Happy New Year unless you’re a cop

January 1, 2015


Year 2015 may very well be a turning point for uniformed police officers across America.

Every day I read new stories about cops being killed or targeted. 50 were killed with guns in 2014.

Detroit graffiti vandals are advertising the killing of cops. My question about the pic above is just how long will it take Detroit officials to paint over the garbage? Or will they be like Obama and DeBlasio who both support and kiss the ass of that race baiting whore Al Sharpton? All three of these jerks have cop blood on their hands.

Did you know that less 1.5% of all police officers are bad? That’s a hell of a lot less than the number of bad pastors in America.

Where is the public outrage? Why isn’t the media searching out law abiding citizens that support the law enforcement community? It’s because they live and breathe by ratings and good cops don’t get ratings. They will trip all over themselves to find a bad cop story.

Look at who Barack Obama chose to lean on during this racial war that seems to be developing. Al Sharpton has a record and documented history of inciting race riots and violence against anyone that is not black. Yet our Ruler Obama invites him into our White House over 80 times. How many times has David Duke been invited? Same difference. Different agendas.

And what’s up with Rand Paul having discussions about criminal justice with a black racist like Sharpton?

2014 ended pretty lousy which means 2015 gets a rough start. I have doubts on it getting any better, at least for cops and law abiding citizens.

Oh and one last thought. If you have one of those Thin Blue Line stickers on your vehicle and you are not a cop, might want to rethink that idea. You might be putting yourself at risk to some cop hating black thug out there.

Wish all of you a very safe and prosperous new year. If you haven’t already, now would be a great time to get your CC permit and some training.

Support your local police. They need it right now. -JRoycroft

NYPD vs DeBlasio


December 27, 2014
New Yorks finest men and women in blue give a much deserving showing of backs to Mayor DeBlasio.

DeBlasio, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, and the main stream media are all to blame for the increased racial hatred aimed towards police officers and whites in America today. They each have the blood of dead policemen on their hands.

I say if the hand full of black thugs and their supporters continue to support the murders of innocent cops, then pull all law enforcement out of their violent neighborhoods. Let those who live and support the culture of black violence in America police themselves. Let law abiding members of our communities sit back and watch them kill each other off. One black thug at a time. We won’t stop you from doing what you have already been doing for decades. -JRoycroft

Kim Jong Un: The Most Powerful Film Critic


Kim-Jong-Un-as-a-Big-Baby-with-a-Nuclear-Missile-107623By now everyone knows that the United States of America has been successfully attacked once again. This time a cyber attack by a North Korean slant eyed little fat boy by the name of Kim Jong Un

Fat boy has earned the title of the most powerful movie critic when he brought Sony Pictures to their knees and the entire theater industry shaking in their little panties over a damn movie. Kim Jong Un has dictated what movies American citizens are allowed to watch with the help of the theater industry.

Americans need to come to the realization that North Korea has declared war on America and their little cyber attack is a mere sampling of what can be done with the click of a mouse button.

Lets see how America reacts when the next cyber attack knocks out a few power grids in a few major cities. Imagine the absolute carnage that might occur if Chicago went dark for a week. Or New York, Los Angeles.

There was once a time, not so long ago when Hollywood was run by men. Today Hollywood is run by a bunch of cowardly pussies. A bunch of cowards that let a fat little boy dictator boss them around and make fools of the theater industry. Of course when our own country is being ruled by a pussy what more could one expect? -JRoycroft

The Ferguson Narrative


The narrative is, and will always be this:
Michael Brown was not a common street thug. That cop should be behind bars for killing that sweet innocent little boy. He was such a good example of a well rounded young man raised by wonderful, loving caring parents. Everyone knew this fine young black man as the “Gentle Giant.”

Young Michael Brown had a successful future ahead of him. He was a sweet, gentle young student that died at the hands of a racist white cop. That Grand Jury was held in secret and that cop got away with murdering a defenseless black teenager that was unarmed. There has been no justice served for the cold blooded shooting of that young sweet black boy by that racist white cop.

Like Georgia Congressman John Lewis said, “…this is Selma all over again.”

So now we will continue to riot, burn, loot, and steal from our own home town and turn our own community into a disaster area. We will destroy private businesses and put our friends and neighbors out of work all because another innocent young boy was shot down by a racist white cop.

So what if he chose to rob a store and then tried to beat up and take a police officers gun away from him while in his police car? That was no excuse for a white cop to shoot an innocent black teenager.

Well did I miss anything? Isn’t that the message we keep hearing spewed by the black race baiters and the rioters in Ferguson, Oakland, and Atlanta?

There is nothing I can say to change the minds of radical race baiters and ignorant fools regarding this and so many other issues like this one. As long as simple minded fools continue to carry that racial chip on their shoulders there will always be a racial grievance industry fueling the flames and keeping ignorant blacks on the plantation.

I support the decision of the Grand Jury. -JRoycroft


I have my own opinion on this illegal move our Ruler Obama made yesterday when he bypassed Congress and gave illegal immigrants a free pass. Why did he wait until now?

In reading many articles on both sides of this historical issue I’ve decided to share this article written by former talk
radio host Neal Boortz. Boortz nails it and I pretty much agree with all of it so Imma gonna be lazy and let Neal preach it in his own special way.


