Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested?

Nathan Deal

April 9, 2012 – Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal has a decision to make whether or not to require Georgia welfare recipients be drug tested. The bill is in his hands but he has yet to make the decision.

If Governor Deal signs the bill there will be lawsuits filed by several groups of advocacy bed wetters. These whiny little cry babies claim that drug testing welfare applicants is in violation of the 14th amendment which protects against illegal searches. This is true, however they obviously missed the part of the amendment which also protects against unreasonable seizures. Kinda like when the moochers force me to pay for their lavish lifestyle or that illegitimate nipple sucker some brood mare plopped out at my expense. Yea, in my book that’s an unreasonable seizure of my hard earned cash.  Never mind the cost if the little one is born addicted to crack or heroine. Which brings up another issue – How about a law that gives the state the right to take your kid away if you fail the drug test. I’m not a big fan of government getting in my personal life, but I have absolutely no problem supporting our government saving a kid from a filthy drug addict.

So if Governor Nathan Deal has an ounce of courage and cares about the future of children born into welfare, he’ll do the right thing and sign the bill into law.

Oh, and I have no problem at all with the bill including lawmakers having to be drug tested either. -JRoycroft

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