Obama’s “Fact Based America” – Fundamental Change He Believes In

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...

 September 28, 2011- Our leader, Barack Obama, recently said that voters should back him if they believe in a “fact-based” America.

Wants some facts about how well our leader has done? Here are some facts about Obamanomics.

  • 9.1% unemployment
  • 2.5 million fewer Americans working (then when Obama was inaugurated)
  • $4 trillion more in debt
  • 14 million more Americans on food stamps
  • A United States credit downgrade
  • 75 new major regulations costing Americans $38 billion
  • First quarter growth for this year was revised down from 1.9% to just 0.4%
  • Second quarter came in with a 1.3% GDP growth
  • In June, Americans cut their spending for the first time in nearly two years
  • Zero jobs created in August.  ZERO!
  • Our federal government spends 24% more than we did in 2008

That’s what I call fundamentally changing America. But isn’t that what Obama promised? As bad as it has gotten with his fundamental change, he has the audacity to say that the Republicans’ small government views “will fundamentally cripple America.”   Obama and his regime are working hard to create a bigger government, centrally-planned economy, redistributed wealth, government dependency and then expects us to believe that this is all normal. This is his idea of how America is supposed to be.

So what the hell was wrong with the America our founders created? Seemed to me it was working pretty damn good until this community organizer decided to change it. There is nothing normal about what this jerk has done to us, to our America. Of course, when you have a moocher class of parasites in our society who will always vote for the guy who will promise to keep that free check coming, what else should you expect?

Obama says it is impossible to have a “modern industrial economy” with lower taxes, as the Republicans would like. Can you believe this load of crap this guy is trying to ram down our throats?

November 2012 can’t get here fast enough. – J Roycroft

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