Memorial Day 2015

No special post on this most somber of days to remember our fallen soldiers.

Being born in a military hospital and raised in a military family, I fully understand the meaning behind Memorial Day. We don’t use it as a three day weekend excuse to celebrate anything or throw a party.  My family does the same things we do every weekend as thankful free Americans still living in the greatest of countries. The only exception was to visit my fathers grave where we placed a new flag.

We also replaced the tattered flag that has flown over the cemetery where he rests.

The flag was in very poor condition and should have been retired a long time ago.  My guess is that when the owners discover a new flag flying over their property they’ll wonder who did it and may even be upset that someone removed their tattered old flag.

 It was an insult to my father and the many other veterans buried in that cemetery that the owners and operators of the cemetery show so much disrespect for our military and our fallen soldiers. So I took it upon myself, with the support of my wife, and lowered the old worn out flag and replaced it with a new one.

The old flag will be taken to a Veterans Post to be retired properly.

Show respect for those who died in battle and be thankful that you live in a country where you can fly a tattered flag without being beaten, shot, or beheaded for your ignorance and disrespect for the very people that died for your freedom and liberties in the United States of America.

God bless our military and all who sacrificed everything.  -JRoycroft

The John Hopkins University Bigots

April 25, 2015

Chic-fil-A Hq in College Park, Ga.

Here we go again folks. Students at John Hopkins, who support the LGBT group of intolerant bigots,  have decided and voted 18 to 8 against having Chic-fil-A operate in their university.

The Student Government Association is calling Chic-fil-A a “micro-aggression” towards it’s “visiting prospective and current students, staff, faculty, and other visitors who are members of the LGBTQ community or are allies.” Never mind that these same students are displaying their ignorance and pure bigotry toward anyone that might enjoy eating a Chic-fil-A sandwich or working for the company.

Why can’t people just learn to live and let live nowadays? If you don’t like what someone sells or don’t like their opinions then go shop somewhere else. How hard is that? 

Theres a gas station down the street from my home that has two prices for fuel. Cash price is 10 cents a gallon cheaper than debit or credit. I always use debit and rarely have cash in my pocket. Do I piss and moan and organize an attempt to put them out of business because they charge me extra for gas? Do I phone in death threats or set the place on fire? Hell no! I just don’t shop or buy gas there. It’s called voting with my wallet.

What would happen if Chic-fil-A decided that they would not serve any student or employee of Johns Hopkins? Of course they would never entertain that idea because Chi_fil-A is better than that. They are better than any one of the 18 members of the Johns Hopkins University Student Government Association that voted against Chic-fil-A.

Tell me, who is the real group showing micro-aggression here? Looks pretty clear to me the SGA at Johns Hopkins are the ones showing aggression, bigotry and intolerance towards Christians. Just like that hand full of radical bigots among the LGBT community that’s getting their asses kissed by the SGA. -JRoycroft

Let’s get things straight once and for all….

April 18, 2015

Well, well, well. Seems my blog has found it’s way into the heart and mind of another politically correct, overly sensitive crybaby out there that made an attempt to shut me down. Nice try. Too bad you don’t have the guts to face me on this, instead, you try to cause trouble on a personal level. All because you can’t handle  someones personal opinion. Tell me, do you complain to any other political blog, newspaper or your state representatives about other matters that you don’t like? Or was this just a lame attempt to cause problems because you know me personally and haven’t the guts to face me on it?

Get a clue you jerk. This world, and my blog does not evolve around the LGBT movement, the Christian right, radical blacks, radical Islam, white supremacists, or YOU! I own this website and at last check I still have the right to my freedom of speech, which, oh by the way includes writing whatever the hell I decide here.

You don’t agree with my beliefs? Fine. Don’t come here. You were never invited. You found out about it, got curious and then tried to shut me up. I have plenty of subscribers that like what I write and I have no plans on quitting.

Maybe it was the new LGBT flag post that pissed you off. I don’t know. I don’t care. Maybe you’re a Kasim Reed follower. I don’t know. I don’t care. Maybe you’re one of those right wing Christian anti abortion nut-jobs. I don’t know. I don’t care.

