIT WAIT.. I have to Apologize.. I got your Email about use of my Posts.. And I must express how Pissed I was after spending two Hours writing all of that.. Hoping it would Open your eyes to a LEGIT researcher and why we would have problems believeing the case..

    Now I feel so stupid that I got your email.. I was sure you where a Government Fraud using this Page to Convince people that there is nothing to this Hoax claim..

    I had no idea that you understood and planned to respect my posts so for that I have to deeply apologize for my ASSUMPTIONS and attitude..

    I hope it makes some sense to you as to explain my Hostile actions that MANY DeBunkers are turning out to be fake.. They Moderate topics to favor there side of the debate.. Boy that seems to be the most LOW down form of cheating I can imagine and it is the foundation at the problem our country has..

    ANyway so Im deeply sorry for Judging you.. You absolutely seem to be a Legit DeBunker so this is my conclusion..

    While Yes Of course I hope no kids died.. As for my research and my cause I really did not care either way if Sandy Hook was real or fake.. But the problems I discovered and facts I found lead me to believe it is Fake..

    When I read your Posts I felt that either you had Never come acros someone who had legit concerns or you where just another example of a patriot who has accepted the official story at face value and are willing to call anyone a punk, hoaxer to stand against them..

    After reading your email I see that you truly do want the truth and I think you might be floating in a sea of Junk SH Facts..

    So I hope I have not pissed you off to the poiint where you will not consider my facts..

    I am a man of honor and if you do prove to me one way or the other I will listen, I will consider your evidence.. And hell if it changes my mind.. its possible..

    Anyway.. Tempers flare when it comes to this and Iv seen History use shit like this to DIVIDE the people for YEARS!!


  38. The basic premise against any consideration that authoritative deception was employed at Sandy Hook is that something like this could not possibly be covered up, that the truth would be leaked. Well, if not officially leaked, the events of December 14th 2012 have been challenged, but those who do so are called every derogatory name under the Sun. The challenges to what we have been told by the mainstream media (who declare their federal and state sources) have come from eclectic sources. Some have presented their challenges in very articulate, well reasoned manners and are at the very least, plausible objections. I think we can all agree (at least, i HOPE we can) that the truth should be valued above all else. Anything beyond a desire for the truth is merely agenda.
    If you dont believe conspiracies can be covered up, and the results of conspirators accepted by the masses…for nearly a century now…consider the Federal Reserve and its system of counterfeit “currency.” You can read all about the origin of the Federal Reserve in Edward Geffens book, “The Creature From Jekyl Island.”
    Yeah, something like Sandy Hook can be covered up. The whole state of Connecticut does not have to be involved. The whole of Newtown nor Sandy Hook need not be involved. Just enough to make it happen.


  39. In the family photo where the youngest is sucking her fingers, and you display another photo of her doing the same thing, you can clearly see two different eye colors, im sorry but those are not the same little girls, one has bright blue eyes, while the other brown, its strange.


    1. Ok now I see I read it was you’re daughter showing everyone it was possible to do, ok I apologize, I wasn’t paying attention.


  40. No different than all the politicians and gun control fools who CAUSED the shootings !!!!

    “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. if our self interested politicians followed the COnstitution THESE KIDS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN KILLED !!PERIOD.now live with it !!!


  41. All I can say is photo shopping your child’s photos with missing legs like in the family photo above or missing arm or too long of an arm like in other photos to make it look like you have 3 children, There is only 3 reasons I can think of to do that.
    1. They killed her long before the shooting and mommy & daddy belongs in prison or
    2. They have a very very sick since of humor and mommy & daddy needs some therapy before they hurt the other two children. or
    3. They never had 3 children. doubtful mommy & daddy will hurt the other two children. because they have government behind them.


  42. Omg, both girls have legs. They are clearly BOTH straddling the dad’s legs (one girl over each leg!)..you can see the white tights on Samantha’s legs. Portions are “covered” by her dress! Sheesh!!!


