Allen Goin : 13 Year Old Boy Set On Fire And Media Is Silent

March 24, 2012 - (Updated March 28, 2012 10:18pm – The photo of Allen Goin has been removed. The photo has been proven to be a hoax )


Have you heard the story of the 13 year old boy who was alledgedly set on fire by two other teens out in Kansas City, Missouri? Where is the media coverage on this?

Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton are all silent on this story. Where is the concern and out cry for the capture of the sick persons who committed this crime?

I know why the media is silent. I know why Obama and those pathetic race whores Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are being silent. Because the 13 year old boy who was set on fire is white and the two teens who set him on fire are black.

Once again we see the media and all the other race baiting whores going for the sure bet when it comes to fueling the flames of racism. All because it’s politically incorrect to point out that a black person may have done something wrong.

Black on black crime equals no news.

Black on white crime equals no news.

White on black crime or anyone else on black crime – You get non stop coverage because the liberal media feeds on it.

One thing is certain – Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will always have a job as long as political correctness dictates the values of our society. -JRoycroft

Here is the Kansas City Police Report: POLICE REPORT


      1. If he did in fact “pursue” Martin and was attacked by Martin as an act of self defense this guy Zimmerman will spend a long time in prison. I personally think Zimmerman is guilty of at least 2nd degree murder. One thing is certain, the next few weeks and months are going to be very interesting down in Sanford , Fla.
        During my time working in the projects I chased down lots of drug perps and rarely did I have to take my weapon from my holster, even after catching them. This Zimmerman guy has no law enforcement training and knows nothing about civil rights or law. He had no reason, obligation or authority to chase Martin or even follow him. The guy is a wannabe cop and now he has paid the price for his stupidity.


    1. How is a mestizo white? He is half mexican and half whatever, he clearly looks hispanic. They just want to paint this as a white on black crime.


      1. They are trying to use the term “white” very loosely, however in America “white people” was specifically given to the European-American people by Native-Americans, so it has historical value and the term belongs to white people of European ancestry specifically. You can find light skinned Arabs, Asians, even Albino Africans… but they are not the same race as white people. I think they are trying to make it into a black Vs. white thing, which is even more racist than disrespecting Mr. Zimmerman’s hispanic roots.


  1. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Our LAW there is to much media involved here and who started the vigil anti stuff ( Media. ) Not right. I


    1. I wonder if Zimmerman thought the same way when he pulled the trigger on a man who “looked suspicious”. Did Martin break into any homes? Did he vandalized the neighborhood?


  2. What happened to Innocent until Proven Guilty If it were a black man There would be no media attention and another thing I thought Churches were to forgive not provoke. Dont understand the media for all of this they are bias ELECTION YEAR.


  3. Black on white crime = no news??? So not true,I believe that if Zimmerman were black, he would’ve been in jail & looking at death row by now.. I hate that nobody is making as big of a deal over this situation. Because wrong is wrong no matter what color or race is involved. But the trayvon Martin case happened over a month ago. How long will it be before the 2 kids that set this child on fire is arrested?


    1. Destiny – I think a big deal is being made. Now we have the Black Panther fools putting a reward out for Zimmerman. You are 100% right – Race should have no bearing on this case. We can point fingers at race pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for making it all about racism. This case should be focused on the facts of the case, not what some group of wannabe Nazis like the Black Panthers want or what race pimps want. There is a thing called justice in this country and right now justice is being interfered with by a bunch of wreck-less fools. Thanks for commenting and hope you visit often.


  4. The comment u made about black on white crime not being in the media is sooooo false! Maybe its just in the south where I’m from but the media makes sure to broadcast when a person of color have commited a crime against a white person. I don’t think the Trayvon Martin case is about race and I’m black but it is a case of injustice and Zimmerman should have been arrested regardless of the color of the victim.


    1. Thanks for your comment. I live in Atlanta so I have a good feel for what is being reported here and also across the country. You’re right, the media does report to some degree the race of victims and perps in some cases but not all. I was just pointing out that when a white person commits a crime against any other race it hits the news harder and you know very well that it gets more attention from the race pimps. As far as the Zimmerman case goes…no matter whether he is innocent or not, or if Martin really did attack him, the fact remains that Zimmerman was following Martin, and at that point he became the aggressor. Unless Martin was committing a felony, Zimmerman had no right to follow, detain or harass Martin especially after the 911 operator told him not to. His only duty as a citizen and neighborhood watch guy was to observe and report.


      1. so if justice is being pursued and you are stating that the law stands against martin why wasnt he arrested and jailed ? you call these other men race pimps why? The facts show how different these two cases are. Trayvon Martin is dead. Allen Coon isnt. Everyone knows who trayvons killer is. Kansas city police department is investigating Allen coons story. What else should the media be doing? Is there any doubt that Trayvon was shot and killed by Zimmerman? Do you remember the susan smith story? How many times have alleged victims pointed a finger at black men and then the truth comes out? I see a number of differences between the two situations and do not believe they merit comparison.


    2. Thank you Shaeri for a wonderful post. I would add that after Awareness comes Action. I will use mylesf as example. After 911 I was afraid of our Middle Eastern Community in Florida. Before they were just a group of people that kept to themselves . Or maybe I would say I kept to mylesf But after 911 I had suspicion and pre judged every one of them. They were all potential terrorists. The absurdity of my fears were reflected back to me when my own Korean daughter was the target of hate emails and remarks because high school students(after 911) mistook her as Middle Eastern. In their ignorance of her as Asian they lumped her into a group along with her girlfriend who was from India who also was a target. Anyone not like white was subject to be pre judged. My daughter and I attended Ramadan and invited Muslim friens to dinner.Friendships grew and fears dispersed. I too had believed that a few bad men represented all Muslims. (not for long but long enough to not like what was happening to me) These were not fears of my parents. These were my created beliefs. As we identify with Awareness our prejudices we can ask ourselves, is this mine or did I learn it from a real experience or my parents messages. Then after awareness we can make an action plan to build a bridge. After the bridge is built the false ideas that we can’t see at first become the water below our bridge flowing away. Then love can travel with ease from one person to another and we can see that we are all connected. We are all really one.


  5. I’m a Black man and the whole beef with the Trayvon Martin case is because Zimmerman was not arrested and tried. When a Black person does a violent act against a White person or any other race an arrest, a warrant or police looking for the criminals is guaranteed. No way in hell could a Black man whose a registered gun owner, claim self-defense by shooting an unarmed White person and not go to jail. Hell I don’t think a Black police officer could shoot an unarmed White person and not go to jail.


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