Day: 02/17/2012

Obama’s Budget Kills The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program

February 17, 2012 - Remember the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program? It was a school voucher program established back in 2004 which awarded vouchers to children in D.C. to attend private schools.  According to the Heritage Foundation, student academic  achievement surpassed their peers in government schools and graduation rates increased significantly.

Of course this pissed off the teachers unions so they put pressure on the D.C. mayor who initiated it, and guess what? The mayor gets booted. Now they’ve put the pressure on Obama to finally put an end to the voucher system, and if the budget passes it will funnel $36 million to DC government schools. So much for improving education!

Those students who used a voucher to attend private schools had a 91% graduation rate where government schools had a 55% graduation rate. By the way – the private education costs $8,000 which is less than half of what it cost to educate a child at DC government school at $18,000.

It’s obvious that Obama’s commitment is to the teacher union bosses, union members, and his re-election campaign, not the education of your children. On page 1,318 of Obama’s budget, the DC voucher program comes to an end.

Oh and by the way … Obama’s kiddies go to a private school in Washington. -JRoycroft