Did you even bother reading the “ABOUT J Roycroft” bio on the front page of this blog? Just like you, I have my own opinions on everything. The difference is that I would never try to shut you up.

Here’s the real deal with me…  I am a firm believer that people should learn to live and let live. I have gay friends, Liberal friends, Christian friends, atheist friends, Jewish friends, Catholic friends, Muslim friends, black friends, friends of many denominations and ethnic groups. I think there might even be a transgender in the mix but not confirmed. I also have friends in the media that share info with me, sometimes before it goes public. So don’t waste your your time trying to shut me up. It isn’t going to work.

As long as you treat me right and don’t tread on my civil rights and liberties or hit on my hot wife, well then we can get along. Just don’t ever try to shut me up or even hint that I should not be allowed to voice my opinion here on my website. You might as well be throwing gasoline on a fire. The litigation alone would put you deeper in the poor house than you already are. Don’t doubt me on that. -JRoycroft

You’re a Hater and a Raaaaaaaacist!


IMG_4213Unfortunately, you won’t see this sign anywhere in Newnan, Georgia

I’ve got to rant a bit today because of the blatant ignorance of these morons that think every time a white person voices an opinion or criticism about black criminals it somehow makes them a racist.

I occasionally leave comments to my local paper, The Newnan Times Herald, (which by the way is a great paper and has some fine journalists on it’s staff), about things that happen in my own community or news in general.

Recently there have been some cases that spark a response from me. One was a young man that I believed got a bad jury conviction for rape. The others have been poking fun at the stupidity of drug dealers and criminals caught by our local law enforcement officers.

I caught hell for my comments about the young white rapist but every time I post a comment on a crime committed by a black person the ignorant jerks pile on with the hater and the racist name calling.

It only takes a quick look at trying read their comments or looking at their Facebook profiles to understand just how ignorant they truly are.

I’m not a racist or even a bigot. I am however prejudiced when it comes to my surroundings and things I hear in the news. Every human being is. Every where you go you judge your surroundings and people approaching on the sidewalks and in parking lots. Has nothing to do with race. But when the number one killer of young black males in America are committed by other young black males theres a problem. It’s not even about race, It’s about a culture of people brought up to be criminals or denied the opportunities to escape the very culture that corrupts them. It’s a serious problem that people keep avoiding. You can blame rap music for it’s degrading of women and it’s thug gang references as one of the contributors. There are so many factors and so very few people willing to do anything meaningful about it.

I’ve written about the culture of violence several times, but because I happen to be a white male, that makes me a racist in some peoples minds. It’s that same ignorant mentality that when they don’t like how a white person voices a concern over crime, and it happens to involve a black person, they are immediately labeled a racist. Rarely does the racist label hold any truth. These people couldn’t give you the correct definition of racism, bigotry, or prejudice if their lives depended on it. Fact is, the word has been improperly used so often that it really means nothing anymore. I laugh at people that use the word. They cannot tell you the difference between the three.

We can point our fingers at the people who continually fan the flames of racial tension like the race whores Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright and yes, even Barack Obama. All of these men are guilty of helping to create racial devise in America. Barack Obama invites Al Sharpton into our White House to get advice on racial issues! Just tell me what exactly makes that ok?

I won’t spend any more time here on something you already know is going on today. I just wanted to vent about this racist name calling that just keeps popping up every time a black person tries to justify, excuse, and defends a culture of violence in our communities when someone like me voices an opinion.

It should be noted that some of these fools have their employers names listed on their comments from their Facebook pages. Not very smart. If I’m an employer and see these comments you might be finding a pink slip in your future. Same goes for any future employment opportunities. Employers look at social media to see just what kind of employees they have or if they are willing to hire that person.

Here’s a sample of some of the comments I left and the reactions I received about two brothers, Dontavious and Tabious who were arrested for eluding police and other crimes in Newnan, and the suspected gang members arrested after being stopped for a turn signal violation. By the way, “police officers found a plastic bag containing 69 capsules of suspected cocaine and MDMA, or “Molly,” along with some marijuana. Officers also received permission to search the vehicle from White, and inside, they found a loaded 9mm handgun and a loaded 38 special revolver in the glove box, an additional 9mm clip next to the driver’s seat and another plastic bag in the center console containing 12 capsules of Molly and about 10 grams of loose Molly.”

