Donald Trump Has Obama Under Investigation

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April 7, 2011 – Donald Trump has sent investigators to Hawaii to look into the Obama birth certificate mystery.

Personally, I think Trump is being a publicity whore. I  honestly don’t believe for one second he really wants to be President. Why would someone in his position want to deal with all the crap that goes with being in office? It makes no sense to me. I can see him being an adviser, but President? Give me a break.

You know, with all the problems we are faced with today, why are some people still wasting time with this nonsense?  No one is going to un-elect Obama. If I could snap my fingers and make this guy go away-Bam, out a here! He isn’t leaving until we vote his ass out.The guy is President and no one is going change that, at least not until 2012.

Trump made a big deal about the birth certificate question, so he goes and gets his own to display for all to see. One problem, it’s the same “Certificate of Live Birth” that Obama has. It is not a “Birth Certificate.”

It would be great if Obama would just show us some hard-core proof of his birthplace, but it just ain’t gonna happen. So lets just move on.

Hey Donald, you dumbass, what the hell is your problem? If you are going to make a point or set some kind of example, how about using your brain. Apparently it’s easier to evict little old ladies from their homes and build skyscrapers in their place than it is to come up with an actual birth certificate.

My whole issue here is this…The Obama birth certificate is a dead issue. It means absolutely nothing anymore. Let’s get on with the important stuff and focus on getting this jerk out of office in 2012 so we can get our country back on track with our Constitution.

So all of you so called “birthers” out there … it’s time to sit down and shut the hell up!

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  1. I’m tired of all the birther nonsense too, does it really matter? If we really respected our leader, I’ll bet it would matter very little.

    But sometimes I wonder if a businessman wouldn’t make a better leader than a longtime politician. Trump does have his shortcomings, but some strong points too. Am I being naive? I want to learn.


    1. Thanks for your comments. Please look at Herman Cain as a candidate. He is a great businessman. I have some videos and info about him in my blog posts.


  2. Mr. Roycroft,
    Some people have the inate ability to be better whores than others. Donnie just happens to be one of the best when it comes to publicity. That being said, him and his birth certificate idea to me, are irrelevant.
    I agree with you that there are much bigger axes to grind.
    I also have my eye on Herman Cain.
    Thanks for you and your blog.


  3. Don’t necessarily agree with the total viewpoints here but glad you are informing us. This is Tom. In the past I tried to sign up for WordPress and I just couldn’t get it to go so now, Roy may be requiring registration so I took more than a half hour to get it all done on this dodgy computer, it was never that I was just happy to post anonymously. Yes, and I’d vote for Cain today. His currency is on the rise. Trump may be courting publicity too for his reality show I heard speculation about. He did come out with a pro-life statement on CBN from a Blaze article: . That’s all. I’ll get a picture up soon but it might just be the yellow bike or change the name. I’ve followed your blog at least all of this year. Yeh, I guess some people think Trump could be a trojan horse or something. Fine blog. Keep it up.


    1. Yep-I just don’t like the guy at all. I still think it’s a publicity deal. I have heard that he will run as an independent. If that’s the case I am afraid Obama may get his 4 more years. Also, the GOP needs to get it’s act together real quick, they need to stay away from the abortion issue. I am still watching Herman Cain to see how he will hold up. Still too early yet.


  4. I’m not fearful of Trump too much though it could be a ruse. I’d vote for Cain, Bachmann, Santorum, in fact, most any Republican before I’d vote for Trump. Though he is saying things the Tea Party might like, he’s not a Tea Party icon like Palin for example. I hope he wouldn’t do a Ross Perot and split votes up.

    But I did like seeing him stir up the hornets nest some.


  5. Roy, thank you for your answer. I please ask your indulgence to let me post one more time in response to your remarks.

    Respectfully I think it needs to be said if you support Cain, he is a candidate who has very strong beliefs on abortion. I admit it is a very political issue because of how the Democrats politicize an issue like defunding Parenthood, my gosh but PPH is in fact, a big contributor to Democrats.

    But I totally see that the right to life issue is one to be very careful of. On the other hand, Reagan was pro life.

