Bob Beckel Drops The “F” Bomb Live On Fox

April 17, 2012 – One thing I miss about dropping my satellite service is being able to watch the cable news networks. Last night was one of those nights when history was made at FOX. Bob Beckel dropped the “F” bomb while arguing with another guest. He thought they were still in break, off the air, but nope, it went out live across the world. It was a classic moment that host Sean Hannity won’t soon forget. Poor Sean probably went to confession after the show. I mean after all, Hannity is about as squeaky clean as they come.

I personally don’t care, nor would I have been offended at hearing the bomb dropped on live television. Hell, I’d probably laughed my ass off. The only time I ever get upset at hearing it is when I am out in public with my family.

There have been a couple of instances when I’ve gotten into some faces and let some ghetto thugs know that I didn’t appreciate the disrespect they were showing by either talking their ghetto F this and MF that, or blaring the same profanity filled rap crap in the presence of my wife and kids. That I will not tolerate. Television doesn’t bother me. I can turn it off and control what I see and hear.

Last nights bomb drop was an obvious accident and Beckel would have never done that knowing he was live. So with that said, I hope he doesn’t get fired for his mistake. None of us are perfect. -JRoycroft

My friend Neal Boortz was one of the guests on the show and he had plenty to say on his radio show today, and in his blog today:

By Neal Boortz

Perhaps you weren’t watching Hannity last night … but I was on the Great American Panel with my friend Bob Beckel and some lady named Jennifer Stefano.

Now Bob and I have known each other for a long time … and I like the guy.  I like him a LOT.  So what if he would never, as he says, vote for a Republican.  I still like him, and I’m here to defend him.

During a break last night Bob and Jennifer got into a heated argument about teachers unions, government education, and the liberal-conservative battle in general.  Now I do mean HEATED!  As we were coming out of a break the lady was telling Bob that Head Start didn’t work.  Then as the cameras came on you heard Bob telling this lady, in a sense, that she didn’t have a real good idea about what she was talking about.

Truth is … I didn’t know we were on the air either.  I’m a radio guy.  I didn’t see the guy signaling the countdown.  That would be why I was there trying to spin a Hannity football.  And I’m damned sure Bob didn’t know he was on the air because he wouldn’t have dropped that bomb.

Another thing … I’ve done the same thing on my radio show.  But I have a delay. In fact, there have been a few occasions over the years where I’ve told a caller to go perform a physical improbability and then simply hit the “bleep” button.  The only people who heard my intemperate suggestion were Belinda and the engineer, the caller, and the folks waiting on line to talk.

I’m concerned about Bob.  He was truly shaken when we got off the air.  Really upset.  Upset because he may have offended his fans and Sean’s viewers, and upset because of this pretty bad mistake.  But there’s something about Bob.  Sean just loves the guy.  They’re close friends.  I don’t get to see him as much, but I love him too.  I could care less about his politics … he’s a loving, caring, kindly curmudgeon.  Now — what’s even more telling — Donna likes him too.  So let him offer his apology and go on with entertaining us on The Five on Fox News every weekday afternoon, and on his occasional appearances on Hannity.  And this means you, Roger Ailes.  If you’ve never said the word — that’s one thing.  But we all know you better.

Give Bob a break, folks.  He’s truly remorseful … and that’s all it should take.

By the way …. the FCC is perfectly fine with the way that word was used.  There was no sexual context.  The “F” word is perhaps the most versatile word in the English language.  It’s a noun, a verb, an adjective — you name it.

In the words of Donnie Brasco ….. Forget about it.

Warning: there’s an f-bomb in this video. You should be pretty clear on that fact if you read the above.

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