  • John Roycroft · Top Commenter

    Dontavious and Tabious. It’s safe to say we didn’t really need mugshots to identify these two thugs.
    • Jamar Bailey · Church of God in Christ

      These guys were definitely in the wrong and deserved to be arrested but it saddens me to think that with 13 years of service to my country and multiple deployments, that when I finally retire and come home, this is the bigoted and racist mentality that I have to come home to. I’m not biased because they’re black either because I actually used to work for Lt. Col Yarborough when he was Capt. Yarborough and he’s a good man. Im pretty sure that he wouldn’t appreciate the comments I’m reading. Be better and do better. Smh ‘Merica Hooah
    • Bird Tippy Man · Newnan High School

      Why John roycroft the racist comments on only post bout black people going to jail he need to go do some black history research and find out where he would be without black people
  • Shanese Florence · Works at Cargill

    Really , fuck both of yal racist mf !
  • John Roycroft · Top Commenter

    Another job well done by Coweta law enforcement. Lynch Park Sharks? Really guys? You got busted over a turn signal violation? Sounds like a kids Cartoon Network series. Grow up and get a job doing something you’re good at. Gang banging in Newnan obviously isn’t it. You’re an embarrassment to the Crips, Newnan, and your mothers.
    • Stephanie White

      You get a job , you posting stuff you don’t knw nun bout , they make music and gone continue to make music forget what a hater gotta say , i laugh at ppl like you , Yall give me a laugh I sweaa . Thanks for your negative feedback just a motivation for them
      Reply · Like · 3 · February 18 at 9:12pm
    • Thëý Løvë Słïm · East Coweta High School

      Ummm . Stfu It’s Not A gang It’s A Music Group . You Sound Stupid As Hell . That’s What Happen When People Like You Run Their Mouth & Have Absolutely No Idea What They’re Talking About ! Don’t Worry About SHAARKS. They Good ! They Doing Something Good & Still Get Pointed At . Mfs Never Wonna See You On Your Shit .. I Swear .
      Reply · Like · 2 · February 18 at 10:14pm
  • LaTonia Person · Student Services at Mercer University

    First off Mr. Roycroft……..I beg to differ on “Another job well done by Coweta County Law Enforcement.” Yeah…’re absolutely right they stopped these boys ABOUT A TURN SIGNAL!!! Who tha hell with REAL BUSINESS to handle and REAL CRIMES TO SOLVE would be worried about a freaking turn signal!!!! They posted up and prayed for a reason to DO WHAT THEY DO BEST…..HARASS OUR YOUNG BLACK BOYS!!!! Won’t deny OUR BOYS were reckless in their movement on that night, but the Gang Banging bull ish…….y’all need to give it a rest!!! There are no GANGS in Newnan…..They’re a Rap \ Music Group with their stuff on paper!!! So next time……try getting your facts in order before you try to add insult to injury behind a piss poor pathetic UNNECESSARY traffic stop!!!! Try as you may Coweta County……But #Shark LLC will go on and they will go even STRONGER and HARDER each and every time y’all try to break them down!!! #ThaFckOuttaHere #SharkDisSharkDet #SharkLLC
  • Maruice Arnold · West Georgia Technical College

    John Roycroft you aint nun but a Red Neck and an ignorant Hater… Really Gangmeners Newnan police have it all wrong and its papers to prove we are not a gang
  • Bird Tippy Man · Newnan High School

    So wearing the same shirt make u a gang shut all them white people wearing camo a gang don’t know what they called but lock they ass up and sound like they was our to harass them boys cause they was following them from the gas station sound like they just messing with drops of black people and tagging them a gang but the police really the gang they ass was not protecting and serving they harassing bothering people
  • Gotti KO · Works at Cooper Lighting

    Man don’t go back and fourth with these folks that clearly don’t know what there talking bout gang charges dismissed the guns had papers on em and turning signal really when your two cars behind me oh yeah the police report was all fucked up but IMA hold that down
    • Mark Strozier · · Works at Self-Employed · 146 followers

      Fuck all these fags they always come up with bullshit to pull blacks over a turn signal come on that’s not a reason to search kno your rights don’t consent to no search. Fuck 12
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