  43. It is the nose that confirms. The dress is a hand-me-down which, should explain the reason for the tattered hem line. Two years is enough time wear out the dress. Shame on the parents for not putting her in something in better condition for a photo with the president. Just tacky.


  44. Look, I am pretty left wing on most issues, and I think whenever people type things about the ‘truth’ about sandy hook, it seems like it would be more appropriately spelled ‘troof’ in that context. But I do still think many of the gun policies that Obama(Who is for some reason hated so much more viscerally than any other president by conservatives. Not because he is black, of course.) claims that he will introduce won’t work, and are seriously flawed. Objective studies published by the CDC among other institutions don’t support any claims to any forms of gun control even reducing GUN deaths, and the country I live in, Australia, introduced a compulsory nation wide firearms buyback, among other things, which one mainstream news outlet implied to be a template for firearms policy success. Those biased conservative professors who authored it, and apparently those biased conservative professors who pier reviewed it at the Australian Institute of Criminology, and many other academics,(You know, those who have not been caught misrepresenting and falsifying statistics) however, say that it had no effect on the already declining firearm homicide rate.

    And whilst firearm homicide and suicide, upon analysis, remained strikingly unaffected, we see some very INTERESTING trends in overall violent crime in 1996, the year of the introduction of the laws, as illustrated from this graph taken from that pesky Australian Institute of Criminology website: http://www.aic.gov.au/media_library/publications/tandi2/tandi359-4.png
    Look, you believe gun control works, fine, It’s kind of hard to blame people for what they believe anyway. But I still get a little bit miffed, given that I have to live with the laws you lot push for.

    People also seem to be saying that Obama using dead children to push his agenda is particularly disturbing and evil. Others seem to speak much more favourably of his using kids bodies as a gun control pulpit, for example: “He used children to reach into the hearts of the ignorant.”. In reality, however horrible or good the methods you use to push your agenda, most people are not going to be judging the morality of them by actually examining the methods themselves, so much as they will by their perception of the morality of the goal said methods were being used to work towards. The whole ‘for the children’ thing, and variants thereof, are commonly utilised by everyone from tyrants to anti-vaccinationists to ordinary politicians. Obama is using dirty methods to appeal to people’s emotions, yes, but he is really not set apart from his opponents and colleagues in this regard.

    I will close by saying that I am truly ashamed to have these people on my side of the political spectrum, and that I really do feel like I have some sort of pedophile brother who is always mistaken for me. To be fair, a lot of the gun control advocates in my country belong to a party that is also anti-GMO, which is a position supported by precisely no real science, so at least I can take comfort in the knowledge that they are like a minority group of the Australian left, so more like a sex offender uncle who I see occasionally than pedophile brother who always hangs around me at social gatherings.




  45. Going by the photo’s you provided. I would like to know what happened to Madeline’s legs sitting on dad, they are both gone, and on Samantha she is missing one leg….the family photo is obviously Photoshoped. If your going to get the truth out and convince people its not fake, shouldn’t you at least compare a family photo that is not Photoshoped with the real Obama photo
    I have no doubt children died but I do believe a few of the families is lying to get money. and to me that is disrespecting the families that did lose a child. and they need to be prosecuted for fraud and embezzlement


      1. The truth has to be demonstrated, not just asserted…. You have a avoided almost every point made to you with an insult or an assertion of truth, as with, “Nothing was photoshopped get over it” This does not address the issue at all. I’m willing to accept that this it hasn’t been photoshopped when you face the fact Madeline’s legs appear to be missing…. please answer the question. Your avoidance of these points makes you appear wilfully ignorant.


  46. it seems you resort to denial and name calling when asked straight questions you can’t answer. The Photo is fake, please find Madeline’s legs for us.That Photo is impossible, why can’t you see the obvious? Cognitive dissonance?


    1. Prove to me that photo is fake. You cannot. All you can do is follow the rest of the ignorant sheep and those that created this disgusting hoax aginst people that are still hurting. Shame on you. There is a special place in hell waiting for you. You sick people wouldn’t accept the truth if God told it to you.


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