    So, I think when I look at what is going on, the Gipper had an approach that was comprehensive. Stress CONSERVATIVE VALUES, don’t get off on a tangent about one single issue, it be the Birth Certificate issue with Obama or the Right to life issue. As it stands, when I see the candidates, maybe they are ‘courting’ the conservative vote because most all of them have come out with pro life stances and that includes of course, Trump on CBN, yes, I’d be a bit skeptical, Cain, Bachmann, Romney and of course, Santorum.

    So, yes, I agree, this is an issue to be very careful of. Not something to make the center piece of a campaign. On the other hand, it’s unfair when not wanting to fund Planned Parenthood is broken down into being anti-abortion when we are trying to make cuts in our federal deficit.


  6. Don, you are down in the Bible belt so I can understand ‘apprehension’ concerning the right to life issue. You know some professor type came out of the state of Illinois plugging “Freakonomics”. That theory actually said serious crime in New York City for example went down some 20 to 30 years after Roe V. Wade. What the theory says in part is that less desirable people, ones more likely to become criminals may have been aborted because of the new ‘law’ concerning abortions. Now, there has been arguments that the theory is flawed but we just had this heinous double murder of the two Britons in Sarasota. The controversial subject on Freakonomics could also basically be interpreted to say if you abort the children of one race more, crime would go down which then almost makes it a racist issue but something to ponder nonetheless. I admit all of this is something to really be tip toed around. I would not make abortion/right to life a central issue but I don’t think PPH should be funded or have at least very limited funding.


    1. Thanks for your great comments – I’ll make this short. My personal beliefs on abortion are : The federal gov’t has no business funding abortions. I do not support abortions although I believe it is a womans right to have an abortion.
      The Tea Party was successfull recently in the elections because they stayed away from the abortion topic. Every single time the GOP brings up abortion they scare away voters. It’s just too sensitive an issue to focus on. This upcoming election is too important to have that issue on the agenda.
      My living in the Bible belt really doesn’t affect my personal beliefs nor does it affect my judgment on sensitive issues. I pretty much speak my mind about whatever bugs me no matter how unpopular it might be. The only group that I don’t talk politics or religion with are family. My family has liberals and conservatives, and there is even a self proclaimed communist in the family tree. I myself am an Irish Protestant. I won’t get into the rest of the bunch’s religious views.
      One last thing … Are you aware that the group with the highest abortion rate in our country are blacks? Sorry, but I don’t have the data right now. Something to think about though.


      1. Oh, yes, of course I knew that African Americans have a real high abortion rate. They are about 12-14% of the population and get about 37% of the abortions.

        My personal opinion is it should be left up to the states. Utah, as an example, should that heavily Mormon state choose to have different laws, in my opinion they should be able to do that and not have the same laws as Illinois. That said I do respect the right of the individual. I also agree it is a very emotionally charged issue which should not influence the choice of President.

        Black Pro Lifer websites are: <— This site is rather tame, there is another one called KlannedParenthood and people can look it up if they want. Black pro lifers at that 2nd site actually say in "3 days more blacks are killed by abortion than in the entire history of the Ku Klux Klan". It's too hot of an issue. If one wants to protest abortion, that is their right but I don't want that issue to decide the Presidency but if states do want to pass legislation, I think it is there right to put conditions on this issue. Restrictions on late term abortions, a waiting period and things like that. Interestingly, some countries in Europe thought of as progressive like Netherlands does have a waiting period. As it is, the laws here at time can be too extreme, partial birth abortions and things like that. I talked to Liberals in England and though they were for a woman's choice in the matter, they did not buy the kind of late term abortions available in the United States.

        Also, I see drudge report is reporting that there is little name recognition of the Republican candidates. So this is problematic. A good man needs to be nominated and all of us ban together.


  7. I had to get this post back out, it’s in my computer. See, Cain is a big pro lifer. My opinion, the candidates can have their opinions but it should not be a central theme. But we’ll see, I like Santorum too and this is a big deal with him.

    What did you think about the debate when Chris Wallace asked Cain about getting only 27% of the vote running for Senator in your own state of Georgia? I mean I’d vote for him. The Luntz room said Cain came out best in the debate in other words he won but that bit about the Senate run bothered me some. I’m sure you’ll have a post on this tomorrow.


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