By Neal Boortz
OK .. so here we have it. 0bama is going to issue Executive Orders essentially granting amnesty to about five million people .. predominately Mexicans .. who entered this country illegally and then remained here illegally. These people love to tell us they’re not criminals. They are. So last night we heard our president — the man who is supposed to “faithfully execute” our laws – grant a blanket pardon to millions of criminals.
I note that 0bama’s amnesty applies to the parents of children born in the United States. Well here’s a little “did you know?” Decades ago I was talking about Mexican woman coming to the United States to have their children. These women lived along the Mexican U.S. border and had work permits that allowed them to cross the border every day to work for an American business or in an American household. When these women became pregnant they started planning to make their babies US citizens. As they reached their due date they would carefully wit for that moment they knew labor was starting. They would immediately cross the border and call 911. The ambulance would arrive and take them to the hospital … a U.S. hospital, of course. The second these babies are downloaded they become American citizens with a U.S. birth certificate.
Later many of these same women moved across the border and settled, as illegals, in the U.S. This “have the baby in the U.S.” bit has been continued to this day, and now these women are now among those who 0bama has said will be allowed to stay.
The real problem here is just how do you deport the parents of a child who happens to be a US citizen? The answer – the only realistic answer – is you DON’T. To attempt to do so would mean that you are either separating families – taking children from their mothers – or you’re deporting US citizens (the children). Neither is going to happen.
The answer to this particular conundrum is to change the law or the Constitution as necessary to remove the provision that grants automatic citizenship to children born in this country. Perhaps the requirement should be that at least one of the parents be a citizen.
Something else about the millions of illegals in this country. BOTH the Democrats AND the Republicans are to blame here. Both sides have steadfastly refused to do what needs to be done to stop the invasion across our borders. The Democrats have refused to act to secure our borders because the Democrat Party relies on minority votes to gain and maintain political power. Only about 25% of the Democrat votes in this year’s midterm election came from white voters. Democrats see every illegal crossing the border as a potential vote.
As for the Republicans … no action from them either because Republican businessmen have benefitted from the Mexican invasion. How? These illegals WORK, as least the first generation illegals do. (Second generation? Not so much.) They work, they produce, and they don’t complain. These businessmen simply can’t find enough Americans with the same work ethic. Facts is facts … and them is facts.
Now the Republicans are telling us how furious they are over 0bama’s executive orders. Understand. But I would feel a lot better about the Republican’s outrage over 0bama’s actons if they could somehow counter the argument that many Republican presidents, including Reagan and Bush 43, have taken similar actions. There’s an answer to that charge – but how many of you have heard that answer? Not many, I’m betting, because the Republicans are so piss-poor at getting their message across. So … here you go. Ronald Reagan and the two Bushs issued executive orders pertaining to immigration AFTER congress passed immigration laws. The executive orders were issued for the purpose of telling the branches of the Executive Branch of our federal government just how the laws just passed by the Congress were to be implemented. 0bama, on the other hand, is issuing executive orders not to implement laws passed by Congress, but explicitly because Congress has NOT passed the laws he wanted passed!
Here’s my translation of what 0bama said last night: “I wanted congress to pass a specific law. They didn’t. That really pisses me off, so I’m going to take executive action to implement the very law that congress refused to pass.” This is the very argument Geraldo Rivera made on Megyn Kelly’s show last night. He said 0bama had the right to issue this order because the House of Representatives wasn’t going to pass a law. Really? That’s the America we want to live in? Destroy the balance of powers by giving the Executive branch legislative authority?
On at least 22 occasions over the past years 0bama has specifically said that he had no legal authority to do what he did last night. Come on folks! What is wrong with this picture? Under this executive thought process, can you tell me just what the limits on 0bama’s power are? Is he not acting like and actually becoming a despot?
This whole immigration thing is going to flesh out quite a bit in the next week or so – with a bit of a lapse while we consider the Ferguson riots that many think are on the way. Being the loud mouth that I am, I’ll have much more to say later.
Also .. did anyone hear anything last night about closing the borders? You didn’t? Me either. Illegals have been flooding across our borders for decades. Yes … a flood. Now what is the first thing you do if you discover that your house is flooding. You find the source of the leak. You find out where the water is coming from and you stop the leak. Does it make any sense to start mopping up the water while the leak is still pouring in? No immigration solution – legal or otherwise —
Let me close with this. I haven’t read anything in 0bama’s comments that addresses citizenship and the vote. The end game for the Democrats in this whole illegal immigration game is to make sure that, at some point, these illegals will be able to go to the polls. That’s the path to a permanent Democrat majority.
I’ve said often .. and now believe more strongly than ever .. that 0bama came to this country in 1979 dedicated to the cause of destroying America. His executive action ploy is a step in that direction.

Disco Pioneer Hamilton Bohannon Comes Home to Newnan

November 2, 2014


Guess who’s coming home on Thursday? The Newnan Times Herald reports that Disco legend, Hamilton Bohannon, will be returning home on Thursday to be honored by the Coweta Public Library System.

“The Man & The Legend,” a dedication to Bohannon and his legacy as a pioneer in American music throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

Things you may not know about Bohannon:

In his early days he played in a band that featured legendary left hand guitarist Jimmy Hendricks. In 1964 Bohannon was hired as the drummer in little 13 year old Stevie Wonders touring band. In 1967 he worked for Motown providing backing for Stevie Wonder, Smokie Robison, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, and Diana Ross and the Supremes.

As much as I personally cringed at the thought of Disco, I think it’s pretty damn cool that my home town is also the home of the guy that not only put Disco on the map, but also was one of the key ingredients in the Motown movement. Motown still is one of my favorite music genres. Like Rock n Roll, there may never be another era like Motown.

Welcome home Mr Bohannon, and thank you so much for all you did during the the best era for American music. -JRoycroft